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Published: Friday, April 5 2013 9:30 a.m. MDT

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Beverly Hills, CA

I welcome all with an open mind and heart, that is what the Saviour teaches. I wish the best for everyone out there who feels like they don't belong to know that God's love is more powerful than the pettiness some people chose to usher on others. We will be judged on our kindness, we will be judged for put lack of kindness when treating others different than us poorly.



I guess you have never heard the prophet say we shouldn't get tattoo's or the scriptures say the body is the temple of God. I think it is you who missed my point. I applaud her for joining the church with the tattoo's.

Bluffdale, UT

I really enjoyed your article in LDS Living. And I particularly love everything you said here. I can't imagine saying it a better way. My stake president once said that if someone comes and sits down next to you in church and smells like smoke, what do you think? Do you think "You don't belong" or do you think " I am so glad you are here" I always choose the "I am so glad you are here" I am so glad you were baptized and even braved moving to Utah!!

Turlock / USA, CA

it is always better to have the sins that can be easily seen than have the sins that can be hidden. I am not sure having a tattoo is a sin at all. Other than respecting the temple the Lord gave us to house our spirits.... that said my son is 26, and has had a hard time with addiction which runs in our family. he has been doing well for several years now but if anyone were to judge his book by his cover, tattoos, scar's, big ear ring things, etc... But his heart is the softest of any of my children. He started going off and on to a singles ward in Dallas, and he feels very aware that he doesn't look like everyone else and is carrying the scars figuratively and literally of a hard 10 year battle with addiction. But he loves the Lord, believes in the gospel, and helps others overcome the same issues he had... It isn't what you were that matters it is who you are becoming.... Thanks for the blog!!

Far East USA, SC

"I guess you have never heard the prophet say we shouldn't get tattoo's or the scriptures say the body is the temple of God."

You are correct. I have never heard it. When he said it, was he speaking his opinion or was this Gods word? Often times, in LDS history, things that their prophet says are discounted in hindsight as the opinion of a fallible man.

As far as temples of God, I have seen lots of temples with colorful artwork.

austin b
Rexburg, ID

Great post. I'm happy for you. Having a good attitude in a touch situation must have been so difficult. Your example is a great one. I have two daughters ages 5 and 8. I can't wait to share your story with them. :)

South Jordan, Utah

What a special young lady.

She gives me hope that maybe my sons will come back to the church some day . . .

Tooele, UT

Al, I left Utah shortly after I returned from my LDS mission in 1989, vowing never to return because of the judgmental / hypocritical attitudes of many of around me. Like you, the Lord called me and my family back to Utah and it was a bit of a hard pill to swallow for me. It's very eye opening to see the negative attitudes of some folks here, vs. how "the world" views these truly Christ-like people.

Regardless, it's how our Savior views all of us. Just remember He didn't dwell among the rich, famous and popular, but the humble folks. Too bad some of the "saints" don't remember this little factoid. Keep the faith and God bless you.

"Don't judge me because I sin (or look / behave) differently than you" - Bumper sticker; attributed to Pres. Uctdorf

Laie, HI

i'm so proud of your decision to respond without anger. You totally chose the right!..Wishing you all the best..much love!

magna, UT

This is a truly amazing article with a lot of great morals that everyone can learn from. I have lived in Utah my entire life and was raised mormon. As I got older and started thinking for my self, I realized that most mormons in Utah are the most judgmental, hypocritical people I have ever met in my life. I have tattoos and im not afraid to show it. I don't go to church and haven't for years simply because of the people. Another great lesson that is preached all across the mormon community is, "don't judge someone by the way they look, you need to look deeper at what is inside. This girl obviously a very strong individual and she shouldn't be judged! I salute you Al Fox! Truly inspirational story!

Clearfield, UT

I am curious as to how the person in the cafe responded. I do feel many LDS are to judgemental of others. Especially those who embrace extreme conservatism. I am single and I hate attending church and sitting alone. That is why I drove to SLC to attend a singles ward. I have been to the polynesian cultural center. many of the dancers had tatoos. Nothing vulgar. I remember one had a rose on her ankle and one performer was covered with tatoos from the waist up. It was cultural. I admire her for the courage to move here. I have often though it would be difficult to move to a new place without friends or family support. Judge not lest ye judged was the counsel Jesus gave. Enough said.


Many years ago, while I was attending BYU, I met a new roommate in Provo. He came into our apartment wearing a sleeveless leather motorcycle gang jacket with tattoos covering his massive arms (he was about 6 foot three and 280 lbs). Scared the heck out of me!

We found out he had just been baptized and left California to get away from his old life. Turns out he was the nicest, most gentle and loving roommate I ever had. Great lesson for me!

Some of us need these type of lessons in life, especially when I was younger and knew everything. Thanks Al Fox for being a great person regardless of how others treat you before they know you!

Las Vegas, NV

awesome story Al! Looks like you have it all figured out. Your story reminds me of "...when thou art converted strengthen thy brethren" and that's exactly what you were called/prompted to do. keep it up!

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

I had a missionary companion from Manaus Brazil in the Amazon jungle. He had a tattoo of a dragon all the way down one arm and a snake down the other. He had joined the church two years previous to leaving on his mission. He wore long sleeves every day of his mission and I never heard him complain once.

We could all take a lesson on judging what is inside instead of the outside.

My favorite is the guy that has all the Mormon prophets tattooed on his back. I'm sure a quick search will quickly find it.

Montrose, CO

We, with all our knowledge, can be so stupid and say the most unkind things. Miss Fox, you have done well, and tattoos do not the person make. I myself wouldn't have one, but it is because I don't like needles. (any kind) I have two daughters with tattoos, and behind each tattoo they have a reason which for the time they were added, I understand. I don't criticize, I just love those girls. I have seen so many new converts with tats I no longer think of it as artwork, but more of a mark of challenge. You rose above the challenge. You are awesome, and a daughter of God. Keep on keepin' on. You are leaps and bounds ahead of those who judge you. Thanks.

Bountiful, UT

I was in the Temple as a worker when a young man with a pony tail and tattoos from his chin to who knows where was attending our session! My fellow workers were whispering when someone asked me what I thought? My answer was simple...isn't it wonderful? I can not imagine what he has been through but it has made it!!! His Father in Heaven must be rejoicing!, silence gripped the room....

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

My stepdad has tattoos from when he was inactive as a young man and joined the Navy. He's a sealer in the temple.

Minnie T.
mesa, AZ

All I have to say is I understand. Glad you hung in there. Its the only way, the right way. Good for you.

Virginia Beach, Va

We need more Al Fox's which means we in the Church need to show more love. Maybe thats why I love my ward. Members with long hair, beards, tattoos and hearts filled with love reaching out to those that need the Gospel.

Syracuse, UT

Wow! Kudos for her reaction. I wouldn't have been able to do that.

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