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Parent of victim says she knew of 'imperfections' at Sandy Hook Elementary

Published: Thursday, May 16 2013 10:20 p.m. MDT

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Vincentown, NJ

After the Sandy Hook massacre, our son's middle school female teacher announced to the class. "Just so you all know, I carry (with a CCW permit, and so do at least 6 other teachers and staff at this school." The class cheered. Why would they cheer? Because it let the kids know that someone had the will, the skill, and the tools to protect them in case a gunman breached the outer security. Utah has had this policy in place for 10 years, and no problems with it. Gunmen and criminals look for weakness and vulnerability. Obviously. Good for these parents.

USS Enterprise, UT

If they want more security, get rid of the "Gun Free Zones" around the school. Replace it with "Our staff is trained and armed". Crazies will avoid the hardened targets, and will move along to the soft targets that proudly proclaim "No guns here".

Salt Lake City, UT

[If they want more security, get rid of the "Gun Free Zones" around the school. Replace it with "Our staff is trained and armed".]

Absurd... there's a reason why Sandy Hook shocked everyone and that's because that type of shooting was so incredibly rare, despite the thousands of gun free elementary schools we have across the nation. Statistically a gun is more likely to be used on someone (intentionally or not) living in the home in which the gun resides than used on anyone else. So let's create an environment in schools where accidents are more likely... that's your solution?

USS Enterprise, UT

To "atl134" actually that type of shooting is common in Gun Free Zones. Think about all of the really big shootings in the past 10 years. All were in gun free zones.

Layton, UT

The whole argument has one flaw. What about recess? All a crazed killer would need to do is start shooting at the playground climbing equipment and the students playing on the blacktop.
Although I strongly agree with having better security in the schools, sometimes bad things happen to good people.

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