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Published: Wednesday, April 3 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Morgan, UT

Happy Valley Heretic said...

"Way to lead Obama.

of course this will be spun as a bad thing by those that only post their hatred of the president."

Dude, cry me a river!! Do you remember the hatred your liberal brothers had toward GW Bush? The posts directed at Obama is mild compared to what was said about him. Of course you would say GW deserved it. So predictable.....

Eugene, OR

And the whining continues. The president (regardless of who he is) works harder than all of us put together and then some. I was unhappy with most of what Bush did, but I didn't begrudge him earning an income from being in the White House. The idea that anybody who serves in public office isn't supposed to make a living from they do sets a more dangerous precedent then most of you realize. If the only people who can afford to elected to office are already independently wealthy, whose interests are they going to be looking out for?

And I'd love to have someone show how President Obama's vacation time is different than what any other president does. He's actually taken much less than Bush, if you'd care to actually get the facts...

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "KJB1" I saw an interesting article about Obama returning 5% of his salary. Again, he has deceived the people. He is only returning 5% of the salary he receives as President, he didn't include the other $360,000 that he got from his book royalties, nor did he include the $100,000 from his travel budget or his $50,000 expense account that he gets. If Obama was really going to return 5% of his salary he should have returned $45,500 to the treasury.

If you want to compare Obama and Bush's time away from the White House, that is easy. The Secret Service referred to Bush's ranch as the Western White House because he did his job there just as much as he did while at the white house. Obama goes on vacation and does the minimal required as President. Read "Newsweek Defends Obama's Leisure But Mocked Bush's Working Vacations at Texas Ranch" at Newsbusters, "Bush's Working Holidays:
Aides say the president is on the job even while vacationing in Crawford" in US News and "White House to move to Texas for a while" in USA Today. Bush took work with thim, Obama just kicks back.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

you say BO does less work while on vacation than bush did.

count your blessings - the less BO does, the better off we are!

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

So Obama is giving back 5% of his 400,000 salary?

Big friggin' deal.

Mitt Romney has given 10% of his gross earnings for decades (many, many MILLIONS) to his church/charity and even MORE money beyond that to other non-LDS charities over the years, but, hey, we can't talk about that, now can we?

America, America, oh, how the mighty have fallen.....

South Jordan, UT

Purely symbolic, nothing more. 5% of part of BO's income is nothing when you consider that he is already living the life of a BILLIONAIRE on the taxpayer's tab. Him paying the millions it's costing us for his golf trips (how does he get away with it?) would mean a lot more to me.

Layton, UT

I am no Obama hater but I really wasnt impressed. He has MILLIONS of dollars. Like Mitt Romney, he can afford to work without the salary. If you are really serving the people, that salary when you have money like those two men do, what is 5%? Even on top of taxes.

It's like getting coupons for a restaurant for 3% off. Don't insult me.

Norco, CA

Some reent Presidents never took a dime from the taxpayer for a salary. Why would any politician work for a salary when most are self reliant citizens? Our President does not need a salary only leadership to protect our county from enemies. Let church volunteers serve their worthy poor and get government out of marriage and entitlements. Isn't the major and minor religions teaching to help others and do so with quiet examples of welfare and humanitarian aid. Let government leaders look to these sources to help citizens who are down on their luck. There is just too much waste when the government is bigger than the citizen.

Barstow, CA

5% is an insult to all of us who will have to give up 20% because of the furlough. Just another PR stunt.

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