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Renovation will begin next spring and be finished by 2024

Published: Monday, May 20 2013 10:50 p.m. MDT

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Columbia, SC

A new airport is great, but the thought of ten years under construction gives me a headache.

Farmington, UT

Make it user-friendly for the needs of Utahns as well as travelers passing through.

1- Have some restaurats (not just bars) that are available to families BEFORE going through security. Persons driving hours to the airport would like to have a meal together before their family member goes through security.

2- Maintain the correct widths for passengers to negotiate through the terminals without the constant encroachment of some merchant selling trinkets taking the walking space needed for persons to move efficiently.

3- Get the Delta Gates CLOSER to the TRAX line. Presently the largest carrier is the furtherst away from the train. Not everyone is an athlete and has the ability to walk a 1/4 - 1/2 mile from the train to the gate. Get electric carts to shuttle people to/from the train.

4- Build a RECEPTION area in each terminal, away from busy pedestrian traffic areas, where large groups can wait for greeting family members, such as returning missionaries.

%- Get a workable system where the busses in the parking lots don't stop 5 extra times from the last stop to the gates at the terminal---just drive straight there.

7- More electrical outlets everywhere!

South Jordan, Utah

As I understand the proposal the new airport will have two fewer gates than the current one. $2billion seems like a waste of money.

Daniel Leifker
San Francisco, CA

I've been at many airports in North America and Europe, and the best ones are sort of like a cross between a public library and a shopping mall: spacious and airy with lots of carrel desks and tables for working, but also many shops and restaurants. The new terminal at SFO is like that and even has a yoga room. Some airports have specially ventilated airside lounges for smokers, which look like milky aquariums with people milling about inside and puffing their cigarettes as fast as they can. But that's probably not a top priority for a new SLC airport.


Bout time

Spanish Fork, UT

Dalefarr: While the new airport will have fewer gates, all gates will be able to handle multiple sizes of jets. Whereas at the moment, all of the Skywest gates are made to handle only small aircraft, and not full sized jets. This means that there will be more jet space, but yes, fewer overall gates. Right now the Skywest area is 12 gates squished into the space of 3 regular gates. It will be a major upgrade.

Salt Lake City, UT

My favorite airports are small and accessible...think Long Beach. More a combination of an Elementary School with a hanger.

Orlando, FL

Indianapolis was the first post 9/11 airport built and I hope they use it as a model. Its a gorgeous and very efficient facility. Orlando's airport was designed by Disney imagineers and was especially efficient pre-9/11. Disney knows how to move bodies efficiently. They also do a great parking facility.

Orlando, FL

Regarding the desire to design the facility to emphasize Utahs natural beauty- Doesn't it do that now as best they can? The artwork lining the walls are of either Utah's unique landscapes, Native American, Olympic or SLC Arts.

All modern airports I've seen are designed with larger than life windows and I think we can expect at least as much of the natural art as before.
Is the desire then to promote one of these themes more than the other, or ensure that some other influence doesn't creep in? It doesn't appear that they are pushing for more what is already there.

Would it be so bad to include some of the cultural emphasis that many of us identify with such as the temples(LDS and Non) that dot the Wasatch Front. Temple Square as the areas most iconic landmark(beyond the church's advertisements to come visit). Pioneer heritage. Families?
How about a sports hall of fame alcove next to the food court where Steve Young, Karl Malone etc. invite passers by from a life sized flat screen. Heck, Karl Malone can ware his cowboy hat.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Losing the horseshoe design will make things much more efficient, more gates won't immediately be necessary.

Long Beach is a great model for more openness.

Dedicated Intl flight area/terminal would help attract more intl flights.

Get the trax line all the way to the new terminal. Make the mass transit the easy option and more people will use it.

More covered parking/efficient garage space.

All recent construction has been pointed at this new terminal space; the new tower, newer parking and road arrangements have all aimed at more efficient buildings.

I love the solar/self-sustaining idea

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Airports and hospitals are always under construction.

Orlando, FL

Looking at a map, there is a lot space west and North of the airport. Why not build the new one all at once on the other side of the west runway? It's all salt marsh. The gulls and the brine shrimp won't mind and SLC is not as nutty as San Francisco yet.

Indianapolis Airport took three years building from scratch. 4-5 years of uninterrupted operation sounds a whole lot better than 10 years of rebuilding in place. It might even cost less.

With Amazon moving closer to a near-sameday delivery model by building new distribution centers and others like fedex and UPS in tow, the original site could be re-purposed in a number of exciting ways. The east runway could be handed over to the Air Guard, Fedex/UPS and general aviation.

Farmington, UT

Two more things:

Finally get the departing drop off and the arriving pick-up areas for vehicles separated VERTICALLY, not just horizontally. Almost every major airport has departures and ticket counters on one floor, and arrivals and baggage claim on the floor below it. That makes a lot of sense. That also favors efficient rental-car counters and parking structures as well.

A larger place to wait, with a view of a runway, would also be nice.

Farmington, UT

@ USA lover

You would adore the airports in Wyoming. They have one gate at most, two at others. Hub time is when two flights are in together. But that model doen't fit SLC.

Now that I've made light of what you said, allow me to agree that an airport, regardless of size, should be accessible. And SLC has given way to shrinking pedestrian circulation space by granting all the merchants permission to encroach into the spaces, just like a shopping mall. Please, QUIT this practice!

Sandy, UT

how about train shuttle (not uta trax) to each terminals so we don't have to walk very far like we get off from trax station today. Or will it be closer together? I have been to Denver airport and they have this shuttle on tracks or was it.

Blue AZ Cougar

Ah, Utah, the land of perpetual construction. I can't remember the last time I was in Utah where I didn't have to drive through some MAJOR construction project.

Denver, CO

"Would it be so bad to include some of the cultural emphasis that many of us identify with such as the temples(LDS and Non) that dot the Wasatch Front. Temple Square as the areas most iconic landmark(beyond the church's advertisements to come visit). Pioneer heritage. Families?"

That would be a terrible idea. No city airport should advertise or cater to a specific religion. If the SLC airport was owned by the Mormon church that'd be fine, but it's not, so no way to reigious advertisements or things about temples, families, etc. That would be super cheesie and weird. Also see the "SeaTac airport 2006 Christmas Tree incident".

Alpine, UT

First, let's retain the good: 1. SLC (at least the Southwest Airlines side) has the fastest baggage handling in the world. Often when I get to the carousel, my bags are waiting. 2. Ease and accessibility of the rental cars is superb. The bad: The smoking areas outside are positioned away from the exit doors, but right next to the shuttle bus waiting area. This is the worst arrangement I have seen in any US airport. Passengers, including expectant mothers, are forced to breath second hand smoke while waiting for the shuttle busses to arrive. Please reposition the smoking area away from any area where people must stand and wait. The suggestion to build an entirely new terminal to the west has a lot of merit.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

@Anthony - SWA's baggage seems fast but is really due to the long walk you have from plane to baggage claim.

Alpine, UT

The Portland Airport advertises that their shops price their goods, including bottled water, the same as stores in town. It was nice to buy water without paying an extra dollar per bottle!

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