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Published: Tuesday, March 19 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

What a great decision, to invade Iraq.

Hayden, ID

What a great decision to invade Japan, France, Germany, Philippines, and many other countries; remove murdering dictators and leave, allowing the people to govern themselves!

Far East USA, SC

So, is the takeaway here that all invasions are good? Maybe we have made some good decisions and some bad ones.

Some partisans will support their party decisions regardless.

Go independent. Then you can praise or criticize any decisions, regardless of party.

The decision to invade Iraq will go down in American history as one of the worst decisions ever made.

Hayden, ID

@ Joe Blow, I doubt Iraq will go down in history as worse than Vietnam. At least we didn't lose in Iraq and Iraqis are free to run their own country if they so choose. JFK and LBJ, both beloved Democrats, probably still think Vietnam was a good idea.

Mcallen, TX

And we still have thousands of troops in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Are we wasting our time, and money? We're also arming, and giving money to Egypt.

We have a seventeen trillion dollar debt, and leadership that can't stop spending.

Will our government rob our bank accounts, and retirement to make payments on our debt?

Steve C. Warren

@Mountanman, Joe Blow is right. Going to war in Iraq "was one of the worst decisions ever made."

And, by the way, although it was LBJ and McNamara, both Democrats, who got us into the Vietnam War, the Democrats in Congress turned against it long before the Republicans.

Far East USA, SC

"JFK and LBJ, both beloved Democrats, probably still think Vietnam was a good idea."

Maybe so, and they are entitled to their opinion, even while dead.

But as I have said, partisans will defend even bad decisions made by their beloved party.

Me? Nope. Vietnam was a stupid war. See, that was easy.

I think that we need to ALWAYS make going to war the last option. And make the American people be invested in it.

Heck, I find it amazing how many will defend the idea that we DID find WMD in Iraq, even to this day.

And even after both Bush and Cheney admit that we didn't. Just wait, Redshirt may just follow with his long list about all the WMD we found.

That is partisanship/

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Wrong again. There are no US troops in Iraq today. Plenty in Texas though.

Mcallen, TX

The US embassy in Iraq is now the largest diplomatic mission in the world. It employs 13,000 government officials and contract workers.

I would guess that some police/military protection would be present.

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