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Published: Friday, April 5 2013 9:30 a.m. MDT

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Far East USA, SC

""They should be looked as people who are trying to repent or have repented. "

Rick, maybe you are missing the point.

Why cant a believing Mormon like tatoos? Nothing wrong with a little rebellion.
And a tatoo does not signal the need to repent.

Tatoos have nothing to do with sin."

Hi Joe,

You do realize that the whole mess Satan found himself in began with him thinking there's "nothing wrong with a little rebellion." Look where that kind of thinking got him.

As for tattoos, like it or not, tattoos do represent a way of thinking and, more often than not, the individual sporting tattoos also engages in certain behaviors and a lifestyle that is in contrast to the way you would think a believer in the Gospel lives. That, alone, is reason enough to avoid tattoos. However, another reason is because the body is the Temple of God and when you tattoos the body you're, in effect, putting graffiti on a sacred edifice.

Space doesn't permit discussing exceptions to the rule, but, by and large those are reasons to avoid tattoos.

Supporting LDS Church
Salt Lake City, UT

"Choose. Choose daily. Choose God."


I've recently learned this in my own life. It's so necessary to have this attitude. Awesome!

Eugene, OR

I have an amazing friend who is a LDS and her husband is not. Both have tattoos, the husband way more than his wife. Both are wonderful people. The fact that my amazingly wonderful friend has tattoos in no way diminishes her ability to be an active member of the church - in fact, she is the Primary President. I have never asked about any of her tats - not really any of my business. That fact is there are many members of the church, converts and those "born in the church", who have tattoos. Perhaps LDS members in Utah just aren't as used to seeing them as those of us who don't live in areas of high LDS concentration. If I had seen Al in an Oregon restaurant clutching a church book I would have been more fascinated by the fact that she was holding an LDS book than I would have been by her tats. It is all in the perspective.
You go girl! :)

Rod Mann
Highland, UT

This young lady has wisdom and maturity beyond her years and courage that dwarfs her physical stature.

Bunnell, FL

I'm impressed with your determination to follow the Savior where-ever it leads you. Welcome to the family. Yes, life will be a little harder for you because, of the visual choices you made prior to becoming a follower of Christ. But there are others in our fold who have just as difficult of a time which are not as visual as yours may be. People flock to those with whom they feel comfortable. I don't think it is judging as much as making friends with someone with the same interest. It is hard to get past, the outward appearance to begin with. People with physical handicaps experience the same feelings of judgement as someone with tatoos, beards, piercings etc. They just have to work a little harder to show that they have turned to Christ and we share the same heart felt feelings. There is a scripture stating, a man looketh upon the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh upon the heart. Show them that it is worth getting to know your heart. Show them they have found someone of like mind and heart as a new friend. Stay strong and remember GOD LOVES YOU!

Usa, MD

Great article! It just made my day....I recently got baptized and I also have tattoos, and most of the time I think that I won't be able to find someone because they are looking for a 'temple worthy girls'.....and when I think that I also think that everyone deserves a second chance, and when I decided to get baptized and follow the savior it was more important than my past mistakes! I can help others being an example as you said! Thank you so much, your words really helped me and encouraged me to avoid the feeling of rejection!!!:)))

Wilf 55

Let's face it. In the Catholic Church, the Pope speaks about war and peace, human rights, world poverty, the environment, the family, and the sanctity of human life. I've never heard the Pope say a word about tattoos or earrings. Perhaps we could learn something from the Catholic side as to what is important and what is trivial?

Wilf 55

KristinD said: "People continually say that we here in Utah are closed, judgmental. I have RARELY seen or experienced that. I think it is more of an urban legend than reality. And I have lived here for years and years as a child, young adult, and adult."

Precisely. When you have lived here for so long, you cannot notice it. Come here from abroad in a local LDS ward and you would be surprised...

Far East USA, SC

Well then, can we add long hair and facial hair to the list of things that can help us to recognize bad people? Maybe baggy pants as well?

Cedar city, UT

We need to be much more open to difference in our culture. And if we cannot be open, at least be respectful.


So what if Al wasn't LDS?

I'm pretty sure the comments here would be a lot different.

Judgmentalism is a huge problem in our society and among the religious.

Cedar city, UT

We need to be more open to difference in our culture. And if we cannot be open, at least be respectful.


"And while I was waiting in line I felt very tense. I could feel stares in every direction; it felt like lasers. I stood there stiff trying to ignore it but I couldn't. I could physically feel the stares from everyone."

I don't mean to be a sore thumb but wasn't she judging those people in Cafe Rio by assuming that they were staring at her with a condemning to purgatory attitude?

She was placing the responsibility of her decisions on those who were at the restaurant. Maybe there were some who were with that attitude but I bet people were looking at her just because she did stand out.

Judging is mostly a double standard.

Cedar City, UT

Wow !! I admire her. It takes a Strong and Spiritually connected person to do what she has and continues to do. I have seen many things, experienced a lot as well. Almost two years ago, I lost my 17 year old son. I miss him greatly. I also have regrets about some ways I treated him. Now that he is not here, amazing things have happened. Many Youth who knew him are changing their lives and affecting others in a positive way as well. All of us make decisions that sometimes leave evidence. Some physical, most not. I have learned that there are always stories behind the images (Tatoos). Some of those stories are about amazing changes in their lives. This is one example. In a New Group that I attend here in Cedar City, UT., there is a Topic titled "Overcoming Negativity". Strong message for everyone. It is hard not to Judge others, we must though in order to enjoy Peace and Happiness and not add to our pile of Regrets in our lives. Thank You for the Story.

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layton, UT

Mormonism and Tattoos are compatible, Lev 19: 26 “‘Do not practice divination..28 “‘Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord


This girl is incredible. It could've been so easy for her to judge the man for what he said, but she decided to be positive about it. Some people think that they are entitled to love from everyone no matter what they do which "should" be completely true, but then they judge the other person for not loving them which is an oxymoron. This girl did quite the opposite. She still wanted the love from people, but when it didn't exactly come at first she still loved the man anyways. I am sure that his opinion of her was very positively influenced. "We loved him because he loved us first" That scripture carries a lot of truth in it :) But what scripture doesn't? haha :)

Draper, UT


"As I got older and started thinking for my self, I realized that most mormons in Utah are the most judgmental, hypocritical people I have ever met in my life."

Perhaps you should follow your own implied advice here to not judge? Do you know "most Mormons"? Do you know me? Your statement is no different than someone making an absurd assumption such as most people with tattoos do drugs. There are judgmental people in all walks of life and in all faiths. Everyone is imperfect and doing the best they can given their experiences in life up to that point. The key to change is changing ourselves. Then we can see the world differently, become more accepting of the weaknesses of others and maybe even be a strength. Al Fox showed incredible strength in responding positively and is a great example.

Rocklin, CA

We all have tatoos. Some are physical and some are spiritual. I saw a man in the temple with tats all the way down his arm and on his neck. It caused me to admire him for the life he left behind to be there.

Mapleton, UT

When I first joined the Church at 30, a wise man said to me, "Remember that people are people, but the Church is true". I have remembered that for over 35 years as a member of the Church. It sounds like you are strong in your testimony and you should not worry about what people say, but only how you serve! I believe in your circumstances you are provide the rest of us understanding. Thanks for being who you are.

Sandy, UT

When you wonder what people are thinking about you, know this: They usually AREN'T thinking about you; they're more often wondering what YOU'RE thinking about THEM. I always tell people that if there's anything they don't like about me, then just go ahead and find something else to think about. It's a big world with lots of things to ponder and be involved in, so don't waste the time evaluating everyone you happen to see.

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