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Published: Friday, May 17 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Othello, WA

But Goerge, apparently you didn't get the message, mr. bho said he didn't know about all these things! I know, I know, that excuse is getting a little old and overused, but honest...that is what he said!
Not really a shocker here! Most of us who refuse to get caught up in worshiping this guy, or have some phony since of performing a sort of do-good, make-up for all past evils action by blindly supporting this liar of a president, have realized for years what a bag of empty promises and ability he really is. At least one thing will never change, bho will always love listening to himself ramble on and on, no matter how many lies he tells. I am betting that now Carter isn't the only previous president who wakes up and thanks the Lord above each day, that the nation has picked a president worse then himself. Now bubba bill clinton can be thankful that the nation has a president who tells more lies then he did!

Far East USA, SC

"The goal was to damage the public image of Mitt Romney, his record and capability and prejudicially misrepresent the performance of the Obama administration in domestic and international affairs."

Is that not the goal and strategy in most presidential races?

Hate to break it to you George, but unfortunately, that's politics.

So, the Obama campaign told untruths? Big Surprise.
Let me guess. You think Romney did not?

Politics is sleazy business.
But if you don't think that both sides play the exact same game, you are confused.

Partisans can only see the other sides lies and tactics.

Now, lets get on to more pressing issues. We have to prepare for the 37th useless vote on repealing Obamacare.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

For once I agree with JoeBlow,

He admitted that politics is "sleezy". I'll meet Joe half-way. I agree wholeheartedly that the way Obama conducts politics is "sleezy".

One of the finest Presidents to ever hold office set the example. Harry Truman's sign said, "The Buck Stops Here". He did what he thought needed to be done - and then he took the heat for doing it. Obama throws anyone under the bus whenever anyone questions his involvement in anything. He refuses to say whether he ate oatmeal or eggs for breakfast until he's shown the morning polls.



Spying on the press.

Fast and Furious.

Hillary Clinton.

Susan Rice.

Eric Holder.

Bill Ayers.

Tim Geithner.

Look at Obama's "friends". Where are they now?

Look at his deception. Can anyone see the "pattern"? Can anyone see his character being revealed? Does anyone wonder why Obama has such a "poor memory" for facts when confronted with the actions of his administration?

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Is the government "really" that much "more" corrupt than before? Or is 1 political party and it's media just making a big deal out of little/non-existent things?

Birthers? Obama's transcripts? Benghazi?

If only repubs held the President from 2000-08 to the same standard...

Hayden, ID

@ Real Maverick. I fear your ideology has blinded you to reality! Why do you demand so much from Republican leaders (GWB, whom you obviously hate) but so very, very little from Obama (for whom you constantly apologize)? How about being consistent?

New York, NY

I am not sure you should be calling others deceptive mike j white.

New York, NY

So I have to wonder how Romney feels about always being made out to be such a helpless victim.

Kent C. DeForrest
Provo, UT

I happened to keep track of the lie trackers (fact checkers) during the last presidential. Yes, Obama and his team told some lies. But they were far outpaced by Romney, a whopper generator of substantial stature, who, not surprisingly, was left in the dust by some of his fellow Republican primary contestants (such as Bachmann). The best of the bunch (in terms of telling the truth) was our own Jon Huntsman, which is probably why he fared so poorly.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

I think I can summarize the author George's letter: "Like all loyal Americans, I hate Obama. My guy lost the election, and I'm still busted up over that. I will console myself, however, by squealing with glee over the headlines of the last two weeks."

Does that about cover it?

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

After the GOP White House connived us into an immoral war to benefit their oil cronies, after 4000 Americans were killed and tens of thousands of innocents, and 30000 Americans maimed; after the GOP looked the other way while Wall Street destroyed our economy -- after all this, you'll excuse me if I find this phony GOP outrage ridiculous. Obama is an intelligent, well-intentioned person who has brought back our economy and made it possible for every American to get health care -- despite the bloviating obstructionists from the right. I say God bless him.

L White
Springville, UT

Oh my goodness, George. Are you having another bad day?

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

What's the first thing that a liberal does when his beloved Obama was found with his hand in the cookie jar, why, he tries to divert attention. He pretends that Obama is not the President, that Obama has not been the President for 4-1/2 years and that Obama will never be the President (at least whenever anyone ever mentions another deception coming out of the White House).

Why did Obama's administration tell us that a "movie" caused "spontaneous" riots in Bengahzi, when Obama and staff watched that terrorist attack from the White House? Deception? What would you call it?

Why did Obama's administration spy on the newsmedia and then try to cover that up?

What would happen in Utah if the Deserest News were caught violating the 4th Amendment rights of its readers and spied on them without a signed warrant from a judge? How fast would the Deseret News be shut down? How fast would the DN fire someone if that employee violated the trust placed in him/her by his employer and used technology to spy on people the way that the Obama administration abused their authority?

Should Obama's administration be exempt?

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I had such high hopes in 2008. Obama had pomised so many things (his unique ability to solve America's interracial problems, end the partisan "Washington as usual" attitude in DC, fix the economy and unemployment, close Guantanimo, end the wars in months, make terrorists into friends, make Europe like us again, etc)....

I especially thought he would be able to talk turkey with the NAACP and the Jessie Jackson's of the world, and bring us all together. That has been my BIGGEST disapointment. NOTHING has changed on that front. And it doesn't even seem like he's TRIED to do anything except increase the divide on that front. Think about it... every time he's had a chance to address racial tension he's stuck his foot in his mouth.

He didn't promise much the second time around. Pretty much bailed on his promise to change Washington (saying it can't be done from inside Washington). Admitted that it takes longer than he thought to end the wars (signing agreement committing US troops in Afganistan till 2024). US troops in Libia, Pakistan, Africa (next is Syria, Iran, and North Korea).

Now the government scandals... I'm disapointed.

Lew Scannon
Provo, UT


"I fear your ideology has blinded you to reality!"

Now there's a case of the Martian calling the Hulk green.

Sandy, UT

Mike Richards, not a single thing you listed is legit. You have all made it up as you go and now CBS has identified misquoted emails on Benghazi from your friend and Issa protégé Chaffetz. Obama's mistakes primarily is not telling the derelicts in Congress to shove it. They and you have spent 4 years trying to create a coup de tat on a Constitutionally elected government, which is unlike the previous administration. The IRS investigates tax cheats and you scream that the Karl Rove's criminal behavior is being treated unjustly. Get serious. Susan Rice is no scandal. Where were you when Bush ignored warnings of 9/11, hiding in Hicksville praying for a war? We can disagree on issues but to bring the federal government to a screeching halt is treasonous and when we mention impeachment it starts with McConnell and Boehner, not to mention Issa is the only convicted criminal in Congress. Of course the others haven't been convicted yet.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Mike Richards:

You say "What would happen in Utah if the Deserest [sic] News were caught violating the 4th Amendment rights of its readers and spied on them without a signed warrant from a judge?"

For someone who claims to be a Constitutional expert, you of all people should know that the 4th Amendment is a restriction on the government's ability to conduct search and seizure. It does not apply to a private entity such as the Deseret News. Or did you think the DN has the power to obtain warrants? Or that the DN IS the government?

Sheesh. Please take a basic course in constitutional law.

New York, NY

Really mike?

L White
Springville, UT

Well, Mr. J1,

Is the Deseret News lying about Bengahzi? Is the Deseret News lying about the I.R.S.? Is the Deseret News lying about the news media that abused?

When you call someone a liar when everything he posted about was found in the Deseret News, then you are calling the Deseret News dishonest and you are calling the writers and editors who work for the Deseret News dishonest.

Is that what you really meant to say?

All of the apologies and back-peddling that Obama has done since the hearings began contradict what you are saying.

I am beginning to think that some liberals have heard lies so long that they have trouble telling fact from fiction.

The Deseret News is too good of a newspaper with too good of management and edititors for me to sit still and have you tell us that the news that they have printed is all a lie.


@L White

"I am beginning to think that some liberals have heard lies so long that they have trouble telling fact from fiction."

No we actually still know when you are lying to us Mike but your belief that we don’t know the diference would explain why you try the things you do.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

When we elect businessmen to government we should expect them to continue their attitude toward deception because deception is a way of life for them.

Businessmen deceive the public simply as a part of business. Advertising is mostly deception to give the product qualities and quantities that the product may not quite measure up to. And while it is wrong, they insist on the right to thrust their advertising in our neighborhoods, along the roads, and if every media of news and entertainment.

Your subliminal being is attacked by sights, sounds and smells, some of which you might not even be aware of. Topping if off is the lure of the beautiful girl, or guy, suggesting that …

They have people working to find the ways to overcome your reluctance to buy their product. Special schools exist to teach them the art of deception. And there are probably schools that teach them how to control your vote.

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