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Published: Monday, May 20 2013 9:40 p.m. MDT

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Kyasville, utah

Laytons won 9 of 10! BUT AGAINST WHO?
Syracuse has won 9 in a row!
Weber(6-15) and northridge(0-20) this year...

As opposed to Lehi?? 4-20...

South Jordan, UT

Ok baseballobserver!

here Ill make it simple for you!

This year, NO REGION 1 WONT BE A FACTOR! Did two teams won 2 first round games! YES!
Did region 1 also get to play against Region 2 teams first round YES!
In the last 10 years has Layton gone farther then this year? NO!
Why do you think because 2 games, they still have a very good chance? Ive seen Harrop and thats nothing special from facing OTTESON,Riverton has the best starting rotation this year.

No I dont have any reason to be affraid of Region 1 teams!

Bingham is still coached by Joe Sato, the best coach in 5A!
Riverton is maybe the best team, but Applegate will figure out how to not win another state title with a goooooood riverton baseball team!

They just won 4 games in a row by 4 total runs! ha They are survivin!

But no I dont look at Layton, as a state championship team!
OR syracuse, both teams dont hit very well.
Bingham has to hit well, if they hit well, its there tourney to lose! Ask all the coaches!

Bingham and Riverton will be prepared on tuesday !

Kyasville, utah


You were wrong in your first sentence. Region 1 is already a factor, having knocked A.F. and P.G. into the losers bracket. Of the 4 teams in the winners bracket, 2 are from Region 1. How is that not being a factor? Being a factor doesn't mean you have to win it all. It means making a difference in the outcome of the playoffs. And with AF having to now go through the losers bracket, that makes a difference.

Nobody said you had to be afraid of anyone. Why is it so hard to understand the concept of a team having a "chance" to win?

You're so busy wearing your Bingham glasses that you simply can't appreciate the talent that exists outside your own backyard.

Joey Sato is a great coach, Riverton is a great team. So is the Oklahoma City Thunder. There is no runaway team this year. Why become so offended if someone doesn't want to rubber stamp the Bingham Miners as state champs. If it were up to you, Boise State would have never played in a BCS game, because they didn't come out of the right conference.

South Jordan, UT


Im just reallllly trying to GET YOU, just you to understand that no one north of Bountiful is EVER going to have to worry about REGION 1 BASEBALL! even if you win a few games, this is baseball the greatest game in the world, where yes anyone can win!

Its not being a factor, because AF AND PG, both got worked by Bingham and Riverton!

Bingham and riverton were the #1 AND 2 in 5A! Both are still right there, and Bingham baseball, is Bingham baseball, this team gets told alot, dont let it get to your head, last years team with LAIL and Williams and they got outted early, that will not happen this tuesday!

I hope the CUSE and LANCERS can get fans to UVU to watch both teams lose on tuesday! and Ill be sitting right behind home platE! what color should I wear, so we can talk, because sounds like you know what your talk about !

Region 1 has won games in the tournament before.. thats not what I m saying!

A factor is being alive on Friday! Which I know, region 1 wont be!

Thats all Im saying!

Everyteamhasachance! NiceArgument!

Whatmoreyou got?

South Jordan, UT

Already a factor!

ha, you win 2 games in the tournament, and you think it gives people fear, ha again Bingham is coached so well, that They wont allow for a lose to Syracuse tuesday! I know the CUSE wont score more then 2 off tavonatti.

But the Miners need to hit, because thats how the CUSE win games, small ball, strikes, and team D. Which is how Bingham is, but has more hitting then anyone else this year!

with that being said.... These players now days in HS baseball get screwed.

These bbcor bats are the biggest joke, there worse in my opinion then a wood bat.
I dont think any one has more then maybe 5 bombs this year. If Im wrong I would love to hear baout whos hittin them.

These bats stink! Thats why pitching can win titles now days because the bats, dont help at all. Might as well go wood batt.

But enough from me for the day! I cant argue with REGION 1 GUYS, because its just comes down to 0 STATE BASEBALL TITLES!

no football titles since 2004 davis
no basketball titles since 2005 fremont!

Thats a longggggggggggggggggggg time Region 1

Kyasville, utah


Ma'am, I would love to continue to debate this with you, but clearly the extend of your argument is to repeat the same thing over and over again, while occasionally leaving the caps lock on for some type of effect.

To your next question:

5A homerun leaders this year;

Bronson Larsen - Davis 9
Colton Shaver - Jordan 9
Jared White - Riverton 7
Jackson Peacock - Davis 6
Zac Fuller - Davis 5

It's been great chatting with you. Come back on when you know something.

In the meatime, watch out for Taylorsville! ha ha!!

Clinton/Davis, UT

I saw Bingham play the cuse this spring and they beat the cuse 2-1. The Cuse also beat Riverton at the cuse this year as well 1-0. Binghamalum I think your still embarrassed that the Cuse beat your 8 D-1 football team this last fall.

Germantown, MD

re goaggies
And Syracuse beat Bingham without it's starting quarterback. Jordan took advantage. Bingham didn't.

Draper/USA, UT

To InterestedObserver

Summit Academy High School address is 14942 S 560 W, Bluffdale, UT 84065

They don't have a field yet. That is projected for next year. Till then they play games at West Ridge.

Go Bears!!!!!!!

south jordan, utah


The reason I chuckle is that there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of to be a high school mid-80 pitcher, but because they hit the mark once or just rounded up they become a 90 guy. Tavanotti has a mid-80 fastball, but doesn't get to the 90's (at least not yet)and is effective if he keeps the ball down. When it's up...that's a different story. D.G. will most certainly improve his strength at SLCC next season...not Dixie. Lund and White can get to 90 but are like a box of chocolates in their pitching careers right now. BYU / U of U will get it straighten out I'm sure. Ottensen is the darling since last tournament, and has pitched well enough again this year. He's a legit 90 guy too... who knows maybe after his mission he ends up with Gates and Lund at BYU.

Provo, UT

I think Snyder of Salem Hills hit 11 bombs in the regular season...

But the bats have killed the offense that's for sure.

Provo, UT

Mayer of Westlake might be the best pitcher in the state though Riley Gates of Snow Canyon is awfully good as well

South Jordan, UT


5 2 for bingham
3 0 for riverton

Won't be surprised if Cottonwood and AF tomorrow beat the Cuse and LAyton!

Nuff said, like I said, never scared of Region 1

But that being said... much respect for the progress the Lancers have made, and the Cuse continuing there improvement these were no easy games for the region 4 big boys, but you face the #1 from these two schools there both better then any region 1 pitcher. I liked the way the region 1 boys played and nothin but respect for there efforts.. both could win it....
So ill eat my words because they were both good teams!

Common miners! Beat the silverwolves Thursday!

Ogden, UT

Common Miners?? I think you meant to write "Come on Miners!" Common Miners doesn't make any sense in the context which you wrote it.

south jordan, utah

Pretty fun baseball yesterday. I saw the first game of the day where AF downed CH. CH was scrappy but just didn't have the guns to handle the Cavemen down the stretch. Alta once again booted their way out of the tournament. They've kicked around pretty consistently this year, so no surprise it happened yesterday. Cottonwood has it rolling right now. They have a team that under-achieved this season, so watch out because the bats are alive! Jaxon Jourdan is the real deal. He was throwing hard for the first 4 innings but tired as the game progressed. The game was closer than it appears, but Chase Tavanotti never let up on them. Riverton just did what they have done all year...they pitched well, and played solid defense. If they string a few hits together tomorrow could be lots of fun to watch. Can't get to the park today, so best of luck boys.

Kyasville, utah


You are right about Snyder. However the question was regarding homerun leaders in 5A, of which Snyder would not be included. However he does lead the state. I think I would still take Bronson Larsen as the best hitter in the state. 9 HRS, and 13 Doubles, vs. 12 Home runs and 5 doubles. You can't go wrong with either guy, and there others that could be mentioned as well.

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