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Published: Tuesday, April 2 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Mickey Kovars
Tampa, FL

The critical and missing element here is trust. Obama says his proposals are not intended to violate the right to keep and bear arms under the 2nd Amendment. Why should we believe him? He has squandered his credibility on a host of issues. His attorney general made a speech back in the '90s where he said he'd like to put guns into the same category as cigarettes -- taxed and shamed out of existence. He is close to Mayor Bloomberg and numerous others who want guns gone -- period. I don't trust Obama on any issue any more -- why should anyone else?

Andy Gundersen
Sandy, UT

It offends me that the politicians in Utah continue to pander to the wayward fringe of their base that is not part of, nor represents mainstream America. All things in our society have limits, mostly based on common sense. With every aspect of freedom, comes responsibility. I have no qualms with those that want to own guns. I do, however, have a problem with those citizens, especially politicians, that use a very literal and outdated interpretation of the 2nd Amendment as a means of perpetuating a culture based on no limits. Mike Lee's stance on gun control is a political prop used to create fear and paranoia by waging a huge information campaign. Nobody is coming to take your guns away. The majority of Americans just want common sense restrictions and regulations in place to keep gun ownership exclusive to those that are responsible enough to bear that right. And Senator Lee's continual criticism of the federal government seems a bit hypocritical, considering that he is an integral part of it.

Draper, UT

What about my rights as a citizen to be able to send my child to school and be safe and my right to go to a movie theater and be safe? Why does your right to bear arms come before my right to be safe .

South Jordan, UT

I like Senator Lee he isn't afraid to stand alone for what he thinks is right. I also like that he and I see eye to eye most of the time.

Salem, UT

I have never been so proud of my Senator. Beautifully said Senator. Laws like the ones being proposed right now only effect law abiding citizens. Which means, if they are passed it will force 60 million Americans to make a choice. We must set aside our rights in order to remain law abiding citizens, or we must become criminals in order to keep our second amendment rights.

Is a law that puts the people in this kind of catch 22 ever a good thing? I think not.

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