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Published: Thursday, April 18 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah


If you think that I'm "extreme", then you must also think that President James Madison was "extreme", because he wrote the Bill of Rights. You must also think that Alexander Hamilton was "extreme" because he argued that no Bill of Rights was necessary because the people, not the government, held all rights.

You must also think that Jesus Christ is extreme because he forgave fully some "sinners". He did not limit their freedoms after they had been forgiven.

A felon who has been released from jail has paid whatever price demanded by society. He owes nothing more to society. Society owes him his freedom. He paid the bill in full.

You imply that a convicted felon is forever a slave to the State; that he can never again receive his freedom, no matter that he paid the price required. I find that line of thought to be both illogical and reprehensible.

Murray, UT

re: jsf

I think the point is here that many commenters are comparing a pressure cooker to a gun. And suggesting if we ban guns we need to ban pressure cookers. It’s a silly comparison, and they all know it. Having a pressure cooker is not a crime. Using a pressure cooker to make a bomb is. Bombs are pretty much illegal for anyone to make or have. No one is suggesting that all bombs are registered, or that we need to have a background check before someone buys a bomb.
I certainly think people have the right to own guns. Along with that, I would like to see gun owners secure their weapons, and be held responsible when they are not secure.
If your gun discharges and kills a person, toilet, or table accidentally, you should be charged with something criminal.
If a child get hold of your weapon and kills another child, you should go to prison.
Requiring a background check to buy a gun is not unreasonable.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Mike Richards

So I guess you are also against a registry for convicted sex offenders. After all, once released from prison, they have paid their debt to society, and no one is entitled to know that they once molested little girls. I suppose you'd have no problem employing them to care for your granddaughters.

Every time you post you confirm my statement. How tragic it must be to view the world in stark black and white--no gray, no color.

Salt Lake City, UT

There's not constitutional right to have zero regulation on guns in this nation. Even Scalia agrees with that. (Scalia's the most conservative judge on the court... and yes I have to state that because someone in one of these threads once responded to my stating this by calling Scalia a liberal).

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Public Service announcement–
Some Important signs of lead poisoning:

Learning difficulties
Declines in mental functioning
Memory loss
Mood disorders

Please wash your hands with cold water after handling your ammo.

Mad Hatter
Provo, UT

The NRA is a lobbying organization to promote the sale of guns. Period. Before it promoted gun safety. Now it works to encourage everyone to have a gun for defense against a tyrannical government. It concerns with the Constitution and 2nd Amendment rights is just a ruse to sell more guns. Nothing in the Machin-Toomey bill allowed for any infringement upon someone's right to purchase a gun. And the idea of developing a national registry was explicitly declared illegal under the legislation.

However, the NRA said that the legislation would invalidate the 2nd Amendment and move toward establishing a national gun registry. Both false allegations. The fear the NRA has ginned up and the paranoid they generate is, as they have determined, is the best marketing tool they have. In fact, NRA finds that mass shootings like at Aurora, CO, and the Sandy Hook Elementary School is good for business. More guns get sold after such disasters than without such tragedies and the NRA simply fans the terror for financial gain.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

The defeated legislation will assist bad people and potential bad people in killing others.

payson, utah

It seems to me that the people who support this bill are the same people who supported the income tax amendment. They probably used the same arguments. It only affects a select few people. Now it affects everyone.

The bill will only start as just background checks, but it would grow into something more. Just like New Yorks bill. They said it wouldn't lead to any confiscation, but it has.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

History will decry the failure of this country to enact reasonable laws to protect citizens from the ravages of assault weapons. You who parrot the NRA lines will bear much responsibility for the continued slaughter.

Since 1980 about 3500 people on American Soil have been killed by terrorists. Most of them on 9/11. To counter that we created a whole new government agency and legislated vast new laws granting the Federal Government sweeping new powers, some of which clearly infringe on certain Constitutional rights. But guns are killing more than 30,000 Americans each and every year, and we can't even get and up or down vote on legislation to require a background check, even when it was so watered down to exclude private sales? What is wrong with this picture?

Orem, UT

Guns, just like bombs, axes, swords, knives, and hands, kill people. These, though, are tools. We trust these tools in the hands of experts, such as law enforcement, and chefs, but we don't trust them in the hands of psychopaths, and rightly so. The NRA encourages proper training for the safe handling of these tools. Why vilify them and not the people who perpetrate and promulgate heinous methods of using these tools? People, it would seem, are the problem. When we have better people, we will have less problems with the ways they use their tools. Until then, depriving people of tools to defend themselves doesn't seem like such a good idea.

Springville, UT

Are you kidding me? Albertus, this must have been done "tongue-in-cheek".

How can anyone be this ignorant.

And once and for all, it isn't the NRA's fault. It's the Constitution's. So if you want to place blame, then look no further than the Founding Fathers.

Cedar Hills, UT

Using this same sort of ignorant thinking perhaps we should now ban all PRESSURE COOKERS after the Boston bombings - right? Yes let's go door to door and take granny's pressure cooker away - the one she uses to put up peaches - after all if there are no more pressure cookers there will be no more bombings ...CORRECT??

Holy geez people this really isn't this hard if you think with your head instead of your emotions. Bad guys will ALWAYS get illegal guns. The guns used at Sandhook were obtained ILLEGALLY !! Bad people are going to kill. Evil exists. Taking guns away from law obeying citizens only makes it much easier for bad guys to rob stores, kill at will in grade and high schools, rape and do pretty much what ever they want. To the college co-ed walking across a dark parking lot - if this girl has a 9mm semi auto in her purse and is trained in it's use her chances of getting assaulted just dropped dramatically. Good people have the RIGHT to protect themselves and their families regardless of what the communist left thinks. In Communism there are no guns.

Cedar Hills, UT

I am a proud member of the NRA for 30 years!!! I hunt and my wife and family all have been trained in gun use. God bless the NRA. Without the NRA America would soon become the old USSR or Communist China - a gun-less society. People ..please do some research regarding the second amendment and why it is CRITICAL in any free society.

Murray, UT

Let me tell you something, when someone comes to your house to rob you and they have a gun pointed at you, and you don't have anything to protect yourself such as a gun...you're going to be out of luck...even though you're like 80 years old Ad.

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