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Published: Monday, March 25 2013 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Pendleton, OR

"I have learned that the strongest among us are those with the cleanest mirrors."

I have learned that the strongest among us are also the humblest and probably because they have the cleanest mirrors.

Harwich, MA

@Bill in Nebraska....you're wrong.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

@Bill in Nebraska – “You will not nor will anyone but the Bishop receive inspiration and guidance for the WHOLE ward. You will only receive confirmation that what he is doing is correct. You won't receive inspiration or anything contrary to his inspiration. NEVER! The same is said of anyone who is in authority over you.”

Wow, did this send a chill down my spine. I wonder how much evil has been done in the world because enough people believed exactly this regarding “God inspired” authority figures.


Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

Tyler D, Dennis, and Bill in Nebraska,

No, we won’t receive inspiration contrary to that of the bishop. My own experience is that inspiration comes to the various members of the bishopric and the ward council, but the bishop has the keys to discern from these the way forward.

None of my bishops have been perfect. But none have ever been anything but dedicated men trying to move in close tandem with the Holy Ghost. I think they succeeded most of the time.

Do they ever delegate? All the time. Those closest to those being served/led should receive the inspiration and communicate that to the bishop. In fact, bishops often require this (as they are busy enough).

Lastly, do they ever just “wing it”. Sure. Why? Because not every decision requires a divinely inspired answer to follow. Just a decision and follow through. What is the best night for blue and gold banquet? How many of this or that should we order? Sometimes even who can preside at the baptism on Saturday (though that one could swing both ways)?

Not every question requires the heavens to open to the bishop.

byu rugby
Crystal Lake, IL

loneliest calling in the church. I am glad they serve. Wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Bill in Nebraska
Maryville, MO

Tyler D: One thing to remember there is only one leader per congregation. If the Bishop is receiving guidance and someone else is at the same time going in a different direction will cause chaos, confusion and divicivness in the congregation. As Twin Lights put it only the Bishop receives revelation for the whole ward and the Branch President for the Branch. Each has two counselors, a ward/branch clerk and an excecutive secretary. This makes up the Bishopric/Branch Presidency. Counselors may receive revelation and inspiration that is necessary for the ward/branch to function. When decisions are necessary the counselors should counsil with the Bishop/Branch President on these issues. If even one of them is not unified with the discussion; prayer is taken and the one offering the prayer is the one who isn't unified. Once the Bishopric is unified then it is generally brought before the entire Ward Council. Again a discussion is said, the Bishop listening to all discussion. If the Bishop/Branch President feels that the guidance to the bishopric/branch president needs further discussion then it is tabled.

Tooele, UT

@ Vonkalicious - I believe I understand what you're trying to say, and, having sat at my bishop's elbow for about 18 months now, my appreciation for you and for all bishops who serve has only deepened. Yes, your ward and its members will benefit as you inspire their trust by following Christ, but I would suggest a small modification in your thinking: Teach THEM to trust CHRIST. (Perhaps that goes without saying, but ...)

Cedar City, Utah

Brave Sir Robin - be forgiving of toosmartforyou: although the article states the SOURCE as the bishop's blog, there is no indication to know if the HEADLINE to this reprint comes from his blog, or perhaps more likely, the DN editor. I would have assumed the latter myself as well. However, after linking over to the bishop's blog, it is indeed self-titled "Confessions..."

Cedar City, Utah

Dennis - I know darn well that's happened in some of my bishoprics as well...unfortunately

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