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Published: Friday, May 17 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

A quote from the piece...

"There's been a breach of trust," Romney said.

Which is exactly why more than 60,000,000 American Voters voted against Romney.

TeaPublican commented...

Re: IRS, Benghazi, AP records, Umbrellas etc., etc., etc..

"...Yes, I know that we don’t yet have any evidence to support these allegations, but who cares...

I rest my case.


Well, "What Now?" has weighed the evidence, or lack thereof, and has rested his case. Thank goodness there are more competent legal minds on the case, who recognize an abundance of actual facts and evidence. And, finally the media is curious about these matters.

But, surely we should only allow Obama himself and his mindless followers to consider the evidence. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil against the great Obama.

Case closed.

clearfield, UT

Mitt Romney was just too good for the America of today. We as a nation have fallen morally, economically, spiritually, at such a fast pace, that I think the bad times are coming long before someone like a Mitt Romney will be called too bail us out. Hopefully the once great USA will get a second chance. God willing.

Bored to the point of THIS!
Ogden, UT

To all the "Mitt lovers" out there... You got off easy when Mitt lost the election. You can go on believing him to be perfect. Count your blessings!

Had he taken office, his 'reputation' would have gone south in a hurry. Not just because of Mitt, but becuase that's what happens to all our leaders these days. Either by their own hand or those around them or the opposition... things 'go bad' once in office! When people look for faults they find them! Sad, but true. Just look at how many of us (you) treat our current President, and our most recent one (President Bush). It's a thankless job!

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

@heidi ho, Fort Collins, CO - I dearly wish Mitt had won, but there seemed to be ill winds brewing over this election. When Mitt came to Colorado the Saturday before the election, the crowd was HUGE! The atmosphere was electric. I still think it was weird that in some precincts in Ohio, there was no votes for Romney. That is just too strange. Come on, there had to be at least one person(s) that voted in that precinct. We are stuck with now, Benghazi, IRS scandal, Obamacare, AP records scandal, ad nauseum. We campaigned very hard for Mitt here in Colorado, even printing up our own Romney signs and distributing them here in Colorado because the Mitt signs were running out. Rand Paul 2016!"

I truly believe the election was stolen via fraud. Precincts in Ohio had NO votes for Romney. The same thing happened in Pennsylania. (NO votes? C'mon....) Machines were rigged. Results were tampererd with. People were bribed (by Obama's endless promises of cradle-to-grave help from the government.)

Obama lied about Benghazi: he did NOT call it a "terror" attack. The liberal, 'mainstream' media is complicit.

Oh, America, America, how the mighty have fallen.

Portland, OR

It is understandable that people in Utah, particularly those over 50, as most Republicans are, would prefer Mitt Romney, a fellow Mormon, or just about any white candidate, to Barack Obama. But, times have changed. The average voter is in her 30s. Black voters had the highest level of turnout in 2012. Single and divorced women voted overwhelmingly for the Democratic ticket. The support for Romney there mirrors the distance between Utah and the diverse, largely metropolitan areas of the nation that supported President Obama.

There is, as other commenters noted, irony in Mitt Romney criticizing the IRS while continuing to hide his tax records.

Surfers Paradise, AU

Yea Romney "hid" his tax records...legally. And BHO "sealed" his college transcripts...legally. Which is a worse offense? All these people crying about money going off shore while wearing Nikes and using iPhones. Come on people, your money is going off shore too.

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