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Published: Friday, May 17 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Bakersfield, CA

Yup, America got what it wanted... Well, 49% of if did. Now our kids will be happily paying for ther slacker friends, too. Enjoy all your vacations to the Dust Bowl. Glad we took them to Greece and Italy last year; they won't be able to do it on their own after we're gone!

I am an avid former/ and anti-Mormon from a Biblical perspective. But as a Conservative Independent I will vote and campaign hard for any solid Republican LDS every time. I did not appreciate Mitt 100% of the time, but he out-shined almost every candidate at the RNC debates, and blew away BHO in the "class, honesty and intelligence" division. I just don't think Ryan connected with the younger demographic. Rubio, Chaffetz or others may have. But despite the many reasons for the Repubs choking, I hope we learned our lessons.

If Mitt reinvented himself, flip-flopped and did a Total Makeover, if would not make a diff. Young liberal America wants a country that will pay their way and legitimize their lusts. I hope God gives them their wishes- right after I exit the planet.


Wally West

to peter & 3boyzmom

Most of the corruption was caused by Ivy league educated people on Wall St and y'all want to send one of that ilk to clean up the mess?

Curious; Was the comedy & irony intentional or not?

Hank Pym

@ Mountanman 5/18 12:01 p.m.

"Why did many people who contributed to Mitt Romney's election get harassed by the IRS?"

Because, like most of Mitt's $, it eventually makes it way "offshore?"

Hayden, ID

Hank Pym. Most of your money and mine goes offshore. Does the phrase "Made in China" sound familiar?

Murtoa Australia, Victoria


Hayden, ID

Why did many people who contributed to Mitt Romney's election get harassed by the IRS? Don't say that didn't happen because the former head of the IRS admitted it and apologized for it, that's why he was fired/resigned. Imaging the hyperventilation and the outrage on the left if the IRS harassed Obama's campaign donors! Hypocrisy at its finest!

I don't know where you get the idea that only conservatives are being "harassed" by the IRS, because I know plenty of liberals and independents that have or are being audited. Any time you are audited by the IRS you will feel harassed.
It is time for the teaparty members and conservatives to stop hyperventilating over being audited by the IRS, you are not exclusive, it happens to all of us.

Ogden, UT

@worf 1:57 p.m. May 18, 2013

Mitt Romney is no Barack Obama. We made the biggest mistake in American history. Some media brain washed folks just don't get it, but soon the IRS will be Americas version of the KGB as our health care, defense, and education will be federally controlled. That's a big chunk of money to an administration that doesn't know what's going on. Or do they?

Medically, they'll make life making decisions through the IRS.


That sure sounds like the type of comment one could expect to hear from low-information voters. WOW! That's not what this country needs.

Hank Pym

to Mountanman

I mean Bermuda & The Caymans and you know that.

Plus, I don't shop @ Walmart. So, the joke is on you.

Hayden, ID

SLMG. Since you are from "down under" you are understandably behind on your news happenings here in the states. President Obama fired the director of the IRS for admitting the IRS harassed conservative organizations and some people who donated money to Mitt Romney for his campaign. Its all over the news here. President Obama said this action by the political targeting of IRS is unacceptable and promised to investigate and hold those responsible accountable. But I believe like all his other promises to investigate other debacles, his "investigations" have gone nowhere.

Provo, UT


There is a difference between being audited and having the IRS change their records and come after you with lies. I'm sure I'm not the only one that is being done to. The last time I talked to the IRS on the phone before this crazy week was 3 years ago. They told me everything was up to date and good, nothing pending. Now for the first time, I'm being told I owe thousands for 2004 and also the returns I was talking to them about 3 years ago have disappeared, not to mention the one we just sent in. Good thing we have the records for those and also good thing they decided to drop the 2004 bogus demand when I mentioned that I was a Romney blogger. To pretend that a liberal being audited is the same as a dishonest attack on a perceived enemy is willful blindness.

Cedar Hills, UT

SLMG - get real. Nobody said Tea Party members and conservatives were exclusively audited. Of course people of all stripes get audited and harassed. I guess you're ok if 75% of the audits occurred with conservative groups, since the other 25% somehow prove an objective pursuit. It has already been reported that the average conservative group seeking non-profit status took 27 months to get approved, and the average liberal group took only 9 months.

I realize that to most liberals, that's a fair and balanced approach by the IRS.

Centerville, UT

As we go further into the deep, dark, murky, swampy, Chicago-style politics, Mitt Romney is looking better and better. What a shame. We (America) chose...poorly.


This is a great article! What a week of surprises for Obama, and us, -- the media is actually reporting some suspicious happenings that occurred during the last campaign. He thought he was invincible and anything he did (no matter whether legal or not) wouldn't matter. It just reinforces my fear for this country.

Hutterite: Obama already thinks he can walk on water, and the reason we conservatives wouldn't be thrilled if he "gave away" jobs and made gas cheaper is because it would be at the expense of those of us who work for what we get. Just like his infamous "Affordable Care Act" which we are finding out isn't so affordable to those of us who shoulder our own insurance coverage.

Cache county, USA

It's simple. It's getting more rare, to have people in this world with the ability to read people, and see people and situations for what they are. Conservatives usually get an A+ in this category.

Meridian, ID

People tend to be down on what they are not up on. Mitt Romney was and is up on America. Where is barak? and michell? Where else could they get a Billion dollar vacation?.

New to Utah

Obama has a very checkered political life. His modus operandi is destroy his opponent before the vote. He did this by unsealing the divorce records of his oppointment named Ryan and then facing only token opposition with Alan Keyes in his senate race. He did the same thing to Mitt Romney, targeting him in swing states with $500 million of attack ads mostly dishonest and allowing supporting groups to aggessively attack him as a corporate raider. Obama has allowied targeting of major campaign contributors like Frank Vandersloot for harrassment plus 7 others. Why wouldn't we believe that all the scandals started and will end with Obama? He has displayed the Chicago way his whole career.It's like playing a softball game where the refs make calls that are clearly wrong like safe at first when there out or calling a crucial strike a ball.Why should we now trust the IRS, Homeland Security,the State Department or other government agencies?

New to Utah

The person who illegally taped the 47% comments was a real scoundrel in my opinion. He was a person who had sued various people and was obviously a liberal. The media went out of its way to help Obama. It was unreal that they refused to pursue Bengahzi when four Americans were killed but it would have hurt Obama's re election especially his narrative. It worth closely looking at this election because things have gotten much worse with Obama's election and we need to understand why.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Nothing against Mitt as a person, but could we please remember some of the things he said? Nine years after our invasion of Iraq, Mitt said he still thought it was a good idea. That tells me that he either valued the GOP nomination over everything else, including the truth, or had not read a book in nine years or so. He had nothing to say about torture by OUR people, nor did he revisit his big idea to "double the size of GITMO". Signing statements? Warrantless wiretaps? Wall Street firms too big to fail? His campaign silence was deafening on anything other than tax cuts for you know who. The voters chose correctly, and the howling taking place now will soon be permanently forgotten.

Roosevelt, UT

Man oh man it seems that Mitt has gained a lot of integrity since he LOST the election. Was he unable to lead his own party yet now in the pages of DN he can lead the country better then the real president?

The country had never heard of the Pinocchio laws until Mitt came on the scene with his gray areas and stories that were mostly fabricated. He could not produce his tax returns because they percentage was less than a non multi-millionaire pays. He would say whatever he thought would fly, with no regard for the truth. When caught he would simply move to the next town, smile and shake hands.

He proved unable to communicate with the working American, could not author any of his own ideas and his platform of 75 pages was filled with how he would undermine what Obama had already done adding his own name to many politicians who come without real ideas just want to get the job.

Which would you rather have a Benghazi incident or 911?

I love what Mitt stands for...I think but it still changes on a daily basis.

Robert Johnson
Sunland, CA

If Mitt Romney had stayed true to his convictions he might have won. However he sold his integrity to the wacko right-wing fringe of the Republican party in order to get the nomination. Despite his etch-a-sketch attempts to move back to the middle, Americans saw him for what he became, a man with no core values who would say and do anything to get a vote. He made John Kerry look like a pillar of stability.

Cedar Hills, UT

@Doug10 - you're so wrong on so many counts. I suspect you're MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell in disguise. I think Mitt will go down as the most uniquely qualified person to lose to the least qualified candidate in history. And it's true we're becoming a nation that values free stuff more than a qualified president.

What's a Pinocchio law? Obama is far better at lying than Mitt, and has enjoyed a willing and supportive press corps to get away with it. "I don't know" is now the official administrative slogan, and plausible deniability is the cornerstone of his presidency.

Where are Obama's school records? He can't release them, because they confirm just how incompetent and unqualified he really is. We already know Mitt made a lot of money, and transferred a lot of it offshore. The only reason you want his tax returns is to nit-pick at them to hound him more? Also, Mitt's ideas were actually viable concepts to run a nation and fix the economy. The proof of Obama's incompetent ideas is in their utter failure. "Obamacare is a train wreck" is not a Republican comment.

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