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Published: Wednesday, March 27 2013 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

Agency. We can go with God, or we can go with man. Choose ye this day...

I remember that Sodom and Gomorrah were rained on with fire and brimstone. I don't remember Sodom and Gomorrah having a big rainbow raining with skittles, or lucky charms, or having prancing leprechauns.

In summary (for those with short attention spans or who are bent on ignoring theology/history) Sodom and Gomorrah were DESTROYED for their immorality. God decides what immorality is and is not.

When man decides what immorality is and is not they get fire and brimstone, not rainbows and skittles.

It' pretty straight forward if your intent is to serve God. Serving yourself is when it gets confusing.

Salt Lake City, UT

What we know about Sodom and Gomorrah is verses later in the Bible about their inhospitable nature and how they didn't care for those less fortunate, and then the chapter in Genesis itself...

That chapter includes men who were looking to rape angels (there's a big difference between rape and consentual sex) and the one allegedly moral guy in the story, Lot, offered his daughters to the rapists. Do you really want to use this story as anything useful about morality?

Provo, UT

Good for the church! One of the few Christian churches that has the spine to stand up for what is right.

Provo, UT

It is unfortunate when members of the Church call their fellow members' worthiness and faithfulness into question based on sweeping assumptions about political issues.

I am a faithful LDS member, enjoying all the blessings of the Temple etc. I support marriage equality.

My position on this issue is grounded directly in the following official, canonized, divinely inspired scripture:

"9 We do not believe it just to mingle religious influence with civil government, whereby one religious society is fostered and another proscribed in its spiritual privileges [such as marriage], and the individual rights of its members, as citizens, denied."

I refuse to be a part of any effort to deprive my fellow US citizens of equality before the law when it comes to marriage. I refuse to act contrary to scripture and revelation that have provided guidance since the Prophet Joseph established the foundation of this work.

You may interpret things differently. But please stop castigating the worthiness and faithfulness of those you are supposed to be calling "brother" and "sister".

sandy, ut

poyman - How can you really believe what your comment said? Just because you believe it doesn't mean others have to. It also doesn't mean that because you think it is god's will that it actually is his will. I doubt you have talked to him. If somebody doesn't believe in your god why would they have to follow your god's teachings? It is absurd to make people think they are wrong for not believing what you believe.

Saint George, UT


Thanks for a textbook example of a Red Herring.

I made a distinctly clear point about God's disapproval of sexual deviance - which you avoided altogether. Instead you relied upon your own interpretation of morality (which is what same-sex marriage advocates do), and the bible, to justify your position. There is more in the Bible about Sodom, its just that you're only familiar with the points you think prove or disprove what you want to believe or disbelieve.

You're right, God probably only destroys cities for their "carelessness" and "inhospitability".
Next you'll argue how the word "Sodomy" is etymologically inaccurate...that it actually means "careless", "inhospitable".

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
When all you want is same-sex marriage, even the scriptures appear NOT to condemn it (Jesus said 'love everyone', 'don't judge' [*teary eyes*]). It's self-deception, my friend.

Again, when you are serving yourself, it's easy to rationalize and justify any and everything.
When you seek to serve God, what's right and what to do becomes pretty black and white.

Orem, UT

@BrahmaBull: Just a historical note: polygamy was not illegal when the LDS Church began its practice. Moreover, it *was* illegal for the U.S. government to enforce the new law (the Edmunds-Tucker Act) against polygamy retroactively, but it did so anyway.

I do *not* intend this comment to condone any current practice of polygamy.

Nashville, TN

@Chase --

"Next you'll argue how the word "Sodomy" is etymologically inaccurate..."

That depends on which language you're speaking in.

Due to strict DN moderation, I can't tell you exactly what it means in the different languages. There are actually several different meanings. And guess what -- none of those meanings are restricted to a specific gender, or specifically refer to same-sex relations.

"There is more in the Bible about Sodom"

Yes, there certainly is. Unfortunately, every time I try to post quotes from the Bible I get my post denied by the moderators. I can't understand why that is.

Since I can't actually post quotes, I will just say that the sins linked to Sodom within the text of the Bible include adultery, lying, impenitence, careless living, wantonness, "filthy" lifestyle, arrogance, haughtiness, "careless ease", and failure to help the poor and needy.

Let's see if the moderators will allow me ONE Bible quote:

"Behold, this was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had arrogance, abundant food and careless ease, but she did not help the poor and needy. Thus they were haughty and committed abominations before Me." (Ezekiel 16.49-50 NASB)

Anchorage, AK

Sharrona posted:
But, the original articles of faith. #8 We believe in the Word of God recorded in the Bible; we also believe the Word of God recorded in the Book of Mormon, and in all other good books.

The above is incorrect. An article at fairlds about changes to the Articles of Faith, fails to mention the above. The 8th AoF as original penned by Joseph Smith, appears exactly the same in the Pearl of Great Price.
AoF #'s 4, 6, 7 and 11 are documented to have been changed between JS penning and inclusion to Canon of Scriptures.

Your quote comes from a book published by a member of the Church. Apparently he was having "fun" with the scriptures. I remember fellow seminary students, and missionaries taking such liberty with the scriptures, all in humor and fun.

sandy, ut


That may be true, but the church continued to do it, and church members continued to take on polygamous relationships knowing it was illegal. Parley P. Pratt also took a wife that were still married (also illegal) yet felt it was the right thing to do so he disobeyed the law because it was convenient for him.


I'm confused... LDS Church affirms position on marriage? Which position? One wife? Many wives? Wives already married to other husbands? The 'position' has been all over the map, so please forgive my confusion.

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