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Published: Wednesday, April 17 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Draper, UT

Hutterite are you serious? Single payer system = no competition = higher costs, lower quality, less access.

The answer is get the government out of health care. Put consumerism back in and actually make health care insurance again. Somehow we've evolved to the point that we think all health care should be no cost, low cost and yet we want the best. It will never add up. If we went back to insurance coverage for big things like cancer, accidents, broken bones then allowed consumers to pay for routine office visits, simple prescriptions, people would shop for the best values. That's the behavior HSA accounts drive now.

As a point of comparison, what if our nation said for car insurance, "It's not fair that we have to pay for tune ups, oil changes, tires and repairs! We demand the government do something and force those evil insurance companies to pay!" What if the government limited the amount of profit auto insurers could earn? The cost of car insurance would skyrocket, innovation would drop and everyone would wonder why. Then try to make more laws to force an impossible outcome.

This is exactly what's happened to health care "insurance".

Salt Lake City, Utah

I have some real concerns about the Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA) and its implementation. I do think this is an overreach and will hurt the economy. With that being said I applaud the effort to solve the healthcare problem, I really wish the republicans would have participated in the concept instead of standing on the sidelines.

Long before the AHA, healthcare costs have been increasing at a double digit rate. Doing nothing was not a better solution than the AHA. I think it is time that the republicans cease to be the party of no, and maybe put forward their own solution. Maybe then we could take the best of both ideas and great something really great.

Its easy to criticize but my Dad always taught me you have two choices be part of the problem or be part of the solution. The republicans by sitting on the sideline are part of the problem

Eugene, OR


With the exception of Medicare and Medicaid (which are hugely popular), the government HAS been out of health care, which is exactly what got us into this mess. Obamacare is hardly perfect, but it's a real step forward. Republicans, on the other hand, are more interested in throwing tantrums and dragging their feet. They had their chance and failed miserably. Time to try something else.

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

This is the same man who blocked the Single Payer option from even coming up for debate. Who's he working for and how much are they paying him?

Burke, VA

Mountanman said, "Once again we see that Mitt Romney was right and BO was/is wrong. Too late America! We got what we deserve!"

Was Mitt Romney right when he implemented the program that the ACA was modeled after or was he right when he turned 180 degrees against it in order to get the nomination from the do-nothing, obstructionist Republican Party? Please clarify.

Once again, the headline writers at the DN have tried to twist what an AP article says. Senator Baucus wasn't complaining about the ACA itself but rather the perceived implementation of it. I think ultimately what he was concerned about was that the voices of deceit coming from the other side of the aisle were maing a better case than than the adminstration. And, as the article so clearly points out, it is the obstructionist attitudes of Republican governors and legislatures that are standing in the way of the full implentation of the program. I'm not sure what it is about some folks that make them want to deny decent healthcare for the citizens of our country - all of them.

Springville, UT

If there was bumbling, it was by Baucus, who crafted. crafted a bill to please special interest groups. If we know anything from yesterday's vote on background checks , the Senate (and the House) is not there to represent the people. I understand the anger of the tea party folks, but the anger should not be directed at the President, but at Congress which is literally owned by corporate interest groups.

Jemez Springs, NM

For Congress, the ACA was an anomaly: an attempt to help citizens. As a rite of passage, the insurance lobby ransomed a windfall, with Joe Lieberman their mouthpiece.

Ours is the best government money can buy. Democracy cannot be delegated. Switzerland has a true democracy, and its infrastructure attests to what can be accomplished if government doesn't succumb to lobbies. Swiss citizens write laws and overturn ones they don't like, by referenda. Their parliamentarians don't get voted out of office -- which would be considered embarrassing. (They aim to serve their constituents, and rejection at the polls would indicate they failed.) Swiss citizens constitute the fourth and ultimate branch of their government. That's the way it should be in the USA, and we need to make it so.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

yes we can! yes we can! yes we can! the lemmings chanted to their socialist leader.

Nope that wasn't North Korea. Right here in the good ol USA.

The confusing part for those that live and die by welfare. Is in their mind they were being promised the world. They gave all of the power and control to the current regime. Now that it's not meeting their expectations, they feel confused and lonely and don't understand what is happening.

Maybe people should have to pass some kind of exam, just to show that they are competent enough to understand what is going on before they vote.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"With that being said I applaud the effort to solve the healthcare problem, I really wish the republicans would have participated in the concept instead of standing on the sidelines."

Fred44, I'm afraid you are misinformed about the situation. It's not that Republicans didn't want to get involved on this issue; it's that the Democrats didn't allow them to get involved. They even had to pay off some of their own to go in on the deal. You can't blame Republicans for being on the sideline when Democrats kept them there.

Speaking of attempting to fix problems as opposed to standing on the sidelines, how's the budget coming along?

Grantsville, UT

Here is a perfect example of this inept president's train wreck of a program: over the course of the last three months, our healthcare provider has sent us at least eleven duplicate letters containing a cover letter which explains that the mailing is required by the new healthcare act. Included is a very poorly designed and difficult to read or understand, multiple page document which is generated (as the cover letter explains), by a government-supplied "template". We only started counting duplicate mailings after it became apparent that they were duplicated mailings, so the actual count is probably twelve or thirteen!

At least I can take solace in the thought that the US Postal Services will be guaranteed additional business, albeit at taxpayer expense.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

The law will help many people and to be a great country we need universal coverage. Tea party is going to yell and obstruct of course, that is why Bush remains so unpopular. Hate government but offer no plan except to make billionaires wealthier.

Springville, UT

Riverton Cougar, you are wrong. Our own Senator Hatch refused to attend meetings. The GOP walked away deliberately because they wanted this to be a Democratic bill, even as they undermined the process and used surrogates.

In the end, the only thing that will work is a national health insurance system. Trying to kow-tow to those making money off bad health is a recipe for disaster.

And, Riverton Cougar, as for the budget, the GOP is indeed the choke-point. The problem is that the Dems are trying to compromise and the GOP wants all or nothing, so we get nopthing. You can be a partisan as you like, but for me, I'm sick and tired of the whole lot of them.

Ogden, UT

Was there ever any doubt. 1.If incompetence was sold as hamburgers, there would be golden arches over every government building.

Salt Lake City, UT

Everything you need to know about Baucus' comments can be found in this line from the story: "Baucus expects a tough re-election in 2014."

He's appeasing the right, who's votes he needs if he hopes to get re-elected as a Democrat in Montana.

Nothing more complicated than that.

South Jordan, UT

The senators remarks focus on implementation. I will focus on why The affordable healthcare act itself was not what it claimed to be. I am a college student. I have survived college working 20 to 25 hours a week during the school year (going full-time) and when I take semesters off or go part-time I have worked at my jobs 30-40+ hours a week to earn/save money (I've had flexible jobs that have allowed me to do that). Obama care is supposed to help people like me, people without health insurance. All it is doing for me is limiting how much I can work at my job (making it harder to afford insurance) and further burdening me by fining me $500 for not having insurance. A lot of my college friends have the same problem. All in all this legislation is another example of how the government doesn't think I can make decisions in my best interest. Yet again I still think I'm more qualified than they are. I'm sure in 2000+ pages there are a few more nonsensical ideas so far this is the only one I've been informed of.

Boise, ID

I'd love for everyone to have health care. I would also love an efficient system and for everyone to work hard. Efficiency and hard work aren't a part of the government. When people spend other people's money, they just aren't careful. When something is given for free, most will not appreciate or respect it.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Hutterite are you serious? Single payer system = no competition = higher costs, lower quality, less access. "

Universal healthcare systems have been implemented that allow competition (Germany for instance). Their costs are much lower (Germany, France, Canada, UK are all way cheaper than the US), and don't have lower quality or less access because nobody is being turned away due to pre-existing conditions thanks to a for-profit industry looking to maximize profits.

Kaysville, UT

When I saw the President state that the NRA willfully lied he is still using the Chicago bullying tactics he has used for years as President. He thinks just because he is President he can bully everyone, even his own colleagues such as Reid and Pelosi and many others.

He thinks he can bully North Korea into stopping it's tactics that he uses. He does the same for Iran, Israel and many other countries and alliances.

Diplomacy is not his forte. He should take the Art of Negotiations classes that the Department of State provides at the George Schultz building. He wouldn't go there as it is a Republican named building but he probably could take it online.

These Senators that pushed their programs down people's throats starting 5 years ago for the Nobel Peace person, will still have their elections on the line. Even though some will forget that their Senators did this to them, some will forget as they only want handouts for nothing.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

Last time I visited Canada, I didn’t feel well. My Canadian friends encouraged me to see their private doctor because “the government health care was terrible" (their words)
And it wasn’t because Obama is a victim of evil Republicans either

Utah Soldier
Bountiful, UT

ALT 124
Since you brought up Germany, lets talk about a couple of things that is “standard” in Germany Healthcare that would never happen here in the US.

First, premature babies are deemed “too expensive” to care for. Tell an expecting mother that her 22 week old baby is going to be “thrown out in with trash” because “it not worth the expense of the care” and see what reaction you get. The US Hospital in Germany established a NICU to provide care to those types of patients, and if we could get an expectant mom to 22 weeks, we had a 95% chance of success. German healthcare provided no chance. Oh, and the newborn was not considered a live birth, therefore it didn’t affect the mortality rate or the life expectancy.

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