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Published: Saturday, April 13 2013 9:40 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT


"I love Jake, but I too am sick of hearing how he was "mis-managed" at BYU. People love to say this with no valid documented circumstances to back up such an absurd claim. "

You are right. There is absolutely no evidence that Anae, the offense coordinator who helped Heaps succeed his freshman year, is better than Doman, who lead BYU to two years of pathetic offense. None whatsoever. Or maybe there is. Think about it. Think HARD.

I also love the comments about Heaps being afraid to of getting hit. I mean, who is afraid of getting hit by 300 lb lineman or 240 lb linebackers running at you at full speed, especially when you have an offensive line that is universally touted as well below average. Certainly commenters on here would courageously volunteer for such duty!

And those many opportunities to shine -- on the 60th+ ranked BYU offense. Who wouldn't prosper in that environment!

Good luck to Jake, and good luck to the Cougars and their new/old offensive coordinator.

Lehi, UT

Anything over 1 win on the season is an improvement for Kansas. I'd say Jake is a pretty safe bet to improve that team.
Regarding the Heaps mismanagement and an earlier claim that the idea is "absurd". Riley Nelson was a 23 year old returned missionary as a junior; Jake Heaps was an 18 year old just out of high school. Bronco Mendenhall made the comment that he felt the talent was about even, so he was going to make his decision based on leadership. Well, gee, I wonder who is going to be the better leader at that point in his life? Bronco set Jake up for failure with his teammates. Bronco should have been the "leader", not a 17 year old freshman or 18 year old sophomore. Bronco should have made the decision to redshirt his talented freshman.
Of course, all Heaps did was make the Freshman All-American team and pass for more yards than any other freshman in BYU history. Then his offensive coordinator, a guy who'd had five 10-win seasons in six years, was replaced. Doman came in and started calling option plays for a pocket passer like Heaps? Really?

Salt Lake City, UT

I am disappointed that there were so many critical comments about BYU. Jake had huge opportunties in Provo. He broke many hearts of loyal fans becaukse of too many over or under throws on 3rd downs. A swing pass to an open receiver on 3 and 5 should be a gimme but they were not. The other big problem appeared to be in the locker room. For whatever reason the team seemed to play better with other QB's. Not sure why and I doubt anyone will ever know.

Having said all that, I wish Jake the very best. Perhaps if he could have had a redshirt year at BYU he would have been better prepared for college football. Huge kuddos to his wife. She seemed to add a lot of stability to his life. I hope they have a long happy marriage.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

How about we forget the past and wish him the best in the future.

Everyone is right on the past yet no one agrees. Funny how that works and how we are all experts and none of were there on in his shoes.

Best to Jake, KU and more importantly to us fans, BYU.

Cedar Hills, UT

@Rational - why would any commenters here volunteer to stand behind a poor offensive line and risk getting hit? Who of us are nationally acclaimed quarterbacks getting a scholarship for our football prowess? Is that what passes for a "rational" thought from you?

Guess who is willing to stand in the pocket, even when his teammates can't protect them? Any good quarterback, that's who, and a lot of mediocre ones as well. Having the same offensive line didn't stop Riley Nelson from trying to make something happen until the very end of every play, regardless of the pressure or the size of the defender coming at him.

I guess it was Doman who made Heaps afraid of taking any kind of shot, and who forced him to make horribly uncatchable passes even when he had time to throw. Think HARD about it.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

Good Luck Jake! I am with Y Grad/ YDad and Duckhunter on this one.

Draper, UT


The fact is Riley was as tough as nails, a good leader but very limited on talent. Not a knock on the kid. He can't throw, he's small, and possessed marginal speed. He was never afraid to take a hit. Watch the films and judge for yourself.

As a man, he will bless the lives of a lot of people. And that wasn't just a comment on Riley. Thanks for allowing me the chance to clarify.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

"I wish him well and will always regret how he was treated at BYU"????

I guess it's all about perspective. Seems to me it was his position to lose, which he did all by his own little lonesome. Best passer in BYU history??? Wow. Could have fooled me on that one.

Heaps was not willing to fight for his position at BYU - end of story.

I wish him well at Kansas. Hope he does some great things.

Kearns, UT

Heaps has the leadership skills of a gnat. BYU ought to schedule Kansas just so Van Noy can eat Heaps for lunch.

The big mistake by the Y coaches? They didn't redshirt him his first year and let him learn whatever system Doman had concocted. The kid came in with a big head and left with the same.

I still prefer Lark over Nelson, but Nelson did have a fire in him but had a lousy O-line.

Mcallen, TX

Hope Jake does well at KU, but he would have been T Hill's backup had he stayed. That's why he left.

Layton, UT

Jake was mismanaged. If he had played for Lavelle and Norm he would of been an All American his sophomore year. At Kansas, with a Major Conference OL, he will have the last laugh on bronco and riley.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

@ Tators

You have some interesting "facts". Yes, Riley did out perform Jake. Was it because Riley was more mobile and could turn broken plays into something? Or was he actually better?

Jake also would have had a much better year with a decent offensive line.

We will see which one makes it in the NFL.

Cedar Hills, UT

Great players, in any sport, rise to the challenge and shine, even if the rest of the team is terrible. Sometimes they can't win a lot of games because of the rest of the team, but great players will shine individually anyway.

Saying Heaps couldn't play as well as Riley because of the coaches, or poor offensive line, or because he wasn't as mobile as Riley, is just a lot of excuses from people who deny the basic fact that if Heaps was great, he would have overcome those challenges. Yeah - Heaps would have been great if only all the defenders got out of the way to relieve the pressure. Come on, Rock, you're telling us that a lesser quarterback can have moderate success and win bowl games with a poor O-line, but an NFL caliber quarterback can't at least match it?

I'm not holding my breath to see either of them playing on Sunday.

Mcallen, TX

Good quarterbacks don't get mismanaged. They perform despite the odds.

Heaps left because he wouldn't beat out Hill, or Ammon Olson.

Idaho Falls, ID

Hmmm, let's connect the dots shall we? Heaps transferred to Kansas after the offense he ran sputtered. The offense sputtered even worse a year later under a different quarterback. The mastermind of that offense is now selling bball back boards.

Gallup, NM

Quit hating! My goodness.

Highland, UT


"And those many opportunities to shine -- on the 60th+ ranked BYU offense. Who wouldn't prosper in that environment!"

Uh....Heaps was part of that "60th ranked offense". It wasn't that everyone else on it was bad and held him back, he was as culpable as any of the rest of them. I like the "it's everyone elses fault he didn't perform" claim though.


Frisco, TX

I do wish Heaps well, after all, he signed my BYU autographed football.

I don't fault Heaps for not wanting to take the hits from 300 pound linemen. I wouldn't want to take those either. Nelson probably would have been a lot more effective if he wasn't playing injured from taking all those hits. I do fault him for not even trying to tackle the Ole Miss DB who he threw the pick to, or at least try to push him out of bounds. If it wasn't for KVN heroics, this play would have cost BYU the game.

I also fault him for his lack of accuracy. I was at the Texas game when M. Jacobsen got wide open on a deep route. Heaps saw him and threw the ball 10 yards over his head. There was no pressure from the the D line. It wasn't like he missed him by a few inches.

I'm still surprised he went to KU. Even though they're in the Big 12, Nevada or Fresno St. would have been a better opportunity. It's the team, not the conference, as U will find out.

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT


I have seen a QB at yBu given more of a chance to excel than Heaps was given. His name is RIley Nelson. Riley had more chances and opportunities to become a good QB at yBu and he just couldn't do it. When the head coach is firmly entrenched in your camp, telling everyone how much leadership and Grit you have, only to watch you fail, and fail miserably over and over and over again, but yet keep you in the game with a bad back, a poor arm, and no real "on the field" leadership qualities.

Heaps was mis managed. Every QB there other than Max Hall has been mis managed since Bronco took over. Beck before Bronco got there was managed poorly, & even in 05 Bronco's first year he wasn't managed correctly. It wasn't until the Utah game in 06 that Beck finally won a big game. Hall came in as a transfer from AZ St, and was fine, but since then every QB since the beginning of the 2010 season has been managed worse than an employee at Mcdonalds. Anae is back with Bronco, so I see much of the same for years to come.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Heaps will dominate and yes all cougar fans that wanted him out he will be a NFL QB! Oh and how well did our QB do last year? Nice job cougar fan.

Look for Ross Apo to be moving on soon, then the typical cougar fan can tell us all how bad he was too. You have to love Bronco and staff! (and 80% of cougar nation)

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