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Published: Wednesday, April 17 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Tooele, UT

Re: ". . . all politicians are occasionally guilty of hypocrisy, but have we ever seen anything this blatant?"

Yes, we have.

When Obama raided the Social Security programs -- welfare programs that sorta work and are, at least partially, self-funded -- in order to promote and force the move to his legacy program, Obamacare.

Which is not self-funded, and is widely known to be completely unworkable.

Even more hypocritical than that, however, is how Obama and Democrats, aided by their captive media sycophants, attempt to sell themselves as champion of the "little guy," when they've done more to hurt real people than any administration in US history.

the old switcharoo
mesa, AZ

It's not surprising at all. As soon as Obama cut some waste from medicare they ALL said it was an attack on Medicare and seniors. It's nothing less than childish.

Burke, VA

Great letter Roland, but when you ask the question, "... but have we ever seen anything this blatant?" my answer is, well, yeh...almost everyday.

Just a couple of examples from close to (your) home:

Mitt Romney's campiagn to end "Obamacare" when the basis of that healthcare bill came from the program promoted by Governor Romney and passed by the Massachesets Legilature.

Larry Craig's hardline stance against gay and lesbian rights even though he was caught soliciting from an undercover officer in the Minneapolis Airport.

Yes, there is hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle but is this the most blatant examople of Republican hypocrisy? You might gat an argument on that one.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

These guys have an automatic pay increase every year. I'm sure they feel entitled to it. They feel entitled to take every ones ssi if they want. They have a way to take any ones 401 if they want. Who is the entitled.

Salt Lake City, UT

"I know that all politicians are occasionally guilty of hypocrisy, but have we ever seen anything this blatant?"

Not since 2008 when Obama called Bush "unpatriotic" for running up the national debt, and after being elected, outdoing Bush's debt spending by a long shot.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Great letter Roland and to answer your question, NO we haven't seen this kind of hypocrisy ever. It's further proof that the GOP. Is completely out of touch and not capable of leading as presently constructed. They don't care about the debt. They don't care about the economy. They don't care about America.

They care about one thing, power. They covet the power and position which president Obama currently holds.

Even if it means attacking their own positions!

This is further proof that Obama could cure cancer and repubs would attack him for it.

My oh my how desiring power can go to the head. It reminds me of amalickiah from the scriptures. He could care less what happened to his nation and people, as long as he had power. We all know what happened to him. If the GOP doesn't change they too shall face a similar fate. They already are. They haven't won the popular vote in a presidential election in quite some time!

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

I have to agree with most posters above. Hypocrisy? Yes. Surprisingly so? Not at all.

It is my belief that if you were to offer the most hard line conservatives and strident liberals in Congress the following deal, about half would take it. "You can keep your seat and remain in power for the rest of your life if you will flip your political views to the opposite side."

On both sides, there are folks who truly believe what they say. But on both sides there are folks who would say anything if it kept getting them elected.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

You expect repubs not to be hypocrites? That just isn't going to happen. Remember when they cheered Bush for setting a date to withdraw from Iraq but when Obama went ahead and withdrew from Iraq, they all bashed him for it? It's like that with repubs, they will never accept anything Obama does as a positive.
Obama could give them all a million dollars tax free and they would criticize him for it.

Hayden, ID

What did the Democrats say about the Ryan plan that cut some of the GROWTH in some entitlement spending? We saw adds on TV of Republicans supposedly pushing old grandma off a cliff and accused Republicans of staving women and children. And now Obama says he wants to cut S.S and now we see "acceptance" from the left but no cries about pushing old people of cliffs or staving women and children! Who are the REAL hypocrites?

Burke, VA

"Who are the REAL hypocrites?"

The people who have been crying for cuts in entitlements but are now crying foul when those cuts are proposed by the president they have vilified for four years. Those are the real hypocrits.

The other side (the Democrats) has resisted cuts but are now trying to come to a reasonable middle ground and accepting that some cuts will be required in order to balance the budget. The unhypocritical thing for the Republicans to do now would be to accept some tax increases that they have resisted for so long. (And I'm not talking about just letting Bush tax cuts expire) That would show that the Republicans are trying to come to some middle ground, now that they are getting what they want, or at least what they said they want.

Far East USA, SC

Oh my goodness people.

Are you trying to play one-upmanship?

Which side is worse? Does it really matter?
It is clear by these posts that both sides are hypocrites.

Both sides will use virtually ANYTHING and EVERYTHING done or proposed by the other side as a club.

And we fall for it hook, line and sinker.

Unfortunately, we don't want any and all good ideas or good solutions. We only want solution proposed by OUR party, and will staunchly REJECT all ideas by the other one.

How can we possibly improve things that way?

We better wake up and put America over party. And we better do it soon.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

Silly letter that conveniently leaves out critical facts

The token cuts in social security were only proposed in response to massive tax increases and continued irresponsible spending

They are not a serious attempt at reform, but merely a manipulative attempt to divert attention to the general failure of the larger Obama budget

The cost is not remotely worth the benefit

The major hypocrisy here, is the left crying foul over Republican refusal to take the bait of token changes to entitlement, in a budget proposal that accelerates economic suicide, in a blatantly manipulative passive/aggressive attempt to divert attention from their continued economic irresponsibility

Salt Lake City, UT

So what will you do about it?

Will you demand that political candidates explain and defend their positions, and hold them accountable through your votes and your campaign contributions, or will you just dutifully march into the voting booth and robotically vote straight-party like you always do?

We have the government we deserve, and that's nothing to be proud of.

You can grouse about it, or you can start engaging people in serious, thoughtful conversation for the purpose of improving the quality of political candidates.

Above all, you have to demand serious campaign finance reform. Your voice won't matter as long as money is regarded as "speech."

Far East USA, SC

"Above all, you have to demand serious campaign finance reform. Your voice won't matter as long as money is regarded as "speech." "


Until you get all corporate and union money and lobbying perks out of the system, nothing much else matters.

Unfortunately, we are going in the wrong direction, as this last presidential election was the most expensive in history.

If the money was out, most of our other problems would fix themselves.

Kent C. DeForrest
Provo, UT

Good letter, Roland. Yes, the hypocrisy of this particular statement could almost be seen as a Republican attempt to outdo themselves, which is hard to accomplish.

But I would take exception to your assumption that Social Security is an entitlement. Even the Republicans should argue that point. They won't, but they should.

Hayden, ID

S.S in not an entitlement because if you work, the government takes your money (FICA) and your employer matches that with the "promise" that you will receive YOUR money when you retire. Well, now its the government's money and the government already spent it all and all is left is an IOU in the "trust" fund! How did that happen? LBJ stole it and spent it all on his failed, "great society" program! It really doesn't matter that he was a Democrat, the grand larceny still happened! Congratulations America, you have been duped by your government, again. It was never the government's money but that didn't matter did it?

Bountiful, UT

I Have Paid Into Social Security All My Life And Expect It To Be There When I Retire. I don't Accept As An Excuse That We can't Afford It Because Of The War In Iraq Or Mismanagement Of The War In Afganistan.

The Solution To Dealing With Stupid Wars Is To Deploy The Fact Checkers Before We Deploy The Troups, And Not Enter Into War We Are Not Willing To Do What It Takes To Win And Then Get Out.

If This Means I Have An Entitlemen Mentality, Please Forgive Me.

Far East USA, SC

"and the government already spent it all and all is left is an IOU in the "trust" fund! How did that happen? LBJ stole it and spent it all"

Mountanman. Care to list all the president and congress that dipped into SS trust fun.

It is certainly a much longer list than just LBJ.

Yes, we have been duped by the Govt, but some of that Govt had a big red R by their name.

I think that you know that. Why not be honest?

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Ok, Roland,
Where was your indignation when the dems did the same thing with Ryan’s budget?

You obviously close your eyes to every dem action

LBJ set the precedent, unfortunately followed by all his successors – BO being the worst

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

To Mountanman: The word "entitlement" might not mean what you think it means, but social security and medicare are most certainly entitlement programs.

To lost in D.C.: The Ryan budget is a farce. It is not even a budget, it contains no budgets for any government departments. It actually increases the deficit for the first decade, even if you believe its magic asterisk assumptions, which virtually no economists do.

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