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Published: Friday, May 17 2013 8:05 a.m. MDT

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My condolences to Pres. Monson and his family and close friends and associates. My prayers, and those of my family, are with you.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

May the Monson family find peace and solace in their hour of sorrow.

Leo Femedlers
El Paso, TX

Behind every great man is a great woman. Though I do not know Sis Monson, I do know that her love, support, and sacrifice provided a individual to whom we know today as the President of the Church. Thank you Sis Monson for your dedication and devotion. May your rest and reward be eternal and glorious.

Richmond, VA

This is very sad news! My heart goes out to Pres. Monson and his family. May the Lord's peace encompasses and sustains them throughout this difficult time.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

How sad. They traveled the world together. She will be missed.

Virginia Beach, VA

Love to the family. I prayers will be with them.

Kellie Wood
Orem, UT

How terribly sad for her family! What a heartbreak for them all! I'm so sorry to hear this.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Agreed that it was both him and her that made that Monson Team so special. She will have her reward in heaven. I just hope we get to keep her other half a long time. He inspires me.

God Bless the Monson Family

Go Utes
Salt Lake City, UT

Will greatly miss Sister Monson. What a wonderful life of service, worth of emulation. Prayers are with you, President Monson and family, at this time.

Bakersfield, CA

President Monson So sorry for your loss may the Lord give you comfort at your time of need. God Bless you and your family. Trenton

NY Utica Mission
Whitesboro, NY

Our mission sends their sympathy to President Monson and his family. In our Zone Training meeting we knelt and prayed for the comforter to be with and sustain your family. Sister Monson was a special person to all of us who supported and loved everyone, especially her husband and family.

May the Lord bless this wonderful family.

The Missionaries of the New York Utica Mission

ferron, UT

This worls lost an amazing woman today and the next gained one. Sister Monson will be missed. All our love and prayers sending your way from my family to yours.

South Jordan, UT

There are times for philosophical, religious, and political differences and then there are times for sympathy and condolences. I will always remember how sincerely tender and lovingly Thomas S Monson always spoke of his wife.
There is no doubt to anyone who ever heard him speak of her that this man loved his wife dearly. Condolences to their family.

kaysville, UT

Our family loves you President Monson, and we will be praying for you and your family to find joy in the great plan of happiness that you know so well! Sister Monson is an inspiration to us and will continue to be, and your children and grandchildren are so blessed to have her for their very own!

Much love to you all!

Centerfield Sanpete, UT

Said to hear about it! My condelences to President Monson and his loved ones!

escalon, CA

The miss never goes away.But take solice in knowing she's in paradise.Sorry for your loss. God bless you !!!

Choctaw, OK

What an elect lady. I know you will miss her, but I also know that the Gospel makes everything so clear and bearable. We love the Monson family.

Riverton, UT

It is sad to hear of Sister Monson's passing. She has undoubtedly lived a life of great dedication and sacrifice for the gospel, and given a great deal of support to her husband. I will pray for the Monson family.

Pleasanton, CA

I am so very sorry for President Monson's loss. May the Lord give him peace and strength. Sister Monson will be lovingly waiting for him in paradise.

Cheney, WA

President Monson loves his wife so much. Theirs is truly a forever relationship. They have weathered earth life together, they will weather death and they will enjoy eternal happiness and joy in time to come. Comfort and tender regards from a widow to this wonderful church leader and widower. I will pray for your comfort and the love of family and friends to help sustain you. Thank you for all you do to lead the Church even in these times of personal loss and tragedy. I'm sure the Savior must love you so much for your sacrifice and service. I do too.

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