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Published: Sunday, April 7 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Kaysville, UT

When you think of a national registry and have a perspective of the holocaust, it didn't start with getting people out of the ghettos and putting them on a train. It started with the despot and his nationalistic people that got laws that required certain individuals to register and put an innocent star on their arm, etc. It was benign, at first. We just want to recognize them as an important part of the community as bankers, jewelers, business people and a historic people. There was no malice at first. It was just a national registry for certain people.

Dachau and those places were low key areas. Designing people took over and fear became a reality but after it was too late.

People soon lost their individual freedoms. One step at a time is all it took for certain individuals. Powerful people took hold of a whole country and made laws that didn't have an order but were arbitrary and capricious and isolated one type of people.

Having lived in countries where the Presidents declared martial law and weapons were banned, people buried or hid them. They didn't have registry for good people who registered benignly.

salt lake, UT

While I do have concerns with the way reeds bill is currently written and think that there needs to be the same privacy protections in place as there is with the current back ground checks before passing I think the level of paranoia on this thread goes way beyond healthy reason.

Mcallen, TX

One old man:

It seems Obama is fear mongering, not the NRA. There are bigger fish for him to fry.

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