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Published: Friday, May 17 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Highland, UT

So let's see....chris hill is so concerned about filling the crackerbox this year that he goes online to beg for utah "fans" to attend the games yet utah "fans" on the dnews message boards tell us they need to expand the crackerbox because there are lines of people "miles long" waiting for tickets. Something doesn't add up....

Cottonwood Heights, UT


You're spouting off prematurely. Wait and see how long it takes for the remaining season tickets to get snatched up ... it won't be long.


In the front page article in the D News on "The offseason status of NFL players with Utah ties," there were several things of note:

The Utes outnumber BYU 2 to 1, which is consistent with the direction both teams are headed. And according to the article, most of BYU's NFL players are not even in line to get significant minutes. Utah has 11 starters as compared to BYU's 3, and Utah has 5 current Pro-Bowlers compared to BYU's 1.

It's a great time to be a Ute!!

Hey duckhunter, the Utes have sold out the past 5 seasons in a row. Don't worry about this. And if you're boasting about the 60,000 seats in Provo, what does that matter when the fans sitting in those seats are all headed for the exits in the 3rd quarter, like the last time we played you guys?

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

We have a decades long wiating list for our season tickets.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

RES listed capacity 45,017

2012 attendance average 45,149
2011 attendance average 45,459
2010 attendance average 45,156
2009 attendance average 45,155
2008 attendance average 45,352

Filling RES doesn't seem to be a problem, does it? Last year Utah Football season tickets were renewed at a 92% rate, which is a very high rate of renewal considering a certain percentage of fans will move, fall on hard financial times, etc.

The few season tickets that were not renewed were resold to waiting buyers so fact they never went on the "public market."

Mesa, AZ

Highland, UT

So let's see....chris hill is so concerned about filling the crackerbox this year that he goes online to beg for utah "fans" to attend the games yet utah "fans" on the dnews message boards tell us they need to expand the crackerbox because there are lines of people "miles long" waiting for tickets. Something doesn't add up....

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't deliberately spinning the truth and ultimately telling a lie against the tenants of byu's owner?

West Point , UT

Sorry ute fans but this clearly means that the demand for tickets isn't what you're suggesting (or my bro in law and sister for that matter). If you want stadium expansion and think it's warranted because there's such high demand you're AD wouldn't be asking people to please buy season tickets, we will only hold them so long. Successful programs don't hold season tickets hoping someone will buy them before they release them. BYUs season tickets are sold...have been since the end of last season (at least the ones that arent on waiting lists). UGA has a 30 yr waiting list. Looks like being amongst the big boys doesn't help the fact that you're still a "midmajory WACer" wearing big boys clothes. You're drowning in your threads, no wonder no one sees U and no one cares...awwww.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

LES listed capacity 64,108

2012 attendance average 61,161
2011 attendance average 60,265
2010 attendance average 61,381
2009 attendance average 64,236
2008 attendance average 64,102

Oh my how strange, BYU appears to be the in-state program that cannot sell out its stadium. That great independent schedule with its "inconvenient" Kickoff times and dates seems to have hurt BYU's actual attendance. Maybe BYU should consider reducing the capacity of LES to match the current demand?

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

CougDawg, the only mid-majory WACers I see around at the moment are you and Ducky. How little brother of you to constantly troll Utah Football stories; confident fans don't do that. I see you on Utah threads all the time trying talk down the Utes. I no it's a bummer you team (which is BYU not Georgia) is a mid major without and real prospects but it doesn't mean you and the rest of the clan have to constantly ankle bite. In terms of RES, it will be sold out like the prior years as people would rather go see USC or Stanford in SLC than Idaho State in Provo. It so easy.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Perhaps the cougar fans here should be more concerned about the "trend in the tin can" not being sold out and less concerned about Utah''s sales. Not only have they not sold out the "can" but they have lost to the Utes as well.

Salt Lake City, UT

That great independent schedule with its "inconvenient" Kickoff times and dates seems to have hurt BYU's actual attendance.

Actually, it isn't just the bizarre start times that have hurt byu ticket sales. The product put on the field, the lack of quality opponents, and the embarrassing fact that byu's hated rival qualified in every respect to play in a coveted elite conference are also contributing factors. byu had promotions to unload tickets last year and it still didn't help.

West Point , UT

This isn't a Utah board or blog so relax. And I have been more than fair to Utah when it's warranted and critical of BYU when it's necessary also. Lol, ya U know me well enough to know where my allegiance lies...hilarious. I've been a dawg fan longer than a BYU fan...since Herschel walker. You know a heisman trophy winner...oh wait, ute fans have no familiarity with any such awards. And plenty of utes "troll" the cougar stories...it's a news outlet, not SportsNation or bleacher report. Doesn't bother me a bit when utes want to comment on the Cougs. Matter of fact come over to cougarboard Rock, you're always welcome.

Layton, UT

Herschel Walker, 1984, polishing old trophies, living in the past. lol.

NIT smack, rugby smack, rankings smack, stadium size smack, tax dollar smack. lol.

Call me when byu beats Utah in football and I'll congratulate byu if they end up with a winning record this year.

Layton, UT

Don't come back with the bottom dweller smack, I'm talking head to head rivalry football.

Say what you want, but we all know that the rivalry lives and that the rivalry is all about football.

Go Utes.

Frisco, TX

Come on guys, if you're going to bicker at least stick to a meaningful topic. The jabs on here remind me when we were in 5th grade claiming "my dad can beat up your dad".

The Cougs haven't been in the WAC since the Utes, and both teams have old WAC opponents scheduled in the future. Drop the tired WAC line. I don't refer to the Utes as Big Sky PACer just because U play Northern Colorado. Holmoe told us the first two years of Indy would be tough to schedule. Guess what the Cougs schedule is probably tougher than the Utes in 2013, even tough the Utes will have their toughest schedule ever. There's something meaningful to argue about.

And come on Cougs, don't read more into Hill's comments than meets the eye. Now if the comments were about the Huntsman, that's a different story. But the Utes have filled their FB stadium and will continue to fill their stadium. However, if the Utes have a losing season again, will the FB fans turn like the BB fans? There's something to debate.

Good luck Utes.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Once again Duckhunter nails it. Utah only has like three "fans". Nobody like Utes football they just hate us for being so humble while knowing we are so good.
Plus our own coach bronco goes out of his way to tell us we are really smart fans and Duckhunter just proofs that point.

Salt Lake City, UT


Lets review:

2012 61,161 > 45,149
2011 60,265 > 45,459
2010 61,381 > 45,156
2009 64,236 > 45,155
2008 64,102 > 45,352

Call us when the Utes average 60,000+ at RES for five consecutive years... for the FIRST TIME.

BYU has been averaging 60,000+ at LES since 1982!

btw, seating configuration changes have reduced seating capacity at LES to 63,470.

Until the Utes actually fill a 60,000+ seat stadium year-after-year-after-year, all of your chest beating about "sell-outs" is nothing but idle prattle. If the Utes really do have that level of fan support, PROVE IT!

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

Duckhunter nailed it.

If Chris Hill was certain that Rice Eccles Stadium would be full this Fall, why would he even be talking about it?

Layton, UT

We don't need ticket sales.
It doesn't matter if our stadiums are empty.
We have all that tax money!
Besides, the Pac12 will always keep us around, they need us, to pad their schedule.

Layton, UT

Did any of you haters actually read the article or watch the video?
Does Dr. Hill sound worried?
He's letting the fans know how to access the *hard to get available tickets*.
Do your homework and try to keep up.

Go Utes.

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