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Published: Friday, May 17 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

It's hard to imagine any of these sorts of 'scandals' not arising during a mitt presidency as they have during that of President Obama. After all, the President isn't directing the intricate details of the tens of thousands of everyday federal civil servants. The difference is how we deal with them. If mitt were president he could do no wrong viewed from utah, that's for sure. President Obama, on the other hand, could walk on water and give out jobs and cheap gasoline for all and he'd still be a hated individual here.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

What a wonderful man. We would have been lucky to call him President. He's done more good for this country than the current president himself. Although that's not saying much.

You rock Romney


Catholic Chris B

Meadow Lark Mark

Go Mitt Romney. Did we want an honorable man in office or not? I hope all the people who voted for who we have now are happy with what we have. Obama is the leader of our country and we are in great turmoil. I can't help but believe that it comes from the top down.

Somewhere in Time, UT

See, Chris B? I keep telling people you are really a good guy, after all!

C Shields
c, CA

Finally - the truth shall prevail.


All articles on Jay Leno interviews. especially with a Utah favorite like Mitt Romney need to have an accompanying video.

heidi ho
Fort Collins, CO

I dearly wish Mitt had won, but there seemed to be ill winds brewing over this election. When Mitt came to Colorado the Saturday before the election, the crowd was HUGE! The atmosphere was electric. I still think it was weird that in some precincts in Ohio, there was no votes for Romney. That is just too strange. Come on, there had to be at least one person(s) that voted in that precinct. We are stuck with now, Benghazi, IRS scandal, Obamacare, AP records scandal, ad nauseum. We campaigned very hard for Mitt here in Colorado, even printing up our own Romney signs and distributing them here in Colorado because the Mitt signs were running out. Rand Paul 2016!

Saint Louis, MO

As someone who voted for both Mr. Romney and Mr. McCain, I believe that in the current climate that Mr. Romney is making a big mistake by trying to stay so visible. Mark Shields of Shields and Brooks of The PBS NewsHour stated that Mr. Romney is a symbol of the lack of empathy in the Republican Party. He is viewed by the right as a symbol of hard work and success. However, the media is chewing him up by painting that picture of him. Unfortunately, I believe that he should be like MacArthur who was unjustly sacked by Truman and just "fade away" and allow a new leader of conservatives to emerge.

Alpine, UT

If Romney would have won the presidency, he would have had to don his chest waders to tackle all the corruption in D.C. But, I have no doubt he was up to the job.

Meridian, ID

Mitt Romney is a very capable and caring person. Have you missed him yet?

chattanooga, tn

In truth, America is the dealing with the "law of the harvest." America is reaping what she has sown.

chattanooga, tn

America is having to deal with the "law of the harvest."

Hayden, ID

This is a very good article about the interview, thanks for writing it! It puts these scandals in proper perspective in my view and the operative word used is "TRUST". My dictionary defines trust as: reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence. For many Americans our trust in our government has been shaken if not destroyed. If trust means anything to anyone, we need honest answers about these abuses of power and unaccountability from our government beginning at the White House no matter which political party is in charge! Trust is a non-partisan principle.

Happy Liberal
Salt Lake City, UT

Wow, this is rich. A guy who hides millions in tax shelters in the Cayman Islands going after Obama about the IRS. Thanks for a good laugh this morning!

Manti, UT

@ Hutterite. Yes, all of these scandals would have arisen if Romney had been elected. And, since they are all committed by Obama during Obama's tenure, they would be throughly investigated without the roadblocks and interference the current administration is throwing in the way.

Woods Cross, UT

Mitt gave a good interview with Leno, but he would have struggled as President. The country's partisan politicians would have ripped on him as badly as the right-wingers attack President Obama. Romney surrounded himself with a dysfunctional party in his attempt to get elected. That same dysfunctional crew would have followed him into the oval office and caused him greater problems than the democrats. Recall how Nancy Pelosi and other radical Democrats have often harmed President Obama! Extreme positions and militant partisanship destroys the political process and harms the country.

No person we elect to the oval office is perfect. They can't fix their parties or the country. But we can by turning off the extreme rhetoric and gravitating towards more rational and centrist thinking. We are Americans, and one of our gifts is the ability and vision to compromise.

Meadow Lark Mark

My son who lives in Ohio reports to me that some areas around Cleveland, Ohio had more than 100% voter turnout of those who voted, and those area were significantly for Obama. How can you have an area that has more than 100% voting? If you have everyone in a voting district voting then you have 100% voting, not more than. Come on we need to clean up our whole country!! We need to go back to a moral country that believes in God and where we are honest with each other. I kind of agree with a earlier post, that we are getting what we deserve (the law of the harvest) especially thinking that government is to take care of every aspect of our lives. When are we (collectively as a country) going to stand up and just take care of ourselves and not depend on government to do everything for us!!!!????? We'd be much better off with a lot of less government in our lives. One reason is that too many in our country don't believe in the wonderful principle of work anymore.

Phoenix, AZ

Which ever political party, or what ever candidate is elected to the Whie House will not make significant changes in government until congress itself is cleaned up of the dirty self serving polititions and replace them with patriotic statesman serving under the same laws as the nation at large.

Salt Lake City, UT

The contrast between Romney and Obama is stunning. Romney is a rational man of intelligence, grace and integrity. Thanks for your service to our country. Romney did not lose the election, America did.

Hutterite's comment epitomizes the far left; abandonment of civility by not capitalizing Romney's name, slavish worship of Mr. Obama by capitalizing the word presidency and most of all, failing to engage in intelligent political dialog. Margaret Thatcher's observation rings true that when there is no fact-based counterargument, personal attacks are the only recourse .

Salt Lake City, UT

Mitt Romney > Barack Obama.

And it's not even close...

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