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Published: Thursday, April 11 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Far East USA, SC

So Ralph,

You want the media to report the "real cause"? I think not. The real issues are Medicare, Social Security and Defense.

You don't want to talk about the real cause.

Instead, you prefer to talk about "vacations, golf outings, paid holidays, pay increases, outlandish perks"

The problem Ralph, is the people who would rather talk about petty, partisan, nonsense instead of issues that are truly affecting this country.

Now, can I PLEASE see that birth certificate.

Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

Can we insist that congress and the president live by the same laws they pass for us? So let's start with obamacare! The president, in particular, acts as if we are subjects and not his employers - the parties, when everyone is cutting back, the million dollar golf outings, the vacations, the travel on Air Force 1.

I have never seen a president who can't seem to stay in Washington and do his job, but loves travelling, vacationing, golfing, schmoozing with hollywood elites. But we are all sold a bill of goods that he is one of us, a common man, a cool cat.

Tooele, UT

Re: "Why doesn't the media report the real cause, which is the ineptitude of the president and Congress to fulfill their sworn duties?"

Oh, it's much worse that that, Ralph. It's not ineptitude, at all. Rather it's intentional infliction of needless pain for purely political reasons.

The contuing budget resolution Congress passed included sufficient appropriations for Obama to avoid ALL effects of the sequester legislation on real Americans. But the regime wants us to feel pain. And they hope to blame that pain on Republicans.

So the regime decided, strictly for political reasons, to intentionally inflict needless pain on real people to try and scare low-information voters into supporting deranged liberal spending the Democrats are desperate to preserve, so they can buy the votes they need in the upcoming Congressional elections.

The Obama regime is clearly not inept. Cold, calculating, unfeeling, unAmerican, brutally cynical? Sure.

But not inept.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Star Bright, you are also describing GWB in your comment. He actually spent far more time vacationing than our current President.

And Joe, are you sure it's not the petty, partisan, nonsense that ARE the issues that truly affect this country?

Although some of this letter are a bit questionable, the general idea is right on.

Far East USA, SC

"Can we insist that congress and the president live by the same laws they pass for us? So let's start with obamacare! "

Hate to ruin your rant starbright, but they DO.

Obamacare rules are the same for Congress.

Obamacare will affect me very little because I will continue to get my health insurance through my employer. By default, Congress gets healthcare benefits from their employer, just like me and probably just like you.

No one is forcing you to enroll in Obamacare, just like Congress.

Care to detail out some of the other laws congress does not have to follow?

Tooele, UT

Re: "Obamacare will affect me very little because I will continue to get my health insurance through my employer."

No, you won't.

Your employer will cave in to federal pressure and rising coverage costs resulting from Obamacare mandates, and will, in very short order -- as soon as this year -- cancel your employer-provided insurance. Then, you'll be stuck, like most Americans, with horribly expensive, substandard, and heavily rationed Obamacare benefits.

I'm sure you'll stretch hard to find some way to blame it all on George Bush, but it'll really be Obama's and Congressional Democrats' fault.

Far East USA, SC

"Your employer will cave in to federal pressure and rising coverage costs resulting from Obamacare mandates, and will, in very short order -- as soon as this year "

Costs have been rising for years without Obamacare. The gop is happy to do nothing.

Maybe you have not noticed but employers have already been dropping coverage for years now as costs have see 5-20% per year increases.

Obamacare may not be the answers, but DOING NOTHING isnt either.

Tell me. What has the GOP done in the last 20 years to combat healthcare costs?
Sad that they typically see no reason to do ANYTHING.

Pleasant Grove, UT

"Why doesn't the media report the real cause...?"

The real cause of sequestration is that neither party has the courage to address what really ails our budget. Three budget categories together make up over 60% of our nation's spending: defense, Social Security, and health insurance (Medicare/Medicaid/CHIP).

There were some defense cuts, but sequestration didn't touch Social Security or health insurance. These entitlement programs are crying out for reform. They're the only programs large enough to make a difference toward balancing the budget. Yet no one will touch them, because they are afraid the other party will paint them as heartless.

We all saw what they did to Paul Ryan. He proposed reforms that would put Medicare on a solid footing, and was accused of wanting to push grandma off a cliff.

To his credit, Obama has included mild entitlement reforms in his recent budget. What does he get? Idiots from both sides accusing him of targeting senior citizens.

So the only cuts we can achieve are taken disproportionately out of smaller budget categories.

Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

One old man! GWB had a ranch which was considered another White House. He entertained heads of state at his ranch. He had a place for the SS to stay on his property and didn’’t charge them rent. So let’s be truthful about Bush taking more vacations. He did NOT! And they did not cost like vacations in Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard etc.
I hope someone can break down the cost of the 0bama’s taking separate vacations one in Aspen and one in Florida, flying to Martha’s on 2 planes just hours apart with all the entourage, SS who must accompany both parties, and of course the vacations for the daughters and 12 of their school mates without adult/family; supervision, just the SS.
So if Bush goes to his ranch, which doesn’t cost us anything (except air) and he still conducts business and has heads of state visit, you compare that to a golfing vacation in Hawaii at one of the most expensive places?

Sandy, UT

Listen up people, SS contributes not 1 cent to the deficit. It is unlawful to do so. SS are earned benefits paid for by the contributions of you and I through payroll deductions. We are loaning money and payments from SS to recipients are nothing more than repayments for those "loans". Get it through your thick skulls SS should not be part of any budget discussion. As for Medicare, if your Congress had not passed laws forbidding drug negotiations and looked the other way while business defraud it then Medicare would be off the table also. When see these things and then how they deliberately are submarineing the Post Office, is it really any surprise the economy has been mismanaged for 30 plus years?

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Hypocratic oath - First, do not harm.

Obamacare violates that mandate.

you talk of cost increases - Obamacare does NOTHING, ZILCH, NADA, el ZIPPO, NOTHING to control costs. NOTHING!!!

Doing NOTHING IS better than Obamacare!!!!

If someone is sick, do you pour arsenic down their throat and hope it heals them? that's what Obamacare is.

And repubs DID offer alternatives; nancy and BO ignored them. Quit buying into the MSNBC and DNC LIES that they did not.

don't confuse old man with the truth. He hates bush and when he cannot defend BO, he trots out his old, lame, "it's bush's fault!!"

And truth be told, I'd RATHER BO did not work on vacation - the less he does, the less damage he can do.

Pleasant Grove, UT


We know how Social Security is supposed to work, but Congress has been playing games with the trust fund. Previous surpluses have been spent for other purposes, and replaced with IOU's from the government. In the next few years as more people retire, the program will begin to run a deficit. The government will need to pay back its IOU's, and where will the money come from? Not from payroll deductions of current participants, but from the Treasury. You and I will be taxed for it. My thick skull tells me so.

This is why Social Security must be reformed, and is a necessary part of any budget discussion.

Sandy, UT

Star Bright

There's a lot of hyperbole about the frequency and cost of Obama's vacations. It's easy to tell those people who haven't bothered to actually research the numbers, because those people certainly wouldn't be defending Bush if they had performed any research.

Since you definitely didn't research it, I'll help you (and the inevitable others) along with some FACTS.

Bush took 77 trips to his ranch during his term, totaling 490 days .
Bush took over 100 trips to Camp David during his term, totaling another 487 days.
Bush vacationed to Maine several times during his term.
Bush took 1020 days of vacation in his 8 years, or almost 1/3 of his entire term as president.

In fact, Bush Jr, Bush Sr, and Reagan all took more vacation than Obama has...and silence from the right is all that resulted.

Rant all you want about the Crawford ranch being a remote office, but the same is true for any president, regardless of where they travel. The fact that you not only show outrage with Obama, but that you defend Bush in the process, speaks volumes about the value of your posts.

Sandy, UT

StarBright (part 2)

Regarding your comment on Bush hosting Secret Service on his ranch, a quick google search shows that to be a fabrication as well

"The encampment is a cluster of double-wide mobile homes, adjacent to the president's 1,600-acre ranch, where a handful of traveling White House staffers, Secret Service agents and communications staffers both work and sleep during Bush's stays here. Most members of the president's large entourage of personal, military, security and press aides stay in hotels about 20 miles away..."

Sounds like rented or purchased mobile homes, and hotel rooms. Definitely not the 'rent-free' guest housing that you claimed.

Feel free to continue with your false outrage about Obama.

Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

Silo: Have you compared the cost of the two presidential vacations? Bush was working, hosting foreign leaders. How many foreign leaders has 0bama hosted at Martha's Vineyard, Hawaii, Florida, Aspen, etc.?
It’s impossible for me to understand the logic of a vacation where the president is playing golf, living in an extravagant (tax payer) compound and the one where Bush is living in his own home and working there.
BTW, Camp David is a presidential retreat! I know it doesn’t have celebrities, or Hollywood stars, but Bush loved it as did other presidents. It was required so that the Presidents could get out of Washington, but still be working.
Your sarcasm doesn’t cut it with me.
“The fact that you not only show outrage with Bush, but that you defend Obama in the process, speaks volumes about the value of your posts.”

Sandy, UT

StarBright - "Silo: Have you compared the cost of the two presidential vacations?"

Excellent question. Since you and others seem to be wound up about those costs, post that data for the world to see.

What's the total cost of Obama's trips? Source?
What's the total cost of Bush's trips? Or Bush Sr's? Or Clinton's? Source?

How much more work did Bush do while on vacation? Source?

The reality is that the data doesn't exist and you don't have a clue how the costs compare. Yet you and others feel compelled to get bent out of shape about it and bring it up repeatedly as if it's doctrine.

Contrary to your assertion, the only thing I defend is facts. Thus far, facts have been lacking from your posts.

Here's your chance to post solid data to support your position and redeem yourself.

We'll wait.

Tooele, UT

Re: "Obamacare may not be the answers, but DOING NOTHING isnt [sic] either. . . . What has the GOP done in the last 20 years to combat [the rise in?] healthcare costs?"

Whatever Republicans did, they certainly did NOT intentionally raise costs 40-200%, as the Obama regime has done.

Doing nothing would have been decidedly better for America and Americans than the damage done by Democrat Obamacare.

Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

Does it take a genius to figure the cost of the two presidential vacations? If you, on the other hand, can give me chapter and verse about Bush charging the government for his stay in Crawford let me know. I also don't think Crawford is as far away as Aspen, Mexico, or Hawaii, but I guess I could be wrong since you seem to think I am. I'm comparing the cost of the gas for Air Force 1. Oh, almost forgot the trip to Spain with a huge entourage (I know he stayed at home, we still paid for it). You still haven't shown me any proof that Obama was working while he was at any of his vacations.

I don't begrudge the Presidents taking vacations, but when he closes the WH to children, and plans more vacations and parties it does make one wonder.

BTW, I don't care about Bush Sr or Clinton's vacations, we are comnparing the last two presidents.

And please don't worry about me redeaming myself!

Far East USA, SC

"Does it take a genius to figure the cost of the two presidential vacations?"

Well, Star Bright, then do it.

You have been ranting about the vacation costs of Bush and Obama.

Which one spent more? I have my suspicions.

Since YOU brought it up, lets see your numbers.

I am really tired of people throwing out garbage with no substantiation.

And, at the end of the day, what does it really matter? Is it really big $$.

What a bunch of nonsense.

Durham, NC

The thing is, they are doing exactly what the "people" want...... nothing. There is an absolute mandate to not compromise, to not work together (remember the hub but when the House Speaker actually went to the White House).

We don't want solutions

We want "our" side to win - at all cost. Its an all or nothing proposition.

In a country where no one is just one or another - this level of entrenched stupidity can only result in what we are getting.

If your side is unwilling to give an inch - do you really think the other side is going to just role over?

We are getting exactly what the people want - no matter how stupid it is.

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