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Published: Sunday, April 28 2013 7:40 p.m. MDT

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HS Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

I can hardly wait to hear the Tea Partiers rambling about what drove them to the polls.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

It is quite possible that the Obama machine, masters of the Chicago way, did indeed turn out a higher percentage of black voters.

Given the prolonged efforts of the Democrats to gut voter ID laws, simplify voter registration procedures to the point where fraudulent registration is ridiculously easy, and the documented efforts to register people and their pets, and documented cases of people voting multiple times, voter turnout information is nearly meaningless. It would not be at all surprising to discover that 110% of registered voters voted.

While high levels of voter turnout are something to cheer, one must ask if our country is well served when large numbers of people vote with no understanding of the issues or the candidates.

It has been said "Democracy cannot survived when people discover then can vote themselves the largesse from the public treasury." I fear we have reached that point, with their power being the very goal of the Obama machine.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

If there were any proof of voter fraud in 2012, we'd be hearing about it night and day from Fox and every radio screamer with a mic. Sub doesn't seem to realize that all the post 2010 election laws were intended to REDUCE voter turnout for specific, including non-white, populations. Once a person is registered, it should be easy to vote, not harder. The crack about "no understanding of the issues" really just means "disagrees with ME". And if largesse is going anywhere, it's to the Pentagon, paying for weapons the DOD doesn't even want. Hooray for voters of all kinds who dealt with the new hurdles and waited in lines for hours to vote. Shame on those whose goal is making voting harder.

Murray, UT

Last month it was the Hispanics that made the difference.

Danbury, CT

@DN Suscriber,

Instead of something sinister, why not just accept the fact that Obama inspired millions of his brothers and sisters to participate in democracy? I've seen so many offices and cubicles of young African Americans with pictures of President Obama. I'm happy he inspires them on to something great. Compared to what they had to put up with a few short years ago, this is progress for a significant portion of our society and lifts them out of a downward spiral. It benefits us all when one part of us feels inspired to take part in our country.

Jemez Springs, NM

Some would take this mobilization as a sign that our founders were right to curtail democracy, etc. But I say, 'three cheers for turning the election'.

Switzerland demonstrates the benefits and sustainability of true democracy. Given the choice between being ruled by lobbies or being ruled by ourselves, warts and all, the latter is looking better every day.

Saint Louis, MO

According to the U.S. census of 2010 (U.S. Census Bureau) with a population of 309.3 million, African-Americans 12.57%. Hispanics 16.4%, German 15.48%, Irish with Scotch-Irish 12.26%, English 8.38%, American (no ancestry) 6.46%, Italian 5.57%, Asian 4.76%, various other European groups 13.57%. The point is that it would appear that the "tail is wagging the dog". African-Americans make up 12.57% of the population while those of European ancestry make up 53.06%. If you add in Hispanics at 16.4% and Asians at 4.76%, you have a significant block which are traditional Democrats in the line of JFK. African-Americans have formed a coalition with radical liberals against the Republican Party and, as Mark Shields of PBS stated, there is a perceived empathy issue. European immigrants are traditionally labor and this large group is being mesmerized by the "smoke and mirrors" methods of entitlements for resdistribution of income by the current masters of the Democratic Party. Traditional Democrats have to reassert control. Bill Clinton even realized his responsibility.

Santa Monica, CA

Three cheers for a beloved and respected President, who brings people to the polls to fight against those who would curtail their ability to vote by every means possible. To those who sought to make voting lines longer and restrict early voting in hopes of (in effect) rebuffing the 24th amendment? You lost. Better said, you got it handed to you. Prepare to be on the wrong side of history for a long, long time. Or, better yet? Drop the bitterness and join the right team. This President is not perfect, but he is winning in a climate of obstruction and partisanship. When our nation rebounds from the disaster that was the arrogance of George W. Bush and the neo-cons, do you truly want to tell your grandchildren that you spent most of your life fighting for the 1%?

Murray, UT

@ Mark B
To date, 46 states have prosecuted or convicted cases of voter fraud.
There are over 1.8 million dead voters still eligible on the rolls across the country.
More than 2.75 million Americans are registered to vote in more than one state.
This year, True The Vote uncovered more than 348,000 dead people on the rolls in 27 states. ◦ California: 49,000
◦ Florida: 30,000
◦ Texas: 28,500
◦ Michigan: 25,000
◦ Illinois: 24,000
12 Indiana counties have more registered voters than residents.
The Ohio Secretary of State admitted that multiple Ohio counties have more registered voters than residents.
Federal records showed 160 counties in 19 states have over 100 percent voter registration.
The Florida New Majority Education Fund, Democratic Party of Florida and the National Council of La Raza are currently under investigation for alleged voter registration fraud.

Colorado Springs, CO

Bet this is not what those who went and captured blacks in Africa and made them slaves expected. Kind of seems like justice to me!

Mcallen, TX

RichardB--there were several districts where Romney got zero votes compared to the millions for BO. Philadelphia was one.

This country will not be repaired until we set some new rules:

* Term limits--President three years, and all others two.
* Only those with a HS degree or higher, and not collecting a government handout may vote.

Without this, our country will dissolve.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Thanks for the info, Richard. It comes up about miles short, however, of proving anything. I note that many of the states you cite are, in fact, governed by Republicans. The Ohio Sec. of State was in court trying to limit voter turnout during the last week of the campaign, so he's hardly a neutral source on anything.

You can think what you like, but fixing a national election through voter fraud would require perhaps a million people or more, all willing to break the law for little or no payoff. It's impossible to conceive that they could all keep any secret, let alone one of such importance to the entire world. No sale.


Problems with voter registration does not equal voter fraud. That sounds like a procedural issue. As I understand it, pretty much every state, including Utah, is working toward cleaning up its voter registrations. How many of those dead people actually voted? That would prove there is fraud occuring.

American Fork, UT

"While high levels of voter turnout are something to cheer, one must ask if our country is well served when large numbers of people vote with no understanding of the issues or the candidates."

That is incredibly dangerous thinking. I don't see it written anywhere that knowledge of candidates and issues is a prerequisite to the right to vote. Don't get me wrong I think everyone should be informed, but I absolutely disagree that we should keep them from voting if they aren't.

American Fork, UT

Snopes has a good debunk of most of the claims of 2012 voter fraud. Fox probably doesn't talk about it because most of it is pretty easily debunked. Unfortunately most people never bother to search the internet for opinions and facts that oppose what they want to hear. I don't doubt that there is/was/will be some voter fraud. I don't believe it was enough to turn the election, not by any stretch.

New to Utah

Democrats did to Republicans what they demogogue happens to them, they suppressed the vote of caucasion voters. They did this through viscious, dishonest ads claiming Romney was guilty of being this comporate raider and laying off employees and letting them die without health insurance. The level of dishonest and fraudulent ads and billions of dollars of union money to bring Democrat voters to the polls worked. Blacks in America have suffered mightly under Obama. Black unemployment is nearly 15% and those receiving food stamps, housing assistance etc has increased. The media greatly contributed to the election of Obama by being partisan and ignoring negative stories like Benghazi and the economy and just blantly running stories favorable to Obama and attack stories on Romney.Virginia,Ohio, Florida,Colorado and Nevada were bombarded for 6 months with non stop attack ads and it worked to suppress the vote and elect Obama.

Salt Lake City, UT

@New to Utah
"they suppressed the vote of caucasion voters."

That's illogical. We know how Republicans suppress votes (making it harder to register, ID requirements, reduced early voting days, reducing the number of polling places for early voting) but name anything Democrats have done that suppresses votes?

"They did this through viscious, dishonest ads claiming Romney was guilty of being this comporate raider and laying off employees and letting them die without health insurance."

That's not voter suppression... that's just Romney not making a strong case for himself. Besides there were plenty of lies thrown at Obama (for instance, somehow doing what Gov. Herbert wanted on welfare turned into "Obama wants to get rid of the work requirement for welfare", a complete and total lie).

New York, NY


Romney received 91,840 or 14 percent the vote and Obama received 557,024 or 85% of the vote in Philli. very similar or better numbers to what obama got in many Idaho and Utah counties.

maybe you should add to your list the ability to tell the truth onca and a while

Saint George, UT

I'm assuming this data is from the last two presidential elections. I'm also assuming that these voters only voted "once" and this still resulted in a higher turnout than white voters. Hhmmmm, interesting.

Hurricane, UT

WHAT.....I have never heard any of what you claim, go look it up, all the long lines where NOT in republican district, they were far and away in dem districts. And all the fraud HAS been discussed, ad nausium....all were performed in favor of the dems...wake up man, we are in a crisis time, we NEED voter id to vote, why not, you all want to have background checks for gun purchases, why, to make sure they are LEGALLY purchased right, why not have voter id's, doesnt THAT make as much sense, i just dont understand the dems...why not have id's to vote, unless you want to be fraudulent.

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