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Published: Saturday, April 13 2013 9:40 p.m. MDT

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Lindon, UT

"Just being efficient," said Heaps, the offensive MVP of the game. "Don't turn the ball over and be out there for my teammates. It was a lot of fun to be out there and enjoy the moment."

Looks like maybe he's learned some things since leaving BYU. Didn't see enough of those things while he was here or he may still be here.

Aurora, CO

Congrats to Jake. Hope he is very successful with his new team. It was hard to see him transfer, but it seems that it was good for him. He has kept a good attitude about his transfer and has kept the bad-mouthing out of his interviews. I am sure there was a lot more to his transfer than was talked about, but it is his decision and he seems to have adjusted to the changes well.

Sitting out a year had to be hard, but he seemed to be successful with the scout team. Good luck Jake and I hope your college career is a success.

Draper, UT

Jake Heaps was handled poorly at BYU by the coaches after Coach Anae left. Thomas Jefferson wishing him ill demonstrates pettiness. As mindgames said, Jake has been nothing but professional after his departure. I wonder what last season might have been like had BYU had a good QB and O-line along with the defense. Could have been a special year instead of relying on grit with no talent.

I wish Jake all the success in the world and hope he has terrific junior and senior years. He's a class act and has earned the opportunity for success.

Provo, UT

"I'd like to thank my publicist" looks impressive.

I wish "I'd like to thank my publicist" the best and a great career.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

They like his leadership. Jake is probably the best passer ever to attend BYU. He now has a coach that will support him and help him to develop. No, he does not have to field punts. He will be a star. I wish him well and will always regret how he was treated at BYU. We more than paid the price for our mistakes last year.

West Jordan, UT

I wish Jake all the luck in the world at Kansas. I am one Cougar fan who thinks he was mismanaged while at BYU.

San Diego, CA

Not surprised that Jake Heaps performed well in a scrimmage where "quarterbacks could not be hit." His major weakness while at BYU was a fear of being hit. I am tired of all the comments about the coaches handling Jake poorly while at BYU. He was given plenty of opportunity to shine, and he failed to do so. I wish him well at Kansas but doubt he will lead his team to more than 3-4 victories in the tough Big 12.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Count me squarly on both sides of the fence (a rather uncomfortable position). I wish Jake absolutely and without regret the most success in the world. I hope he does lead his team out of the wilderness and into the promised land, and that he goes on to have a wonderful pro career.

But if by being mis-managed by the coaches while at BYU you mean that he was given every opportunity to shine and lead, but did neither, and that somehow the coaches were responsible for this, then I am not in camp. If his trajectory had continued from his first year, things would have been different. But Riley didn't steal the starting job from Jake - he squandered it.

So he appears to have learned, to have grown. Good for him! I'd hate to have all that pressure as an 18 year old. And I'd hate to have all that talent and not be able to use it.

But he would not have been able to make more of the struggling offense than Riley, Taysom or James did. And sorry Wayne. Fielding punts would not have helped him either.

Boise, CA

IF he does well, blame for his poor performance at BYU will shift from Jake Heaps to Brandon Doman.

Highland, UT


Heaps was most vertainly not the best passer ever at BYU, not even close. He couldn't hit the broad side of a barn his sophomore year. Not to mention there were some guys at BYU like McMahon, Young, and Detmer, that were near 70% completion percetages for their careers. I believe Young even completed more than 70% one season.

Your bitterness and over the top hyperbole on this subject are pretty tired, get over it and get on with your life.

As for Jake I absolutely wish him the best, I hope he is hugely successful and I think he has been extremely classy about his entire BYU situation. I wish he had stayed and kept working on it here but he had to do what he thought was best for him and I support that.

Good luck Jake.

Salt Lake City, UT

Jake didn't have a problem in the skills department....he just threw everything five short in the dirt....and I do mean everything!

Bluffdale, UT

I love Jake, but I too am sick of hearing how he was "mis-managed" at BYU. People love to say this with no valid documented circumstances to back up such an absurd claim.

Jake has more than paid the price and deserves some success in his life. This whole ordeal was very costly to him and his family as his parents marriage did not survive this. I wish him and his family nothing but success.

Salt Lake City, UT

Good luck, Jake. If you had stayed at BYU we would be hearing the same sniping we heard about Riley Nelson.

Phoenix, AZ

Why are we constantly berated with these humdrum articles about a has been BYU quarterback who transferred to a bottom dwelling big 12 school and was able to 'shred' the bad defense because he picked a favorite receiver and threw it to him most of the game? He transferred...get over him!

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

I live in Washington State and work with a close relative of Jake's. I know things that are not publicly known.
Jake may have been mishandled but that is not why he left.

Coach Doman is a great guy but he changed too much too fast. The entire offense sputtered. The O-line had their problems. With no protection and every play becoming a broken play it is little wonder that a scrambling QB would become a starter.

I wish Jake nothing but the best. He has talent and deserves it. I want to see him in the NFL.
As a BYU Cougar I also look forward to an amazing season this year (hope I am not disappointed).
I was saddened to see Coach Doman leave BYU and coaching. He could be great with a bit more experience. I also wish his nothing but the best as he joins his families business.

Enid, OK

I, for one, think BYU should have fought harder to keep Jake Heaps here. There's a reason he was ranked one of the very best at QB coming out of high school. His confidence took a big, BIG hit the season he finally left but I think coaching was responsible for a big part of that.

I think Heaps will excel at Kansas and we'll live to regret the day he walked away.


(P.S. - I think Taysom Hill is going to be AWESOME but if Heaps had stayed, this would be his senior year and Hill could still be learning the ropes, ready to accept the reins his junior and senior year. 'Too much, too soon' can easily damage an athlete's confidence and once their confidence goes, it's light out....

Hyrum, UT

Fact 1: Jake lost his job because Riley out performed him.
Fact 2: Riley would have had a much better year with a decent offensive line.
Fact 3: Jake quit his team before finishing the year... their bowl game.
Fact 4: Playing a no qb hit practice game against a reserve squad defense means almost nothing.

Cedar Hills, UT

@gbo - I wonder if I'm the only one to see the irony of you calling Thomas Jefferson petty for his comments about Heaps, then referring to Riley Nelson as gritty with no talent. I guess it takes a petty commenter to know one.

@Wayne Rout - please give us the statistics showing Heaps as the best passer ever at BYU. I don't think he makes the top 20. A strong arm does not a great passer make. His passes were consistently overthrown on long routes, uncatchable bullets on short ones, and in the grass at medium range. His terror of being hit permeated his performance.

I'm with Y Grad/Y Dad on this one. I wish Heaps the very best, but any consistently solid performance with Kansas will be the result of him growing up, improving his skills, and overcoming his fear of large defenders - not any proof that BYU mishandled him. I've never seen a quarterback at BYU given more opportunity to excel than Heaps.

Holladay, UT

Jake was quite impressive at BYU during the spring.

But that didn't translate to the regular season.

come to think of it riley nelson was sort of impressive during the spring as well.

I hope Jake does well but I'm not holding my breath..

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

That's nice to see that Jake is doing well and has made a couple of friends at Kansas...but it really boils down to missing out on having a real team to back him up or a legitimate coach who can develop his potential...which Jake does have a lot of... if he can just whet his ego and conduct himself accordingly....something he definitely fell short of doing when he left BYU in the manner that he did.

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