UN: Eat more insects; good for you, good for world

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  • JWB Kaysville, UT
    May 13, 2013 9:44 a.m.

    When we lived in the Philippines in the 1970-80s, the people would still go out at night and catch rice bugs. They learned to eat them during WWII when their captors wouldn't allow them the normal food while starving.

    Crickets were better food for the sea gulls in Utah and the real food was better to eat. In survival training we were taught how to eat ants, get the sugar part from ants and eat grasshoppers without their legs. The legs had barbs and would stick in your throat and gag or even worse. If you didn't want the bad guys to find you, you wouldn't even want to make noise that would cause. Cashews are the stems on the bottom of a fruit. The people would eat the fruit but not the cashew and it was toxic if it wasn't cooked, one way or another. They were over the ground when I lived in Central and South America. Now, they aren't wasted as money can be made on cashews and not just the fruit.

    I remember a worm on our pizza and the owner just took the pizza out and took the worm off.