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Published: Friday, May 17 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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anti BCS
Anaheim, CA


Looks like you're finally starting to accept reality.

A few more seasons like 2012 coupled with BYU reasserting its 1980's dominance, and fan attendance at RES will look just like it did during the 80's.

Pocatello, ID


Your preoccupation with the thoughts and actions of Utah fans and the program is pathologic.

I'm not sure your a "fan" of anything except trying to impress your opinion on everyone. Good luck LOL

Layton, UT

@anti BCS

I know! And Utah should follow byU"s lead and go independent and max hall was right and byU would of won a 16 team playoff in 1984 AND a run in the nit and a rugby title is ALOT better than anything Utah has EVER done. lol.

Oh, and Chris Hill is going to lose his job and the refs have it out for byU and it was just a rumor started by the Ute Fans that Jim McMahon drank beer and chewed tobacky.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA


"I know! And Utah should follow BYU's lead and go independent..."


Winning a National Championship, winning a Heisman Trophy, being a perennial Top 25 team, and thriving as an Independent are things the Utes could never do.

The Utes are much better off being dependent on the PAC 10.2 so they can enjoy the allusion of success as a "conference of champions" bottom dweller.

Magna, UT

Newsflash for anti bcs!!! BYU won't be a perennial top 25 team as long as they have a tough schedule like this year. The days of beating up on WAC and MWC patsies appear to be over. Those 2 for 1 scheduling agreements are going to take their toll on the cougars record. It will now be rare that the cougs finish a season ranked.

Welcome to the real world of college football.

Idaho Falls, ID

How hard is to fill a 40,000 seat band box?

Magna, UT

Oh Ed. That's cute. How hard is it to understand that we've sold out for 5 years? There are literally thousands on the waiting list to buy tickets. I know. I'm one of them. Don't you worry about us friend.

Layton, UT

How hard is it to keep 60,000 fans in the stands past half time when you're, once again, getting owned by a "bottom dweller"?

Sheriff Andy Taylor
Salt Lake City, UT

anti bcs-

Let's be real though, byu has never won a National Championship either. I mean to actually win a NC you would clearly have to beat someone who finished in the top 20, right? I mean how about beating at least a few of those teams to really win a NC. BYU just sort of backed into a "NC." I am still looking forward to the day they actually win one.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA

Sheriff Andy Taylor

"I mean to actually win a NC you would clearly have to beat someone who finished in the top 20, right?"

Nope, the ONLY requirement for actually winning a NC is finishing #1 in the Final AP and Coaches Polls.

BYU had absolutely no control over how teams on BYU's schedule finished the season. BYU began the season playing #3-ranked Pittsburgh on the road. Are you saying it's BYU's fault that Pittsburgh tanked the season?

BYU did beat AP #24 Air Force(8-4) on the road, a team that finished higher in the polls than anybody the Utes beat in 2004, yet the Utes tried to claim that they deserved a shot at the 2004 national championship.

If you want to blame somebody for trying to back into a championship, blame #2 Washington and #3 Nebraska, both of whom were invited to play #1 BYU for a shot at the national championship, but chose instead to play lower-ranked teams. Neither team won their conference championship; neither team beat the #1 team. Yet, both tried to claim that they deserved to be national champions because they beat teams ranked lower than BYU.

Layton, UT

Utah didn't claim a shot at the title in 04.
In 08 they beat formerly #1 ranked Alabama and finished ranked #2, which is a more legitimate claim to the title than byU's claim in 84. Go Utes.

Arlington, VA


"In 08 they beat formerly #1 ranked Alabama and finished ranked #2..."

In 1984, BYU beat formerly #3 ranked Pittsburgh and finished #1!

Sorry, but the only legitimate claim to #1 is being ranked #1 in the final polls. It's not who you beat, it's where you finish in the final polls that counts.

1984 #1/#1 BYU
1996 #5/#5 BYU
1985 #7/#7 BYU

2004 #4/#5 Utah
2008 #2/#4 Utah

It's laughable that you use the rankings to validate Utah opponents, yet refuse to acknowledge BYU's #1 ranking as validation of BYU's National Championship, even though ALL FIVE major national organizations selected BYU as the CONSENSUS National Champion for 1984.

BYU's claim to the National Championship sits in BYU's trophy case in the form of a $30,000 Waterford Crystal Football National Championship Trophy awarded to BYU by the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), the exact same trophy that was awarded to the winner of the BCS championship game in 2008.

That's a far more legitimate claim to a NC than the 4th place Utes achieved in 2008.

Payson, UT

Swoop, you are awesome. Thank you for the cougar support in building an addition to Rice-Eccles that will expand capacity to over 60k. Then all the cougar fans will be happy (probably sad) with real comparisons of ticket sales.

As for most ute fans (not Mr. B), we will continue focusing any rivalry talk about head to head competition.

Utah has an amazing schedule of USC, Oregon, Stanford and Washington. We even play a great USU team. If anyone else thinks their team on our schedule is great, then feel free to put them on our list. Utes have to worry a little about ticket sales, because so many free tickets are given to students, there are very few tickets left after the season ticket holders take their share. Increasing stadium size by 10k seats would be a tremendous boom to revenues.


West Point , UT

So you're saying Utah could have beat Florida in 2008? No. I actually picked Utah to beat Alabama because I, along with a lot of other SEC fans, believed bama to be overrated. They barely beat Kentucky by a FG, beat a horrible miss st team by 4 points, and only managed 20 points against a 2-10 Tulane. Bama couldn't throw the ball either...all this spelled upset for Utah. Alabama also didn't play a single ranked team in the SEC west that year because there weren't any other ranked teams in the SEC west (it was a down yr for the SEC). Florida and Tim Tebow on the other hand were a legitimate #1 team. Very good on both sides of the ball. While anything is possible I don't see Utah beating that Gator team on their best day. And lets also not forget that Utah went from unranked clear up to 17 in the polls that season after barely beating Michigan by 2 points...a terrible Michigan team that finished 3-9 (sound familiar?). Also won by a FG over 4-8 NEW MEXICO. Utah was a great team that year, but better than Florida? No.

Layton, UT

OK, I won't argue over a mythical trophy for Utah.
And yes, I know about that trophy in legacy hall, you guys take it out and polish it every day.
You might be surprised to know that I grew up in Utah County and used to frequent the byu athletic facilities. Interacted with several notable personalities. But I don't brag about it.lol

Napoleon Dynamite
Salt Lake City, UT

BYU got a NC they didn't EARN. Utah didn't get a legitimate shot at the NC although they EARNED a shot at it.

That's all.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT

Napoleon Dynamite

"BYU got a NC they didn't EARN."

All five major college football NC selecting organizations of the day disagree, but you're welcome to your biased opinion, for what it's worth.

"Utah didn't get a legitimate shot at the NC although they EARNED a shot at it."

Sorry, Utah finished 6th in the final bcs standings, so no, the Utes didn't even come close to earning a shot at the NC.

Salt Lake City, UT

I am sure when the Utes sellout for a 6th straight year in a row with a renewal rate in the 90th percentile or more all the BYU fans will come back on this board and say they were wrong. After all, BYU fans are known for being level headed free thinkers that never let their pride or arrogance get in the way of logic, right?

Mesa, AZ

Never actually earning it on the field-of-play--

byu played the 3rd weakest schedule in the nation in '84, yet was awarded for it with a "MYTHICAL" NC. Hysterical, actually. Particularly with them greatly benefiting from beating a grossly overrated PITT team, thus vaulting them out of nowhere up there to near the Top-10 [#12, if I remember correctly] in the rankings.

PITT concluded the season at 3-7-1, bowl-less and UNRANKED. Everybody knows byu couldn't have done it without such a fluke-occurrence taking place and, obviously, the voters couldn't undo their obvious error in ranking PITT so high, to begin with.

BTW, did you see what OU did to PITT on the same, exact field just 2 weeks later? Unlike byu, in struggling to barely beat PITT, OU complete obliterated them. Good times.

Y's little brother
Sandy, UT


Unlike BYU, in struggling to barely beat PITT, OU complete obliterated them.

Yet Oklahoma LOST to Kansas(5-6) 11-28, which lost to Vanderbilt(5-6) 6-41. Go figure.

btw, what's your source for BYU 1984 having the 3rd weakest schedule in the nation?

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