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Published: Friday, May 17 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Hey It's Me
Salt Lake City, UT

I didn't see the interview but from what I read in the article, Mitt didn't blast President Obama. . . he addressed the issues at hand. What a classy guy. The only thing I don't like is when someone says I like any Republican. I voted for Obama his first time and when he failed to what he promised I voted for Mitt. I vote for who I feel will represent me the best. I felt that Mitt is more honest than most politicians and he stayed on task to answer Jay's questions when he could have taken advantage and nailed the Obama administration, but didn't.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

Would these scandals (IRS and AP) have still happened with Romney as President? Possibly. Then again, the IRS scandal has been going on for a while. However, here is the point:

If Romney were president, and if these scandals had happened, Romney would have done the right thing.

I have to say it as it is; Obama does not have a track record for doing the right thing.

Honeyvale, CA

Wow Hutterite, what a judgemental comment! I would love to see Pres Obama succeed in bringing honor and success to our country. What matters is what a "leader" does when those scandals occur. Obama's response has show a lack of leadership and been extremely hypocritical. How could he "not know" so much about what is going on in this country and in his administration. As a leader his is out of touch and uninformed, which is formula for disaster and abuse. His job is to make sure he knows about what is going on. My "UTAH" view is based on how he leads this country…so far I have seen very few successful leadership decisions.

Fuaamotu, Tonga

Hutterite says “President Obama, on the other hand, could walk on water and give out jobs and cheap gasoline for all and he'd still be a hated individual here.”

I would seriously have to disagree with that assessment. If he – or any other leader who failed to carry the majority of Utah votes – was actually doing something to improve the US economy, he would quickly sway opinion and favor in his direction.

However, by continuing to spend us into oblivion, apologizing to everyone else for being Americans and demonstrating that he and his minions are above accountability, he will continue to draw negative attention from far more than just Utah. It’s not who he is that is hated but what he does. Just as the old adage says, his actions speak louder than his words.

Ogden, UT

@USAlover 9:08 a.m. May 18, 2013

Mitt Romney > Barack Obama.

And it's not even close...


You got that backward. It should read "Mitt Romney < Barack Obama.

And it's not even close...

Bad as Obama is, and there is little he does that I like, Romney would have been infinitely worse. We dodged a disaster when the voters of the United States sent Romney packing. Thank God they did.

Provo, UT

I was a very active blogger for Romney and I was targeted by the IRS this week. I called them yesterday and while switching from one rep to a different one for specific info, somehow my 2009 tax return disappeared from their computer. First guy said it was there, no problems...second person said they never received it. That was the very least of the issues. A 2004 return disappeared and they claimed they never got it and demanded $6,670. I said it was too late but they said they filed for us in 2008. When I mentioned the strange timing in light of the scandal and that I was an active campaigner for Romney, I was told I didn't need to worry about the 2004 return but they still are causing problems for later returns that there were no problems with until now.

boise, id

It amazes me that people's comments are so myopic. Romney wasn't elected, and if he had he would have had to face the real problems of our country. Just as most of these comments, it is easy and safe for him to take pot shots from the cheap seats. The biggest factors that led to Romney's defeat was a fractured and dysfunctional Republican party and the fact that most Americans saw Romney inability to truly understand the struggle that most of the 99% have to go through. The Republican party is still dysfunctional and has obstructionism as its sole function. Sad but true, and the extreme left of the Democratic party has no better standing. Until the American people realize that we have been relegated to the non-1% group, and retake control of the country on rational and moral footing the country will continue the slide we are on.

Onion Daze
Payson, UT

" Romney is a rational man of intelligence, grace and integrity."

Not all of the time was he a "...rational man of intelligence, grace and integrity." His famous "47 percent" night in Florida may have cost him the Presidency?

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

I actively campaigned for and voted for Obama. I got audited mercilessly this year. I'm sure Mitt Romney was personally behind it . . .

sandy, utah

I am not a rich man but my federal tax rate compared to my gross earnings is higher than Mitts. Mitt was good with that and would have continued tax breaks for the wealthy. I do not care how you debate the issue. The current practice of loopholes for the rich is wrong, wrong, wrong.


While Romney tried to be careful with his comments they still showed either vindictiveness or more likely what I suspect his genuine ignorance of world affairs, domestic affairs, and seemed no more learned than the man on the street that a newsperson always manages to pick out for a response to some story.

Boise, ID

I love the Democrat and other low information voter remarks about Romney's wealth. He got it by following the rules set by Congress - DEMOCRAT congresses. If you believe the low informaiton voters you would think it was ill-gotten. Good man Mitt Romney. I wish we had more like him who were ready to make the genuine sacrifices to achive high office. Instead, we get community organizers pretending to be well-schooled, able leaders. Obama makes me wish we had Bill Clinton back.

Houston, TX

With that guy obama using the IRS to go after our Tea Party, and with obama and that woman hillary covering up for Benghazi, we are in the midst of the worst Washington scandals since Watergate. Yes, I know that we don’t yet have any evidence to support these allegations, but who cares. We TeaPublicans are going to throw everything against the wall and see what sticks! Yes, I know that our Republican leaders lied about the Benghazi emails, but we didn’t think the public would ever actually see them. It’s just a small mistake on our part. And now there is another scandal brewing: Fox “and Friend” Steve Doocy theorizes that the IRS is going to use ObamaCare to deny hip replacements to known conservatives! OMG! I never thought obama and his IRS would step that low. Thank God we TeaPublicans ARE taking back America in 2014 and 2016. And we ARE going to take back that evil IRS Empire too!

Overton, NV

Tax breaks for the wealthy...yawn.

You can't give tax breaks to those who don't pay taxes. And the truth is, a large percentage of this country pays 0% income tax. So, yeah, whenever there is a "tax break," it will go to wealthier individuals because they are the ones who actually pay taxes! Perish the thought!

Hayden, ID

Why did many people who contributed to Mitt Romney's election get harassed by the IRS? Don't say that didn't happen because the former head of the IRS admitted it and apologized for it, that's why he was fired/resigned. Imaging the hyperventilation and the outrage on the left if the IRS harassed Obama's campaign donors! Hypocrisy at its finest!


My dictionary defines trust as: reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.


That's all true but aren't those cursed who trust in "the integrity, strength, ability, surety etc" of man. Far better trust in the Constitution of the United States, something not mentioned much by Mr Romney or any but one of the other candidates.

When asked a question referencing the Constitution of the United States Mitt humble referred the question to Mr Paul. Telling!

Provo, UT


Regarding me cooling my conspiracies, I will let you in on a little secret. Obama is also a believer in this conspiracy. He went public with the IRS targeting conservatives. Perhaps you should become informed by reading any number of articles exposing the IRS for coming after Romney bloggers like me.

I have to admit it was a surprise to find myself on their hit list but no one with a brain could doubt the obviousness of the IRS charges against me and I gave only a small part of the convoluted mess they have suddenly made of my taxes. One extra example, not the worst but the silliest; we received a thank you form a week ago for paying our 2012 taxes. Now their computers say we never paid those taxes last month.

Mcallen, TX

Mitt Romney is no Barack Obama. We made the biggest mistake in American history. Some media brain washed folks just don't get it, but soon the IRS will be Americas version of the KGB as our health care, defense, and education will be federally controlled. That's a big chunk of money to an administration that doesn't know what's going on. Or do they?

Medically, they'll make life making decisions through the IRS.

Boise, ID

To 3boyzmom: Amen.

Murtoa Australia, Victoria

What is going on in Washington is nothing more than pure politics and a gottcha game. Every President has scandals on there watch, instead of working together in a bypartsian way to investigate, the party that is not in power always turns to the media to hype up the problems.
If our congress was more interested in governing for the people than making political points this country would be much better off. These so called scandals happen to both the Democrate and Republican administrations. It is time that the congress got back to the peoples business and worked less on party politics and quit running there mouths off to the media to score political points. Mitt Romney would have had his own scandals had he been elected, no president is exempt. Our position as citizens should be to support our sitting president regardless of who we voted for, we should be trying to build our country up not tear it down remember the world is watching us.

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