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Published: Sunday, May 19 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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ute alumni
paradise, UT

if they say so then it must be. after all this is the most transparent administration in US history.

Mainly Me
Werribee, 00

Yeah, right. I've also got some beach front property in Arizona for sale if you believe this headline.

South Jordan, UT

Whether he knew or not, hardly removed the blame on the White House. He is supposed to be aware of what went on. Ignorance is no excuse. Oops, that's the voters excuse for reelecting him.

USS Enterprise, UT

I just hope to hear the liberals calling for his resignation, just like they did for John Swallow.

Please liberals, don't be hypocrites.

Salt Lake City, UT

The real scandal should be that these tea party groups actually got tax exempt status. Most of them should've been rejected as well as all of these obviously political groups on the left and right (like Crossroads GPS on the right and Priorities USA on the left) trying to get tax exempt status that is reserved for charities.


What did the Inspector General's report say about the IRS purported targeting of conservative groups?

Is DN going to provide that information or just write articles on the scandal?

the truth
Holladay, UT

Sorry atl134,

You can be tax exempt and speak out politically.

The left has many billionaire funded groups doing just that.

It's called 1st amendment rights.

They are using the IRS and clinton used the irs as well, to attack their enemies, and to intimidate and silence their critics into silence.

If you claim their is no government tyranny then you are naive.

Tyrannical government practices have been around for two hundred years, let's start with wounded knee and the murder of women and children, the trail of tears, indian reservations, prison camp for german in ww1, and prison camps for japanese in ww2, ruby ridge, the branch davidians, and this irs scandals and the ap scandal where this admin is using the patriot act own it's own citizens(no wonder obama renewed it), just to name a some government tryanny.

This radical administation is dirty to the core.

It is astounding the thee amount of lies this administration is spoon feeding the public and their base.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

I watched Hogan's Heroes as a kid. I Know Nothing, is the Fraze that comes to mind, or What Me Worry, I do what I want. There the top ones.


The POTUS didn't know? Who da thunk it? He doesn't know much about anything lately. Too much golf or too much campaigning? We REALLY need a POTUS that works. This one doesn't.

Denton, TX

As Colonel Potter would say: "Mule Fritters!"


Some findings of the Inspector General Report:

"The IG report was our first source without skin in the game to report that agency employees said no outsiders influenced them to target conservative applicants. (Page 7)

The IRS employees responsible for applying greater scrutiny to groups with "Tea Party" or "Patriots" in their names were evidently incorrigible. After their boss told them to cease and desist they did, temporarily. Then they went back to doing their own thing, which meant using inappropriate filters to select applicants for additional review. (Page 7)

At one point, in an agency of 106,000 workers, just one bureaucrat had the job of reviewing applications for tax-exempt status that were selected for greater scrutiny because the information raised questions about their political activities. (Page 5)

The IG says "it's considering" following up its first evaluation with a deeper dive into exactly how the IRS unit it studied monitors the political activities of the "social welfare" groups it grants tax-exempt status. It wants to make sure the unit knows when such organizations cross the line to engage in too much politics. (Page 4, Footnote 12)"
("10 Things We Learned from the Inspector General Report")

Bountiful, UT

How many Tea Partiers would contend that theirs is a political movement? I would imagine a pretty high percentage.

The law passed by Congress says the type of tax exempt groups these TP groups were applying for cannot be political in nature, which is what caused the Cincinnati IRS office so much grief in trying to apply the standard. By a similar standard, I cant get tax exempt status for a local branch of the "Church of the NFL". Go figure.

After Richard Nixon abused the IRS and used it to go after his enemies, a "firewall" was set up between the Presidency and the IRS.

It's completely ironic that the current conservative fantasy that Obama went after the Tea Partiers through the IRS is impossible, by statute, because a Repubublican already did that.



"Employees in the IRS's tax-exempt unit were stupefied by the rules about which they had to make decisions. They were so confused, their bosses decided they needed hands-on training. You might have expected the training to happen sooner. The problems remain, however, according to the IG, and the guidance the workers labor under is vague at best. (Page 14)

Some applications for tax-exempt status were under review for as long as 3 years. Even though the law gives applicants the right to sue the IRS if they failed to get a conclusive response from the agency within 270 days, none did, at least not during the two years of the IG's investigation. (Page 16)

When the IG pointed out the error of their ways, IRS officials were, to some extent, still not seeing things as clearly as the IG thought they should. For instance, IRS officials said issues the IG raised had been resolved. The IG flatly contradicted them, saying no, they hadn't been fixed.

Some applications from groups with evidence of substantial political activity weren't forwarded to the team that had the task of giving applications extra scrutiny. (Pages 9-10)"

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Nixon did not know about Watergate until he read it in the news. However, it was people who worked for him, committing illegal acts that was the root cause of the festering wound that was Watergate,

In this case, Obama and his Chicago corruptocrat cronies est the climate that not only tolerates but encourages underhanded actions, with plausible deniability for those at the top. This was clearly part of their scheme to steal the election by suppressing conservative voices trying to educate voters, and also to suppress conservative vote turnout by sheer intimidation.

Obama may not have known, but nothing he has done has stopped behavior like this.

He may not be impeachable for IRSgate, but there should be no doubt of his ethical standards- there are none.

Hayden, ID

The IRS is the new Gestapo! Don't believe it? Guess who is running and enforcing your obedience to Obamacare!

Alpine, UT

At 10CC-- and when has obama ever followed the rules. He is the law.

newhall, CA

What I found reprehensible is that this guy read off a teleprompter.

Mcallen, TX

We need a president who knows what's going on. Forget the golf course for a while.

Bountiful, UT

For those arguing that the TEA party organizations are political and shouldn't be granted tax-exempt status the problem is that progressive organizations with similar activities were granted tax-exempt status very quickly. The additional requirements for information and delays were applied only to conservative groups, not all political groups. When the applications are treated differently based soley on their poitical views there is a problem.

I doubt the president personally directed which groups to target, but he is the person selecting the agency heads who set the tone and attitudes at the IRS and other government agencies. He is creating the culture that these actions are acceptable.

Mcallen, TX

IRS will have non elected people to control our health care, with thousands of new regulations, and rules.

With Obama creating this, it's unbelievable he doesn't know what's going on.

With control of health care, education, military, etc, we won't be the land of freedom we once had.

May our Obama voters get what they voted for.

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