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Published: Saturday, April 20 2013 7:50 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

"The Utes recruited a lot of QB's, problem was Coach Whittingham kept moving them to other positions."
Why is that a problem? In high school, a kid is often the quarterback because he is the best athlete on the team. In college, "true" quarterbacks are identified, and the other athletes moved to new positions. You make it sound like Coach Whittingham is doing something unusual, when actually he is copying what the other major programs do.

Cougar fans have complained that NOT moving the quarterback to another position was "a problem" last year. Riley Nelson was a good athlete that could have contributed to the team in another position. He could play quarterback, but he fell short of the great BYU quarterbacks. You should encourage BYU's coaching staff to think of quarterbacks as athletes -- just like Whittingham does.

Pocatello, ID

Big coug, I'm not saying he didn't whiff, but I don't think it's as easy as just switching people out of the postion. DVC was a great athlete, just not a D-1 QB. Chow, QB guru, was the one who had Griff buried on the depth chart along with Tyler Shreve (who we both forgot about and who left after a year)

Personally I think it was evidence of the lack of organization on the offensive side of the ball. I THINK Kyle has the fix in place with Erickson, we won't know for a few years, but one thing is for sure, the stable of Qbs has never been bigger than it is right now at Utah. Now let's see if the system and coaching can maximize the talent.

Highland, UT

I do find it interesting that some of the same utah "fans" that were critical of the number of qb's BYU had on its roster are now saying what a great thing it is that utah has so many qb's on its roster.

Yes that is fact, many utah "fans" went on and on about what a waste it was to have 6 qb's on the roster since they can't all play, how those spots were better spent on other positions, how BYU was mismanaging its roster because they had to many qb's, blah, blah, blah.

My how opinions change. I can guess why they have changed. Obviously it should be apparent to even a utah "fan" that you need depth at the qb position. Maybe they have actually learned that fact. It should also be apparent at this point that you need to actually recruit multiple qb's to actually sign one qb and you need to recruit qb's that you actually intent to keep at qb.

Maybe utah "fans" and coaches have gained some insight and wisdom that BYU fans and coaches have had for a long time. Maybe.

Layton, UT

Yes actually, the Utes fans and coaches have much to learn from the tds. In fact we should go independent in football and join the Big Sky for our Olympic sports. Can we borrow the tv truck on the week ends, since it don't get used on Saturdays and Sundays?

Actually, I don't know why all of them Utah quarterbacks are still here. They should of gained some insight and wisdom from Mr. Heaps.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"I do find it interesting that some of the same utah 'fans' that were critical of the number of qb's BYU had on its roster are now saying what a great thing it is that utah has so many qb's on its roster."

The same fans? Name them. And provide us with the DNews article titles where your position can be verified.

Please note that I know you (and sammyg) like to make stuff up and dispute strawmen, then "LOL" about it, so I'm going to call you out on it everytime. If you fail to provide us with sufficient evidence, then you are tacitly admitting you frantically and emotionally made it all up.

Springville, UT


I hope the Utah has solved their QB depth issue. I also like their new OC coaching hire. It's killing me that BYU has been owned by Utah the last 4 years. Hoping for redemption this year so that Utah seniors don't sweep us!

Duckhunter and Worf - Stop trolling! Like every other BYU fan, we know it kills us to lose to Utah. Nothing you say about Utah having a losing record and not going to a bowl game is going to make BYU look better. That is what makes the rivalry great! The Utes can beat us and even if their season doesn't pan out, at least they beat us and can rub it in all they want.

Go Cougs! BYU 35 UTAH 34 - Here's hoping!

Bountiful, UT

"The Utes recruited a lot of QB's, problem was Coach Whittingham kept moving them to other positions."
Why is that a problem?"

Because he didn't have the sense to realize that the QB position is the most important position on the team (not the LB position, not the WR position, etc) and needed to keep adequate depth on the roster.

He lead them into a historic first season in the Pac12 with a fragile Jordan Wynn backed up by a guy who was a D-II QB just a few weeks earlier. This was the season to get things started off right and create a great first impression.

He had 2 1st team All PAc Tackles, a 2nd team RB, a good cast of WR's and TE's, and a great defense. With USC on probation and other South Division foes having rebuilding years and NO Oregon or Stanford on the schedule the path was clear for Utah to get to the CCG in their inaugural season. Win that game and it's Rose Bowl first season!

All that was missing was a decent QB. Instead...Epic fail. Then he repeated that same mistake in year 2.

Highland, UT


You're fooling no one. When you declare yourself a "BIG BYU FAN" and then go on to try and criticize real BYU fans everyone knows you are just a utah"fan" trying unsuccessfully to pretend you are a BYU fan. Fail.

Springville, UT


I'm not trying to fool anyone. I love the Cougars and hope they kill Utah every year. I'm a cougar club member and purchase season tickets every year. I love my team. I am however, still a fan of Utah teams and hope they do well except when they play BYU. I just think it's stupid when Y fans make the rest of us look stupid by putting down another team and their fans when they deserve credit where credit is due. I see BYU fans constantly calling Utah their little brother, ragging on them for having a losing schedule and not going to a better bowl game, and actually believing that crap. Utah has been to 2 BCS games in the past 10 years (and dominated them) and the past 3 years they beat BYU regardless of their record. They also got invited to a better conference than the MWC and we didn't. I think BYU made the best of a bad situation by going independent and I love their contract with ESPN, but I would still rather be in a quality conference.

Keep trying to paint a better picture...

Highland, UT


Another failure utah"fan".


LOL at duckhunter having a kitten fight with an actual fan!

Bubble Boy
Salt Lake City, UT

Hey Ute fans- I just want you guys to know that me and Ducky and Sammy are BFFs. We're not obsessed with U. Were just concerned, very concerned about U. We think going to the PAC12 where you will get to play against the likes of UCLA, USC, Oregon, ASU,... is really scarry!

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