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Published: Monday, April 29 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Demo Dave
Holladay, UT

Dear Mr. Bennett,

Even if humans weren’t a contributing factor in global warming, wouldn’t we be wise to reduce pollution and curb our human tendency for excessive material consumption and its subsequent disposal, slow the overuse of natural resources, limit our unchecked population growth, stop the destruction of ecosystems, wildlife and their habitats, drive fuel-efficient cars, live in smaller homes, understand that all resources are finite, and begin to realize that everything humans do has a negative effect on the Earth?

Even if humans weren’t a contributing factor in global warming, what would it hurt to act as if we were? I can only see good coming out of it.


Let me respond for Mr. Bennett.

History shows beyond a reasonable doubt that there is a direct correlation between the wealth of the nation and how well it takes care of the environment. Standard of living is also directly related to cost of energy. Measures that artificially increase the cost of energy also reduce the standard of living, and inevitably result in long-term harm to the environment in spite of the intentions of those who promote such a course.

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