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Published: Friday, March 29 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

I think its great and I'm sure it will continue. The RED states are advertising with a welcome mat as the blue states are...well just blue since they continue to see companies leave for better business environments. I loved Rick Perry of Texas over in California pitching the business friendly environment of Texas to Silicon Valley companies who are getting straggled by liberal debt and taxes. I suspect all of these gun manufacturers will pack their bags for friendlier confines elsewhere.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Maybe some other countries far, far away will be able to woo them overseas. Cheap labor, no safety rules, no unions, and tax havens galore.

Yeah, take your guns and go away.

Santa Monica, CA

The more I watch The Walking Dead Marathon--the more I see who the hordes of "walkers" represent----Namely, the dead inside people of America---like this ghoulish man from New Hampshire--who seek only to feed off the corpses of their fellow man.

Mcallen, TX

Amazing how people are fleeing the all caring regulating/liberal states, and their high taxation.

Unfortunately, their liberal philosophies are following them, and contaminating states like Colorado.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

I wonder what Perry says to people who ask about little things in Texas - schools, crime, political balance. Maybe to gun makers it just doesn't matter as long as the bottom line is served enough.

Ivins, UT

It's time fot the gunmakers on the east coast to get out of there along with most other progressive, enterprising companies. Move to the west folks, where your products are appreciated and used. Less trouble with the unions also here in Utah.

I would welcome more gunmakers in Utah personally, like the Barnes Bullet Co. in Nephi. There are quality jobs to be had by a gun friendly citizenry here in Utah. Utah has a history of being friendly to gunmakers like the pioneer Browning Family of Ogden, Utah.

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