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Published: Monday, May 20 2013 9:40 p.m. MDT

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Highland, UT

Heading up to the AF/Syracuse game in a couple of hours. The AF/Alta game yesterday was a good one although the score makes it look closer than it was. AF jumped out on them and cruised in with the win. I think AF wins today as well to set up a rematch with Riverton who I think is the best team in the state. That said it is close, Riverton would not be more than a very narrow favorite over AF in my opninion and if Otteson is on the mound they are even.

Kyasville, utah


Looks like you don't watch much baseball. Region 1 has been very good this year, and the playoffs are no exception. Syracuse over A.F., Davis let one go in the 7th to lose to Riverton 3-2 at Riverton. Layton in the winners bracket after beating P.G.

someone is not paying attention.

Raymond, 00


You're also forgetting that it took Layton 10 innings to put down the #4 seed in region 4.

Going yard

Anyone see the 4A matchup Westlake at Salem Hills? Great pitchers duel but my guess is Salem Hills is thanking there lucky stars..... Jake Mayer is legit. Allowed just 2 hits to a great hitting team and no hits after the first....

Kyasville, utah


And your forgetting that that many have gone out of their way to convince people that because of the vast superiority of Region 4, that their 4th place finisher could have won region 1. If fact it was said that AF would go undeafeated in Region 1. My point, simply put was, there is more parity between regions that some would like to admit.

South Jordan, UT

baseball observer..
comes out talkin when all of a sudden region 1 wins a couple games!

We keep saying region 4 is the power in baseball for a reason.
Lone Peak, Bingham, AF all have won the last 3 5A titles

Congrats are due for Layoton and Syracuse on there 2 wins in the tourney.

But neither wil win against Riverton or Bingham!

You now have to face there aces who both will be better then what you've faced all year.
Bingham will notttttttt overlook Syracuse this year, and come out ready to play.
They just playd the worst TVILLE team ive seen in maybe 20 years. It wasn't close at all...
Tavonatti is 7-0 he will be ready to go, 88-90 is a wholelot better then anything you've seen this year.

oh and one more stat for ya....
since 5A started, REGION 1,,,,,,,,,, 0 state baseball titles, 0 runner ups
That's why still no one is worried.

Kyasville, utah


Keep drinking the kool-aid. Riverton is lucky to still be in the winners bracket. You can put your "stats" in your pocket. I'm not talking about last year, or 3 years ago. I'm talking about this year. As one who has seen Bingham, Riverton, A.F., P.G., Davis, Layton, Syracuse, Cottonwood, Alta, all play this year, in person, I can tell you that unlike some, I don't simply open the paper, read a couple of stats, and form an opinion based on something someone else said. There is NOT the gap between Region 4, and the rest of the state this year, that you would like to think exists. And..don't even get me started on open enrollment..

Watch a couple of other teams play, then formulate an EDUCATED opinion.

Kyasville, utah

BTW, Binghamalum... This was your quote "Tville is going to be the only.... ONLY other team to worry about this year".

Seriously, did you even see Taylorsville play this year? You can only have credibility if you actually watch the games.

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

As I looked at State Championships, the teams in Region 1 are not known for baseball. Region 4 is. Admittedly, some schools (e.g. Bingham, Davis, American Fork, Lehi, Weber, Pleasant Grove) have been around for a long time and some have not (e.g. Syracuse and Riverton). The teams in Region 1 have won 3 state titles ever (Davis-2, Weber-1). That is the same number that Pleasant Grove (3) has and the same number that Lone Peak (3) has, and 10% of the 30 shared by Lehi (2), American Fork (8), and Bingham (20).

Not saying anything by this other than that the teams presently in Region 4 have a much stronger baseball tradition than the teams presently in Region 1. Maybe this will be the year for Syracuse or Layton, or Riverton. BTW, before you light me up, look where I live.

Kyasville, utah


You are absolutely correct. History has shown that the teams you mentioned have been great baseball schools. As a graduate (and former player) of Alta High, I have seen the teams in the South end of the valley play at a high lever for years. However, that being said, There are those that think that past history automatically dictates who should semarily be dismissed from consideration, and accounts for no variable that a team (or region) can have a reasonable chance of showing well, from time to time.

The fact is, as you mentioned, that teams from the North rarely win the state title, does not mean that can never happen, or ever will happen, as has been suggested by others on this site.

Think about this, when in the last ten years, has Layton had as much pitching depth as they have this year? Harrop, Trujillo, Kincade.. How can anyone who watches baseball, and who has watched Layton THIS year, not feel like they have a chance to win everytime they step on the field?

I would also take Jourdan, Cobabe, and Johnson over anyone elses top 3 pitchers in the state, including Riverton.

south jordan, utah

You have to just absolutely love this game. You can hit the ball on the screws all day long and still lose with a bloop single, passed ball, a balk or even a bases loaded walk! I too have watched many baseball teams this season (all of region 4, four teams in regions 3, and two in each of region 1 & 2). That being said, regions 3 and 4 seem to be better this season as a whole from top to bottom than the other two, but I agree that region 1's top three teams would fair pretty well in 3 or 4. I certainly believe that in 5A there has been less dominate pitching this year than last. I get a chuckle when I hear the 90 mph mentioned in the papers or by the fans. That is really not the case this year. Yes, a couple have hit the mark sometime during the season, but not consistently by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, the better pitching performances have been by pitchers that know how to locate and have multiple pitches.

South Jordan, UT

Oh baseballobserver.

I keep sayin this for a reason, I have watched games all year long! I ever helped scout both syracuse and Layton for Bingham, so your right I have no clue what Im talking about.

Why should I not go in the past????

Pleaseeeee remind me what team even reached the final day from Region 1 in the last 15 years.... oh thats right none!

DID YOU REALLY JUST say your layton boys would be good enough against rivertons 3 and binghams 3???

I told you I gave props to Davis, Syracuse, Layton for showing up so far in the tourney.But from the Pitching Ive seen from both the CUSE and Layton is nothing better then the top pitchers from Riverton and Bingham!

It doesnt matter how you win! Riverton clearly won both games, yes in extras!
But my picks are still either bingham or riverton!

Tavonatti is going to dixie next year! hes 7-1
Brennon Lund headed to BYU, Is 5-1 with 11 doubles, 5 triples.
Jacob druce is signed at Mesa State next year,

Ill be there tuesday at UVU ill gladly sit with any one of you!
Bingham gunning for 21st statechampionship

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT


For the record, I was only trying to make the point that Region 4 teams are much richer in tradition and nothing more (I don't think you were implying I was saying otherwise). I know kids who play for both Syracuse and Layton, and I am an alum of Bingham. I played basketball for coach Sato (of Bingham - I was not a good enough baseball player to be on those back-to-back state champions in 84 and 85) and went to school with coach Applegate (of Riverton). I just love the game. That said, I hope that one of the 4 undefeated teams left win it simply because of association. But how can you not love baseball!!

BTW, I still think the tiebreaker that region 1 used to give Syracues the #1 seed sucks.

South Jordan, UT

GSO DIRT.... why do you get a chuckle??
Binghams one and two both throsw 86-90!
Lund was 87 vs tville all day yesterday, topped at 90!
Tavonatti was throwing 87 and at the knees vs Cottonwood.

But Im stoked for next week! Im still not affraid of Region 1, and never ever will be!

Layton won in 10 innings against PG, WHO both riverton and bingham both swept, and you won at HOME!

Syracause kept AF off balance all day, two games, two shutouts thats impressive!
There head coach is a stud, and he gets his boys to play with the baseball academy, and know the right way of playing. He has turned them into a solid bunch. Just to bad northern utah baseball is a JOKE!
Mtn crest was good for many years, but thats it!

Both games get played in UT county it might be different, but still.... its the playoffs! show up AF and PG.

Still excited that state is back to UVU, not this SLCC crap anymore!

Laytons won 9 of 10! BUT AGAINST WHO?
Syracuse has won 9 in a row!
Weber(6-15) and northridge(0-20) this year...

south jordan, utah

I do think the Syracuse has three fine pitchers. That is generally not the case up north because they have stuck with 2 game region games which really doesn't force the development in that Friday starter spot. By doing that it does hurt them come tournament time if they end up in the 1 loss bracket. I wouldn't go so far and say though that I would take them over Bingham's Lund, Tavonatti, Stout or even Estey; Layton's Harrop, Greenhalgh or Trujillo; Riverton's Draper, White, Barton and Dixon for that matter. Ottesen, Hardman and Pitcher have also had pretty good seasons too in region 4. Jordan only really has two with Gomez and Shaver.

Riverton did win in 8 against CH, and in the bottom of the 7th against Davis, but I think at this point I'd personally take "lucky" any day in the tournament that keeps me in the winners bracket.

Kyasville, utah


I love your passion, as misguided as it is. This is why it is so hard to take you serious. You said, "Tville is going to be the only.... ONLY other team to worry about this year" Then you said "They just playd the worst TVILLE team ive seen in maybe 20 years" Then this gem "American Fork, who would of gone undefeated in Region 1" Even though they have lost to Syracuse twice this season.

Then there was this. "Region 1... Never has been, and never will be a factor. Region1, 0 baseball state titles in 5A!

My point (which you still fail to grasp) is that Region 1, this year, will be a factor. Perhaps this is due to lack of reading comprehension on the part of the reader. I said "Think about this, when in the last ten years, has Layton had as much pitching depth as they have this year? Harrop, Trujillo, Kincade.. How can anyone who watches baseball, and who has watched Layton THIS year, not feel like they have a chance to win everytime they step on the field? Did I mention any other team in this sentence?

Kyasville, utah


I did say that I would take Cobabe, Jourdan, and Johnson, over any other top 3 rotation. in the state. There are other great ones to be sure, although I saw White throw yesterday, and I didn't think he was any better than the Hall kid that Davis threw. As GSODirt pointed out, there are a number of good rotations out there. However he knew that I was referring to Syracuse's rotation, not Laytons when I said this, which gives him more credibilty than you, who thought is was Laytons rotation, even though you "scouted" them for Bingham. Are you sure you went to the right field?

Kyasville, utah

BTW, do you really want to play this game?

"Layton won in 10 innings against PG, WHO both riverton and bingham both swept, and you won at HOME!"

Based on that we can say that Layton split with Syracuse, while Syracuse swept A.F...Does this make Layton better than A.F.? If you're going to come to the big boy table, take off the bib.

Kyasville, utah


FWIW, I think Coach Sato is one of, if not the best baseball coach in the state. My point around Syracuse top 3 was, in part an echo of a comment you made earlier, that there are fewer "pitchers" this year as opposed to throwers. The names you mentioned are all great pitchers and staffs. Although in my opinion, J.White will have to develope a better offspeed pitch to do well at the next level. (Utah I believe) Maybe I saw an off game, but he threw hard (85-86) but had trouble locating most of the night. That is something that Syracuse does really well. Johnson(Syracuse) is primarily a fastball guy, but owns the corners.

Kyasville, utah


"Riverton did win in 8 against CH, and in the bottom of the 7th against Davis, but I think at this point I'd personally take "lucky" any day in the tournament that keeps me in the winners bracket."

Touche!! The Davis/Riverton game was a great one. Riverton made one more play than Davis did. With everyone able to reset their rotations for next week, it should be a lot of fun to watch.

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