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Published: Sunday, March 17 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you for an important perspective on Utah's Federal land grab aspirations.

Governor Herbert and other state 'leaders' profess to want science and technology-based economic development and yet are actively anti-science when it comes to environmental and societal issues and concerns. They care about dollars but not about people or their environment.

Most are 'hard-wired' developers who don't want to hear about limits, constraints, pollution, congestion, etc.

Scientists need to speak out. Thank you for doing so.

Moab, UT

The author mentions the cost of managing out public lands but completely omits the income that is generated currently on the lands. The whole story distorts reality.

Kent C. DeForrest
Provo, UT

Excellent perspective. I'm less than impressed with the DesNews editors, however. To leave two obvious misspelled words in an editorial shows lax editorial standards. Did anyone even proofread this?

Steve C. Warren

We are America first and individual states second. It's federal land. I have confidence that federal policies will preserve the land for the many, whereas state policies would allow the few to pillage.

Excellent article.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Science? What's that?

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Steve C. Warren" unfortunately the Federal government's policies do more damage than good. For example, the federal regulations regarding controlled burns and logging have turned once healthy forests into old growth tinderboxes. Once fires start there they go out of control quickly as a direct result of federal management.

So far Utah does not want to do anything that is much different than what the federal government is already doing.

The big thing that liberals need to ask is this. Which is more important to them, kids or squirrels? By allowing utah to control the lands, we can keep more of the royalties in Utah and fund our schools. If the Feds retain control, we are losing money to the federal government.

Bountiful, UT

I urge all Utahns to look at how the State of Utah has managed the land it was given when the parcels were drawn out and allocated at statehood. These are the original School Trust Lands, set aside for children's education.

The answer is that half of that land is long gone, no longer owned by the State, no longer benefitting the children for whom it was allocated. Somebody made a quick buck, and it appears their descendants would like a similar opportunity.

Look at how quickly Governor Huntsman's commission who determined the prison wasn't worth moving became swept aside as the realtors in the Legislature decided it's well worth the $600 Million it would cost to relocate the prison so they can have access to the 1 square mile of land in Draper? Fox...henhouse... you've heard the phrase before, right?

If you somehow trust the politicians in Utah to smartly manage the land in Utah now owned by all Americans for our children, I've got some incredibly beachfront property in Tooele that you'll find irresistible.

Vernal, UT

Thanks Stephen. Excellent well written and informative article. Thanks to the News for printing it.

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