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Published: Tuesday, April 23 2013 8:20 p.m. MDT

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Danbury, CT

So what if Hendrix had a gun...suppose the robber starts firing first. Is Hendrix REALLY going to shoot back before he is shot? Maybe not. Love you yahoo's out there who think every problems is solved with a gun!!

The more guns you introduce, the higher the probability some wacko will get his hands on one and misuse (as has already happened).

Burlington, CT

Ernest T. Bass - just did a word search for "bishop" in the Book of Mormon. The word is not found in that book of scripture.

Houston, TX

This is what is needed to put a halt to crime. When the criminals are so terrified of their victims that they turn themselves in, that is a step in the right direction.

George Washington would be proud.



@eastcoastcoug - yeah, what if, what if. If the attacker had a gun, whether he fired first or not, the only possible protection and defense would be from someone else with a gun. I guess it's better to just let him shoot one person after another.

"Is Hendrix REALLY going to shoot back before he is shot?" What if, what if. You're assuming the attacker would be an excellent marksman and totally disable anyone with a gun, and that Hendrix would not be smart enough to have it ready. All we would really know in that scenario is that Hendrix would be completely defenseless without a gun, even with his sword. Ergo, in your opinion, it's better to be completely defenseless against someone with a gun.

I don't know if it's complete naivete, or simple inability to think through the possibilities that's at the heart of the anti-gun delusion. If someone has a gun, he doesn't have to shoot it, but it clearly gives him greater control and far more options to protect innocent people against a potentially dangerous criminal.

MiddleofNowhere, Utah

@ eastcoastcoug,
Yet, where do the shootings happen? Your from Connecticut right? Where there are strict gun laws right? And where there should be a lower probability of those "wackos" getting hands on guns right? You have no evidence to support your claims, in fact, all evidence points to the contrary. States such as Texas or Utah have far more guns available for such things, yet not as many problems. Guns don't kill people my friend.

Syracuse, UT

My first thought is that Eggersten was lucky to get away with his arms intact. My second thought is that although this article focuses on the Bishop with a sword, many neighbors came out to help... armed or otherwise. Kudos to the whole neighborhood for protecting each other.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Gosh-DUH: Steel didn't exist in the Americas then either.

Darth Saber

Someone referred to the valiant defender as the "Samurai Bishop;" that name has a nice ring to it; I hope that more people are inspired to stand with their neighbors against such acts and their perpetrators.

Even if the attacker had a gun, the bishop could have deflected the first bullet by calculating the bullet's trajectory and angling his blade; this has been done before. Given the distance between the combatants, the first shot would probably have been the last one fired, as the bishop would have been able to deflect the gun and disable the attacker without undue damage, given his level of martial skill.

The main points of the article though are enough to encourage others to act, rather than be acted upon. I applaud the "Samurai Bishop" and his neighbors for their courage and resourcefulness.

Nies, MI

I am seeing a lot of gun comments on here, so just want to add my own. Not having trained for many years in martial arts, I would feel a lot more comfortable having a pistol or shotgun. However, if there was a neighbor in trouble, I would go to help. Gun or no gun, I would still go. I hope other readers will ask themselves if they would go to help also.

The Soundman
American Fork, UT

According to my police friends, swords and knives are far more dangerous, deadly and destructive than guns. A close LAPD friend who works in south-central L.A. told me he had had both guns and knives drawn on him. He was far more afraid of the knives as he had seen what knives can do to a victim. On one occasion, he arrested a man wielding a sword only to find out that about five minutes before the man had cut of another man's hand and about one third of the top of his head with one blow. The victim had raised his hand to fend off the coming blade but it did not deter the sword as is just continued on its course. Needless to say the victim died. However, I still prefer my Glock.


The point is the bishop did something, not that he's a bishop or he's Mormon. The scenarios everyone keeps coming up with really don't matter. He did the right thing for this scenario. We all need to do the same. We need to be willing to intervene when someone's in trouble. I'm tired of stories were people did nothing and watched someone get beat up or killed. Each one of us needs to react in faith and not fear. We can save the life of someone else too. If you're inspired to use a gun great. I'm simply glad the bishop was inspired to take a sword and put a stop to this madness. By the way this is Utah and there are many many Mormons here. So if you really want to be surprised do a search in the Book of Mormon for sword. All of the prophets in that book Lived by swords. Even King Benjamin who was a prophet and a king fought with his own sword to defend his people. Now go out and have your own miracle just be sure you're inspired when you do.

Lehi, UT

One word... Ammon.

Deering, NH

Having a gun does not mean you have to shoot people, any more than having a kitchen knife means you have to stab them, although both have been used for murder many times. Thousands of people are murdered with knives; many of those died only because they were not armed for defense. It's no surprise that people have gun control on the mind, it's been in the news so much. People say we will succeed with gun control because now we are more motivated. But, reality does not care how motivated we are; things don't work because we want them to work, but because we find out what works, and we do that. One of those liberal professors told me that being good liberals, and gun control being the acid test of liberalism, they set out to go through the statistics and establish the foundation for gun control but found that there wasn't any. That does not - as some may think - trash the core mythology of gun control, that they will save one life; but in order to maybe save one life someday, they disarm millions of us, making it easier to rob and murder us.

Wally West

to Brahmabull 4/24 8:49a

They are serious & trying to joke. Its that very same brand of humor being attempted (& not succeeding) in Sacrament Meetings all along the Wasatch Front every Sunday.


Brahmabull; this is a little off subject, but I hope it gets posted; this is a problem with texting and communication today. if you can't see the face and hear the tone, it may be hard to understand the comment. so much of communication isn't in the words. That said, a very interesting story and one that showed there are 'more than one way to skin a cat!'

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