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Published: Friday, April 5 2013 9:30 a.m. MDT

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Just an Observer
Salt Lake City, UT

One more thing I would like to say is that, yes, I can see a Mormon "judging" someone else here in the way Al says she was, and particularly more so depending on where she was in the valley. However, I also know Mormons who have left the church who would say something like that--partly out of curiosity, partly due to repressed feelings of guilt (remember, these are people I know personally; not painting all who have left the church with the same brush), and partly out of a desire to dissuade someone else from investigating the church. I really would like to know more about the story. How did the person respond? Was he indeed an "active" member? Did he say it just because he didn't know what to say and was looking to start a conversation, as some have speculated? I can very easily see that. Tell us more, Al!

Orem, UT

Thanks for sharing your experiences Al!

You're a great example of learning not to judge a book by its cover, but by what's inside.



I think you may live in the same ward as a couple of my daughters.


Personally, I had assumed that all wards (even in Utah) had numerous members with tattoos. Mine does. That is not because there is nothing wrong with getting one (there is), but because it has become so common in our society that lots people get them either before the find the straight and narrow path or when they deviate from it (as all of us do in one way or another). The adversary likes mistakes like smoking or tattoos because those mistakes are obvious to others and can therefore be used as a stumbling block. That is a stumbling block for both the bearer and the observer. It can be a two for one deal. Yes, everyone should overlook and look beyond the smell of tobacco or the mark of a tattoo.
That doesn't need to be extended to asserting that there is nothing wrong with getting a tattoo.

Salt Lake City, UT

Beautiful girl and story. You are welcome in my ward any day of the week. Hope on. Journey on. Fan the flame of your faith.

Provo, UT

there is nothing wrong with getting a tattoo.

usa, UT

Al, as the mother of 2 tatted boys, and a church going gal, I have to stand and applaud you! You speak for me, you speak for my wonderful boys. Thank you for your message, Don't judge, or think inked people aren't pretty or worthy or loved by God. I personally have my own horror story. My best friend of 12 years was relaying a story to me. It was of visiting a YMCA pool. There were a group of "silver hairs" doing water aerobics. In the middle was a younger man, inked significantly. She thought it was odd. Then it hit her..."he was obviously a convict, doing his community service". As we walked that day, and she told me about her trip. I remained quiet for a few seconds, then I softly replied, I hope people don't assume my boys are convicts. In that moment, she had horror cross her face. She apologized profusely. I was blessed with the spirit to let her apologize and not be angry. I felt I stood up for my boys, did not degrade her, but acted appropriately. We still walk everyday, My hope is that she had a change of heart.

Springville, UT

Such a good story. An example to me, I probably would have gotten mad, but it's wasted energy. Al your also really cute too, lol. Anyway, I'm 31, and single, just moved back here from Orange County. I have no idea who actually will see this, but if you do, hit me back, lets go on a date, lol!

Soda Springs, ID


Great comment! I know Heavenly Father rejoices when any of us, those with visible problems or more hidden struggles, make it back to the path to return to Him!!

Ed Vandenburg
Hanna, WY

I am a Preisthood holder and I have made my endowments in the Temple and I am sealed to my wife and daughters for all enternity. I live the Word of Wisdom.I pay my tithing. I do my home teachings. I attened my Sacrament and Priesthood meetings. I am an active and devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am politically and socially conservative. I also have tattoos on my arms.
My choices are between me,my Heavenly Father, My Prophet, and my Bishop.If you are not one of those then your opinion of my tattoos is irrelevent. It is not your place to set in judgement of me or my choices.I'm not a member of the Church to "fit in". I am a member of the Church to have a relationship with my creator. Period!

Castle Rock, WA

My adult daughter has a few tattoos.....one is her nephew's footprints (baby) on the top of her feet, like he is standing on them. The other is a oriental one behind her ear and I forget what it means but nothing bad. She also has plans to put some kind of memorial tattoo for each of her two children, but money is tight, otherwise it would already be done. Not of this means anything BAD about her. It is all about remembering the ones she loves. No, I don't agree with tattoos but yes, I still love her and try to overlook this. Loving MOM

Gig Harbor, Washington

So much good can come from responding with Christ's love instead of becoming offended and reacting defensively. Thank you so much for that very personal story illustrating this principle. I'm so glad we're sisters.

Gael Ridire
Farmington, UT

I joined the LDS Church in the fall of 1976. 18 months later on a mission to western I pulled out my current drivers license. The investigator's jaw nearly hit the floor, the photo ID showed me with hair below my shoulders out to the sides sprouting a Fu-manchu mustache. He said, "When you came through the door I knew you had been hip once." After he was baptised he told me he wasn't going to cut his hair or remove his ear ring. I said he didn't have to, but. . . one day he would. Fast forward to today; I write this with grey hair turning white hanging once more to my shoulders, only it isn't as full as the mane I had before and it's nearly gone on top and I have a long white beard. I get stares, but I'm a background actor for such productions that need such a look. I'm an old Hippie at heart who happens to be a Mormon.

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