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Published: Saturday, April 20 2013 7:50 p.m. MDT

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Wilson looked good against a defense of mostly walkons plus a few offensive players. It was fun to see him put drives together and make some nice connections with K Scott, but ease up on the "solved depth issues" talk, Brad, this scrimmage doesn't tell us a lot. By the time fall camp comes around, I expect the real battle to be between Wilson and Cox, but Schulz has definitely proven his legitimacy on the team. Of all the positions to walk onto a football team and even just earn a scholarship, QB would definitely have to be the toughest.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Will be a great race in the south. I can see anyone winning other than Colorado. I think everyone will beat up everyone.

If the offense is finally put together and I think it is, we could have a great season

With two coaches that combine for several national championship, bcs wins, undefeated seasons, this season could indeed be rosey

I like our chances as well as anyone in the south.

I am still 100 percent behind whittingham. Top 10 coach in the nation. Lets be thankful we have him. Great coach and great man. Classy all around.

Proud of our program!

Mcallen, TX

PAC 12 are proud to have Utah, and Colorado. Adding two extra wins will allow more teams to bowl games.

When the talent level is low, building depth is quick, and easy.

Pac 12 Fever
Salt Lake City, UT

Wow...ute fans getting excited and claiming victory of the South PAC.....puuhhhllleeezzzzzz.....

Let's get a winning record in the PAC . Right now u are looked upon as a Colorado-easy. Especially since u are 1-1 against them since joining us.

And BYU fans...now u see how wierd u look claiming to be in the running every year for a,BCS Bowl. U are a 20-35 ranked team at best.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

It's spring And to spruce things up around the house I bought two new doormats. They look nice but worf, I wouldn't say I'm proud of them


Great spring game. I noticed that there was very little about special teams. Tom Hackett had one punt for 53 yards, but the kickers did not do any kickoffs or field goals. Only PATs which any high school kicker can hit. That was a bit strange.

pocatello, ID

Mcallen, TX
PAC 12 are proud to have Utah, and Colorado. Adding two extra wins will allow more teams to bowl games.

When the talent level is low, building depth is quick, and easy.


And losses to OSU, ND, UT, SJ St. and BSU helped BYUs bowl didn't it?

When the talent level is, well, whatever, blaming the refs is quick, and easy.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

I wish the Utes the best of luck this year - unless they are playing BYU. Chris B, you sound just like those BYU fans you make fun of. I am still laughing!

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Pac 12 Fever- Huh??? Not a single Ute fan on the comments on this article said anything about winning the South. Chris B doesn't count. EVERYONE knows he's just a troll. ThomasJefferson proclaimed himself a BYU/Nebraska fan. A little obsessive wishful thinking on your part?

I am excited about the progress the Utes are making. There is some really nice looking depth on the O-line. There is some depth at QB. The DBs are looking good. I would like to see a step forward this year. The schedule is pretty brutal though. Hopefully we'll be in a bowl game in December.

Pocatello, ID


If its so quick and easy, what's BYU's excuse?

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I think both Utah and BYU have a chance to get back on track. I think both have more stability at the Quarterback spot than we have seen the last couple of years. I think the match-up of Wilson and Hill will be a great one to watch this year.


So Bass,
Speaking of doormat, when was the last time the y beat the Utes?

Mark D

As an ASU alum, I hope that the U can make the necessary adjustments and put together a solid year in the PAC this year. But be careful about anointing your boys "PAC12 South Champs" before you've made much noise in the PAC since getting here...

The PAC isn't an easy road (as you've found out...), and just as you're making adjustments and stepping up, so are some of your fellow PAC schools as well (you can have Dennis, I'm glad we upgraded to Coach Graham...).

Here's to a successful year in the PAC for all member schools! And for you U Fans, we'll see you on November 9th at the RES...35-14 again?

Fight On!
St George, Utah

I seriously can't believe the endless bickering between BYU and Utah fans over games played and won in the past. The best thing about College Football is there is a new season every fall. Things that happened in 2008 or clear back in 1984 mean nothing. Every player, coach, team, and program has to prove and improve themselves each and every year.
Although I'm sure Utah has made significant changes and improvement in preperation for the coming year, so has EVERY other program in the PAC-12. Last season all Utah fans and most College football Specialists predicted Utah challenging USC for the South and a Rose Bowl berth. UCLA, Arizona, and ASU all introduced new coaches and Utah's "Top 10" coach lost to each of them.
Next season Utah could climb to the top and go undefeated, or go 1-11. Teams that play you dont care if you won the Sugar Bowl in 2008.

Hyrum, UT

To D4inSLC:

The most recent Y win over Utah will be September 21 of this year. Put it in writing. It's done deal.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mark D: Being a part of the Pac-12 conference is a thrill and, as you correctly observed, has required a big adjustment in expectations. The quality of athletics and fans in our new conference is second to none. While we are hoping for a different outcome on November 9th, it is always a privilege to host ASU.

As you stated...here's to a successful year in the PAC for all member schools!


@Thomas Jefferson

You do realize the BYU blue/white game had nearly twice the attendance this utah game did right? And that was during the festival of colors, which oddly enough attracts tens of thousands of people.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Worf is right. Utah is a totally easy win. Well except for byu.

Proud Ute


Besides the weather factor That's because those two events were all there were to do in Happy Valley that weekend.
You know the Festival of Colors isn't going to draw many from the BYU crowd and visa versa so most only had one entertainment choice that Saturday.

Springville, UT

Magna Ute

"If the Utes can start 4-0, watch out Rose Bowl!"

This was stated by one of your very own on another article so it's official. The Rose Bowl fever has a confirmed case.

So embrace it, enjoy it for it is what it is and it is the hope and delusional dream of every Ute fan out there.

I sure am.

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