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Published: Wednesday, April 17 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Utah Soldier
Bountiful, UT


Don't speak German? Good luck understanding what procedures will done. Some of the staff may speak some English, but there is no requirement to provide services using the patient’s language. By contrast, in the US, ANY patient may request (and must be provided) interpretive service AT NO COST to the patient, but the hospital must absorb the cost as it is not reimbursed in any way for this service.

Yes, our system has some shortcoming and needs some tweeking but,Thank you no – but I will keep our American system any day

Saint George, UT

The picture of this statesman/salesman, included at the top of this article, is worth a thousand words.

Bumbling Baucus was/is/will continue to be a train wreck.

Bumbling Baucus is facing/fearing re-election in 2014.

Bumbling Baucus is simply attempting to provide pathetic political cover for HIS massive failure as co-writer of the ACA.

Now Bumbling Baucus is distancing himself from his own creation.

Simply another failed bumbling politician.

Thank you DN for exposing this failed political fraud from Montana.

Mcallen, TX

By 2016, Obama would have caused more damage on this country then all our wars combined.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

One vote,
The law will help…

Oh, please stop, my sides ache!

You’ve not bothered to read all the articles about people LOSING their coverage thanks to Obamacare?

“make billionaires more wealthy”

You mean the way it rewards insurance companies by forcing everyone to buy their product?

BTW, bush’s approval ratings had more to do with war than healthcare.

Why WOULD they attend the meetings when they were told ahead of time they had to ride in the back of the bus and NONE of their ideas would be considered?

Even BO’s kangaroo court-ish healthcare summit was a sham. BO spoke longer than all the repubs combined, and when you add in the other dem speakers, the GOP got maybe 20% of the time.

Cedar Hills, UT


I think you yourself said a few weeks ago that the current Obamacare implementation was a mess. Right? You said that the real solution is a single payer system. Right? It is obvious to any business owner that Obamacare is going to kill them with regulations, fees, and taxes. It is clear to any governor that the health exchange is going to kill them after the federal govt stop giving them money...about 3 years from now. It is clear to doctors - whom are leaving their practices - that their compensation is going drop like a rock. It is clear to insurance companies that the rate increase cascade that is going to continue is going to eventually put them out of business. It is clear to each of us on the bottom rung of the ladder that we are paying more ...for less ... right now and that is only going to get worse. So ... you were saying this is all the GOP's fault?? The GOP didn't cast ONE vote for this train wreck - remember? What is happening is ALL in the Democrat's lap - recall the dems had the House and Sentate for 2 years - got everything they wanted.

O-town, UT

For all the Republiclones out there, here are a few thoughts. If the government can't do anything right...why was the insurance industry running for toilet paper when the government option was being proposed? Could it be because they gauge consumers? If they were truly not concerned about competition with the government...why did they shut it down? Why are they scared to open the drug market with Canada? Isn't this the free market at work? Are they concerned that their outrageous markups can't compete? Too funny when the GOP supports the free market and competition EXCEPT when it cuts away from the Health Insurance and Prescription Drug Cartel.

Why did the GOP do nothing to reform Health Care? They had ample opportunity. They however got big campaign contributions from this racket, so they did nothing--in fact, they did a big give away to Prescription Drug with Medicare Part D to show their support. They had no problem with outrageous prices which priced people out of the market or policy which kicked people to the curb with pre-existing conditions. Now the GOP is siding with the Gun Lobby over the citizens...Shame on you GOP!

byu rugby
Crystal Lake, IL

Our company just laid off 20 employees to make room under the employee limit because the alternative was so much worse. But, nowadays, it is almost easier to stay home anyway.

Denmark has a single payer system. It takes 13 years to become a master pastry chef and 8 to be a surgeon. Guess where I am glad I live now?

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