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Published: Wednesday, April 17 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The American people could have told him that when they were jamming it down our throats. This was a law that the majority of Americans did not want or need. This was purely about politics, not about what was right for the American people.

Hayden, ID

Surprise, surprise!

Lehi, UT

"Train Wreck" a perfect characterization of Obama's presidency, at least to this point; in the end (2016) it's "Total Wreck!"

deseret pete
robertson, Wy

Most people who knows anything about gov't run programs knew a long time ago that this wreck was bound to happen.There is still a lot we or the administration don't know about the bill because there are so many unknowns and fuzzy definitions to work out.This wreck will be bigger than we ever imagined,

Saint George, UT

Wow, occasionally the truth escapes a politician's mouth! Accordingly, the state run media will smother it, and a man behind the curtain will will announce a new program to 'fix' everything, all at no cost to the taxpayers(of course).

CPA Howard
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Now that they've read the bill and know what's in it, they've figured out what we all know. We the people should demand that all bills in congress are not more than 100 pages and adress only one subject and no amendments to the bill that have nothing to do with the bill they are attached.

Hayden, ID

Once again we see that Mitt Romney was right and BO was/is wrong. Too late America! We got what we deserve!

Kaysville, UT

That is unfortunate but when the "Man" takes over the duties of the House and Senate and forces their leadership to pass "His" bill before they read it with changes up to the end, it is logical that there would be problems. He had so much to do being the Nobel Peace person before he got into office that he couldn't care about the country and just govern.

He wanted to be the Woodrow Wilson, Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt and even the Kennedy of the 2000s but he is not going to have that bestowed. It is too bad he is still in office but the percent must have known this was going to happen but still wanted him to navigate us off the financial cliff. The precipice is too much for anyone to handle but especially the one that is an attorney of Constitutional law but hasn't practiced that, even when in the Senate. He didn't vote very often and is still the victor of the crown, even though we haven't had much peace since he took over. He had a piece of us in his mouth when he spoke badly about us overseas.

Hyrum, UT

It's interesting to see how many politicians and voters attitudes and beliefs tend to sway in the wind with whatever agenda seems to be politically correct at the time. Then reality eventually sets in, as is now happening with this ill-begotten (even if good intentioned) law.

Obamacare had very little chance of succeeding since day one. Even Nancy Pelosi (as then Speaker of the House) knew that when she responded to a press inquiry with her infamous "That's why we need to pass it, so we can see what's in it" statement. A good law would've needed no such response.

Common sense should've told us that with what is almost universally recognized as the premier health care system in the world (leaders from most other countries fly here when faced with serious health issues), we should've been only tweaking our system instead of trying to overhaul it. Instead, look at the enormous cost in time and money that has been wasted trying to get this travesty off the ground. Sad.

Nibley, Ut

Just throw more money at it. That will get it back on track.

HS Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

"Lead, follow or get out of the way". And the GOP plan is what?

Kaysville, UT

Really? Anyone with two functioning neurons can figure this out. Glad to see someone finally speaking up.

Colorado Springs, CO

From what I can tell from the article, the senator's comments have nothing to do with the law itself, but the implementation of the law, and that republicans have gone out of their way, apparently, to make the exchanges difficult. But hey, why read the article and what it's about when you can write posts to make it look like the comments were against the law itself!

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Of course it will be a train wreck.
Designed by career politicians more interested in power and control than anything else.
No Republicans (and no doctors) allowed to design health care law (all doctors in congress are Republicans).
Zero attention paid to real costs.
Zero attention paid to actually making health care more affordable.
Ignored markets completely.
Designed behind closed doors for fear the American People would shoot it down (duh).
Have to pass it to find out what is in it.

They told us that health care is a right but it rations health care to some and forbids it to others (get cancer over the age of 76 and you are not even allowed to pay for your own treatment with your own money).

I am going to enjoy watching the Democrats as this train wreck unfolds.


Where are all the "Obama can do no wrong" commenters today?

Are they on the phone with the democratic national committee trying to come up with todays talking points?

Isn't it about time the House of Representatives cut off ALL funding for it? The longer Obamacare tries to survive the more expensive it will become to undo it.

Yet another failure!

Saint George, UT

Past Tense: That health law proposal was a train wreck.
Present Tense: The health law proposal is a train wreck.
Future Tense: The health law proposal will be a train wreck.

We knew, we know, we will know...

Politicians are quite astute at pushing their own agendas and building their own monuments - while ignoring the voice of America.

The government can cover all health related issues like it can keep all its citizens safe, like it can efficiently and effectively educate everyone, like it can win the war on drugs, like it can sustain prohibition, like it can make life fair . . .

It can't. It never could. It never will.

Government was not the 'ENTIRE' solution in the past, it's not now, it will not be in the future.

“We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it”
- Wicked Wich of the West

Cedar Hills, UT

"we see a train wreck coming"??? Really? I think the train has already jumped the tracks and exploded long long ago guys. Of course no one really read the ugly 50 million page bill before passing it and I guarantee you there isn't one Democrat who can explain it. And of course Nancy told us all we would read and understand the bill AFTER we passed it. Well that makes alot of sense. Would you sign you name to a mortgage settlement before ever seeing the house let alone asking what the cost was?? Obamacare never was about solving health care anyway and we on the right always knew that - it was about fundamentally changing America and granting the federal government absolute power over everything in your life..and your kids life ...and your grandkids life .......

of course we can't aford this thing - the cost was projected (falsely) as 850 billion and it is now up to 2.8 trillion and growing and this is not to even scratch the serface of the cost to business. All I can say is Obama won re-elction and elections have consequences. America is in free fall.

Salt Lake City, UT

So basically there are problems with implementation because Republicans are doing everything they can to make it difficult to implement. Sounds pretty normal. Apparently it's Obama and Democrats fault that Republicans are playing games.

American Fork, UT

It didn't go nearly far enough. We should have a single payer system in place by now.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

The fact that Nancy Pelosi said, "We have to pass it so that we can read it," doesn't help anyone to have confidence in this.

I wonder if a better way for Obama to have done this would be to implement health care reform gradually. Maybe he could have gotten a consensus from governors and Republicans to do something like free immunizations for children under the age of 5. Something simple. Then see how it works. No big grandiose themes where they assumed that they could manage all sorts of complexities because they are the government and of course, they can do things right. Of course, as always.

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