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Published: Saturday, April 13 2013 9:40 p.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

Papa Smurf - great ones make it happen. Wannabe's make excuses, as do their fans. Riley clearly was not a great one, but I think we got the very best of his limited abilities. Please let us know of all the great quarterbacks who are afraid of taking a hit.

BTW - Riley was a forgotten commodity through many, many games, until the writing on the wall was too obvious for even the most stubborn (Mendenhall) to ignore. Heaps got all the support until Mendenhall's job was probably on the line by keeping him in. The hype, hope, encouragement, support, loyalty, and game-time opportunity given to an underperforming quarterback like Heaps is unparalleled in BYU's modern football era.

Beck improved every year at BYU, despite what you think is poor management. Heaps actually digressed from his freshman to sophomore year, and his fear of getting his demolished his accuracy, timing, and poise.

Bluffdale, UT

Just to clear a few things up. Heaps had a parent who coaches refer to as a "helicopter parent". They hovered over every decision of the football staff, and if they didn't like something, Bronco got a phone call. basically a pain in the butt. Heaps also didn't work out in the off-season with the team. Once school was out he went to an elite training facility in Southern California that was paid for by his parents. Maybe that had something to do with the lack of cohesiveness between him and the receivers. It may also explain some of the drop off between his Freshman and Sophomore years.

Let's also consider that Jake could have red shirted and had the same years of eligibility that he has at Kansas, without Nelson. All you have to do is watch the 54-10 game to see that Heaps had some issues with physical contact.

Mismanaged? Maybe to some degree,but the bigger issues were with Jake himself. I hope the fresh start at Kansas does him good and that he is able to reach his potential.

One of a Few
Layton, UT

Here's what I remember, watching the bowl game last Dec. Lark is QB, nothing spectacular but no mistakes and seems to be warming up to the game. Wait there's a sub, Riley, the toughest player ever at BYU, is in the game finally. I turned to my uncle and said there will be a turnover in a minute, and sure enough Jensen came through. Thankfully, that's the last time Coach thought it a good idea to play a QB with a broken back. I also remember hearing about a locker room that made it clear they wouldn't block for Heaps and I saw more than one game where it looked like the O line quit on him. Obviously, Heaps wasn't a leader. But where is it written the sophomore QB should be the leader? He's the play caller and a passer but there are plenty more positions for leadership. For whatever reason the real team leader, Coach, couldn't lead when it was needed and for that Doman was fired and kids who should have had a better chance, Heaps or Lark, didn't get one.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Pleasant Grove, UT

"Heaps will dominate and yes all cougar fans that wanted him out he will be a NFL QB! Oh and how well did our QB do last year? Nice job cougar fan."

I don't think Heaps will dominate because he doesn't have a dominating support staff. But he may play well enough to get a shot in the NFL.

"Look for Ross Apo to be moving on soon, then the typical cougar fan can tell us all how bad he was too. You have to love Bronco and staff! (and 80% of cougar nation)"

Actually, 80% of cougar nation has watched Apo under-perform and we wonder “why?” Cody has exceeded expectations. Skyler too. Even with a difficult qb situation.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT

“I have seen a QB at yBu given more of a chance to excel than Heaps was given. His name is RIley Nelson. Riley had more chances and opportunities to become a good QB at yBu and he just couldn't do it.”

Actually, I think Riley had more asked of him than he was physically able to provide, and he gave it his all. It wasn’t enough, but he gave what was asked of him. I personally respect and admire the man. Glad for a new qb, but I have tremendous respect for him. And Wayne, that's why I defend him every time you take a pot shot at him.

“Heaps was mis managed. Every QB there other than Max Hall has been mis managed since Bronco took over.”

Why is it that all of the U posters universally agree that the qb was “mismanaged?” Is that just a little ironic, considering the recent qb trials at Utah? Yes, I am questioning your credentials to judge in this situation.

Bluffdale, UT

One of a Few,

Yes, there is plenty of blame to go around, but that doesn't change anything. Where is it written that sophomore QB can't be a leader? Max Hall seemed to do well for a soph, and Jonny Manzeil did pretty good as a freshman. Stay and train with the guys you go to battle with every week.


Despite ample opportunities I do believe Jake was mistreated here at BYU. The role of a backup QB is to come in and create a spark. It is a player the other team hasn't schemed for. That is what Riley Nelson did against Utah St. But anyone who watched that game knows he threw a lucky hail marry to the middle of the field that somehow M jacobsen caught and then a tipped ball td to M Matthews. Yet, somehow he became the starter after that game? Jake had a very short leash and Riley it appeared could make mistake after mistake and not see any reprecussions. We saw how that played out. Bronco loved the guy and wouldn't make a stand or admit he was wrong. Is that a leader, or a stubborn man?

Also, remember there was ZERO running game. It wasn't until later in the season that Alisa broke through. On top of that a horrible O Coordinator that would soon be fired. he carried more about keeping his job than developing his QB. Remember the reports that they hadn't talked for weeks! Good luck Jake!

Cinci Man

I honestly believe that if BYU would recruit players with arms on their backs, and another set attached at the knees and an 8 foot pair out the top of their heads, Heaps would have had a sensational careeer at BYU. But since they do not have such sets of arms, Jake needed to take his time to learn and practice hard to become a great passer. BYU was likely not a good fit for him, because Doman could not create an offense that worked for Heaps' development needs. The pressure was too great to win games, and Jake could not deliver a pizza, much less a football. I think Jake should have sat out a year and come back to the new BYU of 2013, but since he didn't, I wish him the very best at Kansas. He's a great young man and deserves his best shot! Go Kansas and Go Cougs!

Bluffdale, UT


What you say makes sense except for one thing. At least Rily was willing to throw the ball out there for a receiver to go get. I remember being frustrated that Jake would never throw the ball down the field like he did his freshman year. Maybe Doman wouldn't let him, but that doesn't make any sense. That was his biggest strength.

Scottsdale, AZ

There is now way Jake was "mismanaged." He had everything a kid could want or need - strong academics, housing paid for, food paid for, school paid for, firesides, and the BYU Creamery.

Mcallen, TX

Papa Smurf UTE--Jake Heaps is miles ahead of anything the utes can muster. I wouldn't cheer a team not bowl worthy, or capable of winning of winning half their games. Period.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Jake Heaps is not a student at BYU. He will never return. BYU will never play Kansas while he is there. Let's just drop the subject. Wish him well but please, please, no more articles about Heaps. He is gone. Gone. Gone

Syracuse, UT

Jake is the best argument for not starting a freshman qb. Had he sat out a year and returned I think I would have done a good job. Too much pressure on a freshman to be a big time qb.
Good luck to Jake. I hope he does well.

Danbury, CT

Just shows what "Talent" can do when combined with real coaching. BYU does not develop its talent, much as I love my Cougs...


@eastcoastcoug - exactly what has the "Talent" done, other than perform well in practice? Seems BYU got the same stellar result in practice. I'm guessing Ziggy, Van Noy, Collie, Pitta, and probably everyone on the team would strongly disagree that BYU does not develop its talent.

Sandy, UT

Awesome! As a BYU fan, I hope he does well in Kansas and develops as both a football player and as a young man. I'd love to see him have great success.

That's A Good One
Salt Lake City, UT

"At Kansas, with a Major Conference OL, he will have the last laugh on bronco and riley."

That's like saying "At Utah, with a Major Conference OL, Jordan Wynn will..." Wait, never mind.

Omaha, NE

"Jake is the best argument for not starting a freshman qb"

Tell that to TX A&M's QB who won the Heisman as a Freshman and went to powerful Alabama and won.

Tell that to Kellen Moore of BSU who was a stud from Freshman to Senior year.

Any QB can shine under the right circumstances. Any QB can start at any college year. Jake is playing for a good coach. He'll be fine. Had their been different circumstances at BYU when he was here, he likely would still be around. Imagine being a freshman QB when your team goes Independent and expectations to do well the first year are through the roof. Add that to playing on ESPN all the time too. We need to give the guy a break.

I want him to do so well at KU and silence all the BYU fan haters out there.

Salt Lake City, UT

He should do alright, I'm pretty sure the Big12 banned defense a decade ago anyway.

West Jordan, Utah

Heaps of praise.

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