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Published: Wednesday, April 10 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Obey the law!

If you dont - you should be in jail.

newhall, CA

No other country allows illegals to march in protest violating the laws of that country at the same time like America. America has become the land of the fools. Don't believe for a minute that all these illegals are loyal to our country. For them it's all about the freebies that our elected officials feel they deserve. No, they don't. If three past presidents could deport millions, it can be and should be done NOW. If not, then it's time to impeach obama and vote out those who believe otherwise. There should have been buses lined up to greet these protesters, have them enter the buses and deport them from there. I have no empathy for these illegal aliens. Deport or revolt.

Provo, UT

Reports today show illegal immigration is up 13%.

They are coming back for the promise of amnesty. Over 50% caught in Texas are OTM (other than Mexican). The world is stealing a path through our back door.

Anaheim, CA

NEVER reward illegal action. Duh!

They don't have the right to "peaceful assembly" if they're not citizens.
Arrest them, Arizona would.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

If only they had a valid point.
We are issuing 1 million green cards a year, even in the recession.
We offer free schooling, free English classes and free school lunch.
Just exactly what do these protesters want?
Five million a year? Ten million?
And why would we admit these self-selected people when there are billions in the world who are worse off and willing to obey our immigration laws.
Why would we welcome those who totally disregard our laws and have the nerve to claim "mine" when they have no such right?

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

while I agree with the first 4 posters, the political reality no one is going to kick them out. I might be talked into legal residency with a SECURE border, but NO citizenship!

Provo, UT

We have had three Presidents deport more than a million people (each). It can be done, not under Obama. If they try to ramrod it through, and not give citizens a couple of months to discuss it, the resentment may kill legal immigration in the near future. Business, and the Hispanics will suffer the greatest. The burger king by me has several drive aways each day when people see all Latino's working there.

I read an article in Rolling Stone today about the tent cities and people living in church parking lots. When the truth gets out, and it will, then we see the backlash.

Your letting the pro-illegal side wear you down. And it's going to change this country for your children and grandchildren.

Mcallen, TX

This is coveting at a high level. Should have rallied for improvements from the country you left.

Richard Larson
Galt, CA

There you go "Immigration and Customs Service.
Now DO you job!!!

Mcallen, TX

I don't get it.

Why didn't these people make their demands with the country they left? Why come here and do it?

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