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Published: Tuesday, May 21 2013 10:55 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Smart woman, looks like she is lawyer'd up. At least she has the integrity not to lie to the american people. Would rather take protection of the fifth amendment. Oh, those amendments are pretty great when they work in your favor. Wish there were more people in Washington that will not lie to us. I hope that the press keeps pushing for answers to this and other issues as they did with President Nixon.

President Obama, I hope that you do not think as Nixon did, "That when the President does it, then it is not illegal."

Far East USA, SC

Wouldn't it be refreshing if congress would appoint an independent group to perform a complete investigation and then get out of the way?

And, then accept the findings of this investigation.

Unfortunately, congress does not want the truth unless it contains a way to make political points.

Tooele, UT

Re: "At least she has the integrity not to lie to the [A]merican people."

Well, maybe sufficient integrity not to lie to us AGAIN, at least.

Although, most of us believe her invocation of the Fifth has less to do with integrity, more to do with fear of an additional perjury count.

So, most probably, integrity has nothing to do with it.

She is, after all, a member of Obama's "most transparent government in history."

West Point , UT

Wait, isn't the constitution antiquated and unrealistic for our generation? Only the parts we "don't need" or are "inconvenient" I suppose.

Ogden, UT

There is an old sayhing that is applicable here. "The fish rots from the head down." You have to be a fool to not believe this goes way up the ladder.

Mcallen, TX

School children, and teachers are held accountable, why not our political leaders?

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

I don't know why she thought she had to plead the 5th, after all, it's only Holder's injustice department that is conducting the investigation. THEY won't even look for wanything that would reflect poorly on the BO misadministration

Mcallen, TX

Our government is infested with corruptness, and soon the foundation of this country will crumble.

We have a lot of talk, but don't hold our leaders accountable for anything. Too many people in a state of confusion, and unaware of the internal rotting of our country. Do we really want to be like Cuba, or North Korea?

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