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Published: Wednesday, March 27 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Kaysville, UT

I wonder if this will stop the men of the Secret Service from joining with the men of the Air Force President's fleet of aircraft crews in their secrets being violated for affairs with foreign nationals on their trips to Colombia and other places.

Is the mentality deeper than the director's ability to curb those potential security risks that they displayed?

In the case of CIA-director Patreaus, it was the director involved, so potentially directors are not exempt from the problems that occur.

St.George, Utah

Women are not wired with that distracting evolutionary issue that causes major problems for men. That issue has brought down many a "good, decent, powerful" male.
Women are extremely detail oriented and known to be able to very adept at multitasking.
After reading about the "perils" and "distractions" that existed for the former military leaders, and other powerful men recently, the decision to have a women run this agency is right on!

Plano, TX


While I otherwise have no issue with a woman leading the Secret Service, your supposition that women aren't wired... I empirically dismiss out of hand. I've watched numerous married women in business engage in exactly the same type of moral mischief as men, and frequently with their co-workers. This is not a male specific behavior. As one of my good friends at a Fortune 100 company once blabbered at a company dinner, "You can't sleep your way to the top of this company, I've tried !".

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