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Published: Sunday, March 17 2013 7:35 p.m. MDT

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Orem, UT

Congratulations BYU on your 8th straight post-season tournament.

BYU has a great chance of hosting its first two NIT games against Washington and the winner of the Tenn/Mercer game.

I'll be there Tuesday night.

Go Cougs!

Gilbert, AZ

Nice seed and bracket for BYU and a great chance to advance past the second round playing the first two games at home.

Good luck Cougars!


Welcome back to Utah county to C.J. Miles.

Iowa City, IA

Go Cougars! Surprised at the 3 seed, glad to be hosting, hope BYUtv will be able to broadcast it.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Considering Washington is a top 100 RPI team that does not bode well for byu.

Lindon, UT

C.J. Wilcox vrs Tyler Haws. PG vrs Lone Peak. They were both great high school players and left all of us, who were lucky enough to see them against each other, with many great memories. Both have had good success at the D1 level. Will be a great battle.

Holladay, UT

One can clearly say that BYU gets much more respect form rest of the basketball world than they, undeservedly, get from the Ute fans.

In these forums, I Wrote, after the notre dame game,

That BYU did not have the horses, depth and size, to compete with the big boys and make NCAA tourney, and further more that they would be in the NIT and play a couple games because they have the home court advantage in at least the first game.

So far everything has come to pass.

Now looking at who is in their bracket, I would would say they have chance to up to play 3 games making the final eight of the NIT providing they can win on the road. Which right now is about 50/50.

Good luck BYU. Make the state proud.

And hopefully BYU can make the improvements needed for next season.

West Jordan, Utah

Homecoming of sorts for C.J. Wilcox. Half the Marriot Center could be full of fans from the Pleasant Grove area. Too bad they'll be cheering for the Y though.

8 for 8 for Coach Rose, 6 NCAA and 2 NIT. Pretty impressive, I'd say.

Rise and shout!

Salt Lake City, UT

There could be worse things that could happen to a program I guess. Going to the post season is always a bright side.

Ogden, UT

Nice bid for the Cougars especially considering the way they finished the regular season and tournament. It'd be great to get at least a couple more games in, if for nothing else gaining experience.

Idaho Falls, ID

Generous seed. Hopefully the Cougs will make the most of this post season opportunity. Every extra game helps prepare for next season. Maybe the long layoff will rejuvenate this team.....but I'm not holding my breath.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think this BYU team would have done much more this year for Dave Rose had he had the services of 2-3 players that either were forced out due to prepetual undealing injuries or scholarship logisitics issues. Chris Collinsworth, Steven Rogers or Damarcus Harrison...2 of those 3 could have made the difference in BYU winning more WCC games, and being more competative against the rest of the field they weren't with this past year.

I think however if BYU wants the respect and presiege they desire in the future, circumstances need to come together for them to join a "real" conference like the Big 12. Dave Rose or any other coach at BYU will have their hands tied so far as being able to recruit the best possible LDS athletes to play for the university. While Gonzaga received a #1 seed in the west this year, this has come more as a cumulative record over years and the lack of any other serious competitiors available from the Pac-12 conference. Those circumstance without question can and will change and the WCC will revert to being a one bid league hurting BYU more often than not.

Gilbert, AZ


No need to worry about BYUtv broadcasting the game - the game will be broadcast on ESPN.

Mesa, AZ

If byu and TENN both win, and byu is the #3 seed and TENN is the #2 seed, why would RD-2 be played in provo and not in Knoxville?

UW outplayed UO last Thursday, despite losing the game in the end....Undisciplined team, in general, but playing above themselves as of late....I don't see byu winnining it, particularly if they can't handle N'Diaye/Kemp Jr./Simmons on the boards, especially N'Diaye....Superior physical specimens who are absolutely relentless on the offensive-boards....Short of bringing aboard a few football players, byu has nobody to match them, N'Diaye in particular....Gaddy is an all-around stud who will run circles around byu's unathletic guards.

byu's only hope, short of Haws making 5M 3s, is to pray UW self-destructs [i.e., gets themselves into foul-trouble]....Otherwise, UW will physically beat-up a soft, finesse byu team which is currently reeling....This isn't USD/USF....UW has been their own worst enemy this season, but possesses endless elite-talent.

Mesa, AZ

Interesting note: The WCC's finest, GU, barely escaped WAZZU, The PAC-12's last-place finisher, by merely 2 points this season....GU got straight lucky to do so, in fact....Then they move-on to play against their typically weak CFSS, which ranked #133.

Baltimore, MD


"If BYU and TENN both win, and BYU is the #3 seed and TENN is the #2 seed, why would RD-2 be played in Provo and not in Knoxville?"

Because Tennessee is hosting the first and second rounds of the Women's NCAA Tournament.

"UW has been their own worst enemy this season"

Is that how they lost at home to Utah?

Despite your hyperbole, Washington is VERY beatable. The Huskies have lost 10 of their last 16 games, including losses to #119 USC(14-18), #152 Utah(15-18) and #180 OSU(14-18).

West Jordan, UT

@ Chris B, AZUte et.al.

BYU = winning record, higher ranking, post-season play 8th straight year
Utah = losing record, lower ranking, none and done again...and again

...add in the never-ending U fan rallying cry "head-to-head"

therefore, regardless...BYU > Utah unless you have a red goggle prescription.

the current modus operandi is still in place...U fan pins their post-season hopes for happiness,
i.e. hatred for BYU, on a team in the PAC 12 not named Utah.

"But hey...we're in the PAC 12"...whatever...Sept is a long way off.

Salt Lake City, UT


Whoopty freakin do.

I am looking forward to the real March Madness and tournament though.

Mesa, AZ

"Despite your hyperbole, Washington is VERY beatable. The Huskies have lost 10 of their last 16 games, including losses to #119 USC(14-18), #152 Utah(15-18) and #180 OSU(14-18)."

Spin doesn't fly w/me....You failed to include the fact that UW has played both USC AND OSU since they lost to them and beat them BOTH, unlike byu's effort to repay USD, only to get bounced from their weak conference's tourney w/out winning a single game.

Go ahead and take a look at USC's schedule....Not to mention, these teams you make a vain attempt to mock, not only played against a tough SOS, but they've ALL achieved something entirely foreign to byu--Beating RPI Top-50 schools.

Byu has recently lost to RPI #160 USD twice and RPI #166 USF at home in brutal fashion and hasn't beat either since....UW's SOS is virtually 3 times tougher than byu's....Seriously, other than Big Sky Montana at home way back in November, which school currently Dancing did byu beat? How about a meaningful win in let's say the past month? AND USU hardly qualifies....LOL

Layton, UT

Please dont think we didn't notice your pre fabricated excuses hiding your straw men wrapped in hyperbole.

As comments continue to come in from U fans, it will be interesting to see if the same U fans who were exited about Utah's purported post season chances from an article a couple days ago, knock BYU for their NIT bid.

BYU can beat UW but they need to come out of the gate fast, and shoot well from the outside to offset UWs presence inside.

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