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Published: Wednesday, May 1 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Durham, NC

"Some conservative Republicans — convinced that the only duty of an opposition party is to oppose — seem pleased with this turn of events. They would urge their party to finish the job by killing immigration reform and halting budget negotiations.

This approach lacks only one element: an actual strategy."

And tbat about sums it up. To many Americans, ever many conservatives, the Republican party has become just about doing nothing, maintaining the status quo. They provide little to vote for... rather a vote for a Republican is a vote for someone who will vote no.

To many, this is enough. But when the country is in search of "leadership", this falls way short of what will propel the party into something the people view as making America competitive for the next 100 years.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Too bad Mr. Gerson holds a minority view within the Republican party.

Saint George, UT

Just a note: A nation divided against itself cannot stand. Although many would have you believe that it is about Democrat versus Republican, it is not. It is about God and his principles versus anything that takes our nation away from Him. The Democrats and Republicans will continue to squabble and vilify there opponents, while ordinary, freedom loving, God-fearing Americans will forge ahead promoting policies that support goodness, God, marriage, family, work, Constitutional principles and thrift. That mantle to do so will come not from a party, but will shape the party that wants to lead. I guess we will see which one wants to do so? If it isn't obvious now, it will never be so, that what has come across as 'leadership' is not leadership at all. Both parties have failed the American people, or should I say, both parties have done exactly what their constituents wanted! Perhaps they are ready for a change.

The Hammer
lehi, utah

Although i agree with the premise, His suggestions for fixing the problem are bad ideas. The Gun legislation was one of those peices that crosses line as far as principle. Republicans Should never vote to put more power in the hands of the executive and they should be appalled about executive orders. Immigration is an area that the republicans need some sense knocked into them and if this last election wasn't proof enough just wait until all of these illegals have children in the US who with US citizenship grow up and start voting. THEY WILL VOTE OUT ALL CONSERVATIVES and the republican party won't have a leg to stand on at that point. The hispanic vote just needs to show up in numbers in places like texas and Arizona and the Republican party will be finished.

HS Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Those that don't learn from history are likely to repeat it. The GOP will not win a Presidental election until it embraces some moderate positions and supports mainstream candidates. Does anyone actually believe Dwight Eisenhowser or Teddy Roosevelt would even consider themselves Reepublicans in this day and age? Highly unlikely. Just ask those under 30 what their perception is of the GOP and they'll tell you rich, white, religous people who only care about people like themselves.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Reagan's BIG tent GOP is not even a pup tent anymore.
It's more like a tattered handkerchief with a large hole in it.

Women, Minorities, Old People, Young People, Unions workers, Gays, Federal Employees, Enviromentalists, and else with a dog in the fight is left completely out of the GOP.
In fact - they are even deemed the "enemies" by the GOP.

Good luck winning ANYTHING with an attitude like that.

America is great because of it's diversity.
It is the great melting pot.
Everyone is equal, everyone is valued, everyone is needed.

The GOP and it's ZERO tolerence, and NO compromising is the anti-thesis to everything that makes America great.

Good riddance.

New York, NY

I have to admit I expected the same old, same old, I am pleased to see at least one person that seems to understand that it’s not that the American people do not understand the conservative point of view but rather that that view no longer speaks to the American people. You do not have to become liberals but it is time to face the modern reality of your electorate if you wish to remain relevant.

Saint George, UT

LDS Liberal: Look around your neighborhood. Do you wander around your neighborhood singling out 'women, minorities, old people, young people, union workers, gays, federal employees, environmentalists...' and raising the flag of equality, interviewing each to find out where they have been hurt, wounded, offended, or denigrated, and then pull them all together to try and fix the problem. No, you don't, because you would all be looking at each other. Any efforts to pull together special interests groups would turn into a dog fight with all being the loser in the end. This nation is a neighborhood, but my vision of a neighborhood thrives on the diversity being a strength rather a weakness. I don't need to divide my neighborhood into independent parties to show how different I am. That is already assumed. What does bring me together are the ways in which I can serve and support each another as each makes his/her own journey, the way God intended. God has given to us all or own path, and supporting my neighbor without dividing the neighborhood into individual groups is counterproductive to unity and love. Which neighborhood do you live? Not mine!

Cedar Hills, UT

I hate to say it but I doubt there is anything the GOP can do to win elections anymore given the low information and hand out mentality of the majority of voters. America has fallen into a culture of lazy socialism and like the now bankrupt countries of western Europe who have found socialism to be a death sentence America will soon realize the same bleak future. Take cities like NY, LA, Chicago, Detroit and Phili ... these are nothing but stink holes of welfare and liberal socialism and they comprise a HUGE chunk of the electorate. Can the GOP do anything at all to attract people who just want free stuff?

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT


"...I hate to say it but I doubt there is anything the GOP can do to win elections anymore...".

The GOP will continue to do what it has always done to manipulate low information GOP voters in order to win elections.


First of all: the author of the article is a left-wing liberal that does nothing but cheerlead for Obama. Folks like him try to give the Republican party advice that isn't wanted or needed.

Second: Wait until the middle to upper middle class get their bill for "Obamacare" - they won't be happy. THEY get to pay for healthcare for all the illegals, the poor, and even some who aren't so poor.

Third: Its quite possible the Senate will be dominantly Republican after the 2014 elections. That will make the Obama agendas more and more unlikely.

I do agree however, that IF a new amnesty bill is passed, it most likely WILL end the Repub. party. They won't be able to recover.


Prime example of GOP focus, nevermind the majority of American voters:

"Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) revealed that some members of his party opposed expanding background checks for gun sales recently because they didn't want to "be seen helping the president."

The Hammer
lehi, utah

Amnesty won't kill the republican party, but being seen as a racist party will end our ability to win the presidency and maintain any hold on the senate for years to come. Amensty under Rubios bill would likely give conseravtives enough time to recruit in hispanic areas before they could vote which will likely nullify any gain democrats might get out of the issue. Politics is personal and if conservatives would reach out they would find welcoming arms. Most hispanics share family values with the republican party and if our party would focus on helping the family and stop kicking people out for not being 100% libertarian than we could actually change the face of our socialist direction and be more in line with our limited government ideals.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Saint George, UT
LDS Liberal: Look around your neighborhood. What does bring me together are the ways in which I can serve and support each another as each makes his/her own journey, the way God intended. God has given to us all or own path, and supporting my neighbor without dividing the neighborhood into individual groups is counterproductive to unity and love. Which neighborhood do you live? Not mine!

12:32 p.m. May 1, 2013



Then I know you regularly invite the poor, old, young, pot-smoking, NON-Mormon, illegal, unemployed, hispanic, black, asian, gay/lesbian, women, over to your house regulary -- since that is the neighborhood you claim to live in.

FYI - I was blessed to live in Seattle for 22 years, and that pretty much described MY neighborhood.
It's also what made me the "Liberal" I am today.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

To 1 conservative: Mr. Gerson was part of the Bush administration. He is an active Republican trying to help the Republican party.

To all conservatives complaining about socialism and liberal welfare policies: Let's pass a law that says that no state may get more in federal spending than it pays in federal taxes. That should solve the problem, right? Except that the big losers under that plan would be the southern states who tend to be the most conservative, the big winners would be the Northeastern liberal states.

It is liberals who pay for conservative welfare, not the other way around.

Hayden, ID

@ Roland Kayser. I hate to call you on your misinformation, again, but you are dead wrong about liberals paying for conservative welfare. Its actually just the opposite.
Washington DC has the highest per capita welfare recipients in the nation with Guam in second and California in 3rd place. Washington State is 4th. Mississippi is about 25th on the list and Utah is 49th. Please stop spreading falsehoods!

Ralph West Jordan
Taylorsville, UT

Sad to say that there is nothing Repubs can do at this point to win! Fact is they have lost the next generation of voters! Only hope is to let the crazies run their course then come back to the middle and start over! Republican are not going to see the white House for at least another 11 or 12 years, if then!

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

To Mountanman: The five states who pay the least in federal taxes in relation to what they get back from the federal government are: New Mexico, Mississippi, W. Virginia, Montana, and Alabama.

The five states that receive the least back from the feds in relation to the taxes they pay are: Delaware, Minnesota, Illinois, Connecticut, and New York.

Utah gets back more than we pay although we are closer to the middle of the pack. With the exception of New Mexico, it's pretty clear that it is the liberal states that support the conservative states, and New Mexico has been quite conservative until very recently.

Source: The Economist (not a part of the liberal media)

Hayden, ID

Roland.. Your numbers are meaningless! Of course states with the highest population will pay more taxes because there are more people in those state to pay taxes. What you are debating is baloney! PER CAPITA welfare spending is the only accurate measure and it totally refutes your claims.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

My figures are federal taxes paid versus federal spending in a state. It is a ratio, not a function of population. Look up the chart on the Economist's website. Also, the welfare program (TANF) only consumes 1/2 of 1% of federal spending, so that is completely irrelevant.

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