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Published: Friday, April 5 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Hayden, ID

Oh my! Cutting S.S? Will the left say their man Obama is pushing old ladies off the cliff and starving women and children? Be careful liberals, your hypocrisy is showing, again!

Salt Lake City, UT

So funny that all the liberals love this guy so much!

We are for sure heading for tougher times. America is going to pay a heavy price for allowing this fox into the henhouse.

Ogden, UT

While insisting on more taxes! Obama is like a stuck record. Why would we expect anything different. This is more smoke and mirrors. Obama knows that more taxes will not fly so it is easy to present something that sounds like he is trying. Manipulation is his game. How will this work in any other aspect of real life. I will cut my overhead but only if I recieve more money. Another big Ha Ha

DN Subscriber 2

This is the budget that by law, Obama was required to submit on February 1st, so we can see that he is (a) disobeying the law, and since this is all based on an anonymous official, not the actual written budget, Obama is (b) refusing to even admit what is in his bill.

We must cut spending drastically. The tiny steps thrown out as a trail balloon may be painful, but like all his sequester cuts, are designed for maximum impact on popular programs while leaving the most wasteful, duplicate and ineffective programs untouched.

Cutting payments to doctors and for pharmaceuticals does nothing to improve healthcare, but will create shortages and worse outcomes for patients. Obamacare must be repealed entirely if we are to even maintain our current levels of care. But, his goal is to destroy the best system in the world and replace it with socialized medicine.

The ultimate insult is to propose a massive new pre-school program (even if funded by the dwindling number of smokers) when existing childhood programs are nearly all worthless, except as free babysitting for unwed mothers, or as indoctrination programs for likely Democrat voters.

Obama cannot be trusted, period!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Won't spending more money fix the economy? Why is barack changing his mind?

Hayden, ID

What Obama REALLY wants; communism!

Far East USA, SC

Lets see.

Cutting entitlements which are growing out of control and raising taxes from historically low levels as a fix to our problem.

That is what most would call a balanced approach. And non-partisans would call it reasonable.

You guys would complain about Obama regardless of what he does. = No credibility.

That is why I dont watch people like Hannity or Sharpton. They are too predictable.

Mcallen, TX

How about cuts to mid-east countries? Sequester them, not us!

Isn't sequester a hiding place for Obama failures? You know,-blame sequester, and not the commander.

Omaha, NE

If the budget has significant cuts (like those detailed in the Simpson commission) then I would want the compromise and will the Republicans that I voted for exactly that. If the budget has token cuts only to appear significant on the "headline" level to simply put pressure and win votes in upcoming elections, then it's business as usual in D.C.

South Jordan, UT

Who is dumber? The people we elected in DC or we the people who elected them?

Joan Watson

My memory may not be correct, but it seems that for two years SS recipients received no cost of living increase - yet congress voted once or twice to give themselves pay raises?

Colorado Springs, CO

Yeah, communisim is the grand plan, and North Korea is in on it. Question is: Are we going to take over North Korea, or is North Korea going to take us over? And who will be the leader one that happens? Or maybe Obama and Un will be coleaders!

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Props to BO for daring to mess with SS, but $130B in reductions and $580B in increased taxes is not balanced.

I wonder if he can get reid and schumer to go along, though.

Too bad he is still insisting on even more higher taxes, since the repubs ALREADY GAVE him higher taxes.

But this is probably all grandstanding on his part, because he knows his party will not go along with it.

Layton, UT

@Mountanman FYI, if you haven't figured this out yet, Obama is not a liberal. His is Reagan 2.0

Salt Lake City, UT

When talking about the national debt, those in Washington tell us the US does not default on its debt. Considering that roughly $4 trillion of the debt is money that was appropriated from the social security fund, this move looks to me like a default. How can social security be in trouble when it has so much money owed? When Japan and China get a clue, and stop buying US debt we will be in an economic world of hurt then. In the words of BTO, "You ain't seen nothing yet".

Far East USA, SC

"Isn't sequester a hiding place for Obama failures?"

How is that? Care to explain?

Now, if you had said that the "sequester was a hiding place for Congress's failure" you would probably get unanimous support.

I still have to chuckle.

Obama can not spend a dime without the approval of congress.
Obama can not raise or lower taxes one dime without the approval of congress.

Yet, Obama gets blamed for tax rates and spending rates.

Hey, I have not problem with those who disagree and dislike Obama.

But at least use logic when assigning blame.

Has anyone seen that the Stock Market has doubled in the last 3 years?

Why is that? Let me guess. Republican controlled house? Too funny

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

"Obama is not a liberal. His is Reagan 2.0"

wow Thanks for making me spew milk out my nose


All of the talk about decreases over the next 10 years is a joke. No one seems to have the guts to do it now. Ten years from now we will probably be at a $30 trillion deficit if not higher....10 years is a joke just like his 5% salary decrease.

Utah Mormon democrats need to wake up and bail out of the democratic party. However the Republican party stinks also....join the constitution party and follow the constitution like it says in the D&C.

Mcallen, TX

Why do things need to be explained to you?

Wake up!

Far East USA, SC

Because you know that you cannot explain it.

I expected an answer like that from you.

And whats more, every tax change or $$ spent was voted on by the Republican controlled House.

That is a fact. One that you are either unaware of or choose to ignore.

It is much easier to simply say "its Obama's fault" than to look at the realities.

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