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Published: Monday, April 15 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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MoTown, CA

Things like this happen when America no longer leads in the world...

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

They are going to blame the tea party for this. Just watch.

Salt Lake City, UT

So much for Home Security! Will this be called a 'workplace' happening, or even a 'terrorist
attack"? So much for the more peaceful, get-along with those who already have killed
thousands. Looks like we have a bigger problem with bombs than the 'guns" they have been
spending so much time trying to take away from the peaceful who may well have to protect
themselves when we are 'invaded".

Beaverton, OR

How horrific! The people who want to harm others have zero love in their lives to do such a horrible thing!
I'm shocked, saddened, and disgusted that there would be such a "call to do malicious harm" to someone else who has not harmed them at all.
My thoughts are with those in Boston at this time.


Now is not the time to use this horrific event to make political statements about guns.

Kalispell, MT

airnaut, I won't even pretend to understand your argument or why you even want to politicize this in that manner. One can interpret your comment to show that outlawing the tools used to attack and murder the unsuspecting can never eliminate those tools. Evil originates in the hearts and minds of men and is given life through their actions, not the inanimate tools they employ. In fact, every one of your comments can as easily be used to promote the philosophy of the "2nd ammendment types." Give the political drum a rest, show some decent respect for the killed and injured and allow the investigation to provide information before you hijack this for your own agenda.

salt lake, UT

@CB and airnaut
no is not the time to play petty poltics.

Centerville, UT

This is a terrible reminder that we are living during times of hatred, intolerance, violence, and war. It is foolish to politicize and further polarize this event and our nation. Rather, lets come together and work to protect America, its citizens, its constitution, our laws, our freedoms, and to defeat terrorism.

Hayden, ID

@ airnuat. Sad that you would try to turn this tragedy into a weak attempt to mock gun control and the 2nd amendment. Please have some respect for these victims.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Thank you for the scripted "progressive" response to a tragedy: take shots at the 2A.



@CB --

"So much for the more peaceful, get-along with those who already have killed

Does the date April 15 ring any bells with you?

This is much more likely to be some sort of home-grown tax-protesting crazies than anybody foreign.

Mount Pleasant, UT

I continue to wonder when this will stop. People do kill people - it's not the guns, bombs(they are held by people. It is so frightening that people get away with maiming, killing the innocent. We certainly are in the Last Days and there will be more to come according to the Lord. Our hearts and prayers are offered for those who have been injured, lives taken and for those citizens that were there to witness this heinous event.

Hyrum, UT

To airnaut:

How could someone be so callous and cold as to try to make such a terrible and horrific tragedy into some political statement? Unbelievable! Bombs have nothing to do with the 2nd amendment debate, and this event doesn't one thing to do with guns. None at all. Don't even try to go there at this somber and sad occasion. Some growing up appears to be in order.

Salt Lake City, UT

It is very sad to see this kind of senseless violence, killing and maiming innocent people. Until the perpetrators are found we cannot know those responsible or the motive, so best not to rush to blame.

This is an example of the violence that other innocent people in far away lands experience as a result of US drone strikes. If there was one terrorist in this Boston blast that was killed, would that justify the bombing that hurt so many others? No, it would not.

Whatever became of Peace on Earth, Good will to men?

sandy, ut

Airnaut - would you not agree that bombs are illegal already? Did the laws of bombs being illegal prevent this from happening? Of course not. That is the gun advocates whole point. You can make something illegal, but those who are criminals don't obey the laws. Therefore, a law won't matter, they will still do it. Injuring others and killing others is also illegal. Does that prevent violence? It is true, guns don't kill - people do.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

Funny how airmaut is being criticized by everyone, but CB gets a free pass.

HS Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

God bless the victims and their families. It's a sad reminder that even in America we are not immune to the dangers we see in so many other places in the world. Let the law enforcement agencies do their job. The scum will be caught.

salt lake, UT

fuuny that so many are going after airnaut but not CB they are both shameful

Syracuse, UT

I hope my buddy that was in the race is okay. Thoughts and prayers go out to all involved. Pray for peace.

Mcallen, TX

Let's hope the media gives us an accurate account of what happened, and not spin it.

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