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Published: Sunday, April 28 2013 9:15 p.m. MDT

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terra nova
Park City, UT

So... a couple of guys with jobs AND insurance are hit by a semi. They get treatment but long-term care payments are unclear. The hospital stabilizes them and flies them home after finding a hospital there that will take them for long-term care. One is left to assumes that their American insurance will continue to pay in Mexico.

The news media reports this unusual story as a defacto deportation. That's good reporting and thought provoking. It is a difficult position for everyone involved.

With a few exceptions, the comments rail on illegals, welfare and bewail the end of their deeply beloved Wal-Mart HDTV McCulture, sound the alarm on healthcare's demise as well as the American way of life - all the while alluding to the Titanic and over-full lifeboats. What? No mention of the Andrea Doria? Three-mile Island? The Alamo?

Newsflash: The lifeboats are not full and America isn't the Titanic. Nor (unfortunately) is it the end of small-minded, redneck, paranoid-xenophobic citizens blathering on about their dearly held prejudices. The commentators graduated from government supported FREE public schools. Could healthcare work like schools? Can't we be compassionate AND wise?

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Here's what we do. When an American citizen is in need of health care abroad the US Embassy provides emergency funds for treatment. Then they settle up with the citizen.
So, where's the Mexican Embassy on this issue.
Pay the bill. Somebody's got to pay.
There are horror stories about illegal aliens getting FOUR liver transplants or having 12 babies on our dime.
AP needs to contact border hospitals like McAllen TX and hear about the free care given to people who deliberately come here for treatment.
As other have noted, the Deseret News likes to run the pity pieces but ignores the impact on our own people.


Recently I was in a hospital out-patient waiting room with my daughter for a test she needed. I won't name the hospital, except to say they had a emergency room. Waiting with us was a hispanic woman and her 2 kids. My appointment time came and went. I waited 2.5 hrs. and in that time I saw several hospital Drs. and technicians come and talk to the woman to tell her that "the test wasn't needed", and even if they did the test "they had no one to interpret the results" at the present time.
I heard various snippets of the conversation like that.

Long story short, based on what I overheard: the woman came in through the emergency room and DEMANDED her daughter receive both an MRI, and a CT scan. (approx 9600.00 of tests) The hospital didn't think it was needed but had no way to FORCIBLY remove the woman.
The hospital called me back the next day to apologize profusely, and I told them what I heard. They didn't deny what happened, so I'm sure I was correct in what I overheard.

I left without the test (pre-authorized) BTW.

Danish American
Payson, UT

"The commentators graduated from government supported FREE public schools. Could healthcare work like schools? Can't we be compassionate AND wise?" They may be "free" to parasites like you but I have spent thousands of dollars on the education system. There is no free. Someone, somewhere has to pay for it. I also know that illegals are abusing the school system, too. They come to register and they all know about free lunch, free dinner,etc. And you may think I'm a redneck for not supporting illegal aliens but since it is my tax dollars, I have that right.

nampa, ID

PLEASE....stop calling them "immigrants." It's an offense to me and my ancestors who came here LEGALLY! They are "illegal aliens" and should be sent home. So I see we are not getting any real news out of Deseret News. Am I surprised? No. You have succombed to the liberal pressure to become incorrectly, politically correct. No backbone.

Sioux City, IA

It's interesting to take note of what information was left out of this story.
1. What caused the accident with the truck?
2. What other injuries did they sustain beside being in a coma that may have affected their recovery?
3. What did the hospitals and care facilities in Mexico fail to do that would have left them in better shape after their rehabilitation?

As the story reads right now it gives the impression that Iowa Methodist did not spend enough money that someone else would have had to cover because they simply loaded them on a private plane with a medical team to care for them during transport and sent them home to a hospital in Mexico.
How long would it have taken for their family to obtain permission to travel to Iowa to be with them? How would they have paid their expenses while here and could they have paid the higher costs for rehab in the US?

Jazz Bass Man
Wellsville, Utah

Illegals are not "immigrants", and our country's economy simply cannot afford to take care of educating and paying for the cost of illegals who hop our border and sponge off our system anymore.

It's high time we the LEGAL citizens sent a message to Washington that we will not accept amnesty for illegals, and we cannot pay for people here illegally and their offspring.

Iowa, Iowa

If I stole a million dollars would you let me keep it because I can use it or return it to the owner?

Socail justice is a guise for communism. We all know how that worked out in every country in the world. Except that is for the power mongers.

Apo, AP

As a US physician living overseas, I'll tell you that other countries would do the same--they will either drop them on a military hospital which will send them back to the US, or charter a flight to the US (and give the bill to the patient).

There is nothing wrong with stabilizing a patient and sending them back to their country of citizenship for treatment. Simply living in another country doesn't give you the right to free healthcare when their own citizens have to pay for it.

Santa Clara, UT

When I read the story I wondered how they could deport an Immigrant. Then reading more I find that they are NOT Immigrants but illegal aliens. Deseret News and most of the media just can't get it straight. One more time=== Immigrants stand in line and get a visa to immigrate to the USA. These are historically known as IMMIGRANTS. Illegal migrants/aliens do not stand in line or go through the immigration process but merely sneak into the country, steal a ID and go to work and are known as illegal aliens/migrants or whatever the PC crowd wishes to call them. Viva LEGAL immigration.

Spanish Fork, UT

'Nor (unfortunately) is it the end of small-minded, redneck, paranoid-xenophobic citizens blathering on about their dearly held prejudices.'

Hmmm...when you don't have a real leg to stand on, just personally attack the messenger in an effort to disregard any valid point they may have, right? This is yet another example of a typical tactic used by the pro illegal crowd when their arguments can't hold up under the magnifying glass known as fact and reason.
What I find sad is when people choose to not inform themselves on the issues and instead blindly fall into the compassion barrel of kool-aid being fed to them by an agenda driven media.

Gainesville, TX

Terra Nova. Yes the life boat is full and yes I am a redneck and proud of it. It amazes me that "derogatory" names can be thrown about by the "sensitive" and "tolerant". The self righteous are the first to recoil in horror when the "N" word is used, but when it comes to those who disagree with you, you employ names such as "redneck", "hill-billy", cowboy, etc. with the intend to denigrate. This hypocrisy only indicates lack of character. Stick to the facts and forget about the name calling.

Santa Clara, UT

NEW EARTH (Port.) The life boats are full, we have had it up over our ears. Google Immigration Gumballs and you will get educated. Once again, Immigrants are immigrants, Illegals are illegal aliens/migrants. Viva LEGAL Immigration.

Gainesville, TX

Hunt said it better than I did. Thank, Hunt

bountiful, UT

part of immigration reform should include changing the laws that require hospitals to treat illegal immigrants.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

EMTALA was passed by Congress forbidding hospitals from barring treatment or releasing unstable patients.
But like all things Washington it became an unfunded mandate.
Hospitals in ethnic enclaves closed their doors because of charity care and unpaid bills from EMTALA.
And they weren't even close. The costs of EMTALA were $4 BILLION and the reimbursements were less than $600 million. (It's OK. Doctors are rich. They can pick up the slack. This is just another way to redistribute the wealth.)
In similar fashion SCAAP was created to reimburse prisons for housing illegal aliens. There's the mandate...and then there's the actual reimbursement.
Accounting never was government's forte.

Ft Thomas, KY

I'm curious as to why the deseret news serves up a steady flow of these stories about illegal immigrants who are in some kind of bind.
It feels like propaganda to try to encourage readers to become more accepting of illegal immigration. It feels as if they have been told by someone to "put a human face on the issue."
The other strange thing is that even though this comment of mine is civil and in compliance with the rules of this forum it will likely be censored and not posted. That has happened to me several times. Very disappointing.

Xenia, OH

If only more were. We have illegals all over the country demanding decades of dialysis, long term care, organ transplants, ongoing mental illness care. We can't afford to be the welfare office for the world. Anyone wanting to contribute their legally gotten gains is free to do so- go for it. Obama's illegal aliens aunt is still sucking funds. From illegally living in government subsidized housing to "legally" living there + receiving a "free to her" check, health care, utilities subsidizes.. End it yesterday.

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