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Published: Friday, March 15 2013 12:30 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

What happened is a bad, dysfunctional franchise drafted him. Jimmer is not an all star caliber player, but he is a capable, productive bench player that can give you 13 ppg. He can stretch the floor as well. Don't start in on how he can't/doesn't play defense, because neither do most of the players in the league.

Given the right system, he will be a productive player, just needs out of Sac town.

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

your grouping of Adam Morrison and J.J. Reddick together shows a lack of research. J.J. Reddick is not an NBA all-star but is a regular contributor and one of the more sought after guys on the trading block this year. Reddick is in the last year of a 3 year deal worth a total of 20 million over the 3 years combined. That seems like he's doing well and Jimmer should be thrilled if he succeeds in the NBA as well as Reddick.

Lehi, UT

Doug, a slow day in sports news? Your article is another good example of someone being "jimmered".

newhall, CA

It has everything to do with the Kings coach. I believe he is biased and plays only black players. I don't think this coach knows what to do with Jimmer. Sacramento should trade him, or Jimmer should demand it and file a suit against the organization for creating a hostile environment. What a waste of a draft pick (almost makes you wonder about this whole 'draft').

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Poor @ChrisB. The Utes have had a good run in the PAC-XO tourney but won't make it much further.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

" .... Meanwhile, big brother is about to go dancing! ... "

Keep dreaming chrissy.

Juice Box
Eureka, UT

I'll tell you what happened. When he played for BYU, the students made him a God. When he left Provo, he didn't get the same publicity as he did in Provo. His defensive skills were exposed and his parking lot shots stopped going in.

He flopped.

Nampa, ID

Jimmer's doing fine. He's averaging 8 or 9 points a game. that's way better than a lot of people in the NBA. He could stay in the NBA if he had some defensive desire. But he thinks he's a score-er and that's limiting his time on the court. Maybe he just can't play D?

Cedar Hills, Utah

Did you even do any research for this article Doug? Jimmer didn't average 31 points per game, he averaged 28.9. Robinson has consistently shown that he knows nothing about the game, all he does is write ridiculous headlines to try and grab readers when he should spend his time following the games and learning about the players. Poor writing!

Cinci Man

Jimmer is great. I hope Sac trades him soon.

But don't forget, the Cougars may not even make the NIT cut. That translates into the second 100 teams in the country, not in the top 100. Hmm. Let's move on to football already. Go Cougars!


"She got Jimmered by the wrath of Jimmer Nation."


"During a four-game stretch in December Jimmer scored 16, 15, 22 and 10 points, respectively — 63 points in 79 minutes of play. Four games later, he never left the bench."

Seems like 'where he went' was to a terribly run team that stockpiled too many versions of the same player (Tyreke Evans, Marcus Thornton, Aaron Brooks, ...) and hasn't figured out that basketball is a team sport, yet.

Danbury, CT

We may never know how good Jimmer could be in the NBA as he was drafted by a worthless team who don't have a clue how to use him.

As for Chris Bea (for whom EVERYTHING is about the Utes), is this a money-on-the-line prediction that Utah will win tonight? If they lose, will you promise only to post on Utah articles from now on???

Gilbert, AZ


It's fun to see that you're still bitter about all the times your Utes were Jimmered.

Jimmer was 7-1 versus the Utes during his BYU career, including his single-handed dismantling of Utah in his last appearance in the Huntsman - see Jimmer Fredette vs Utah January 11, 2011 video on YouTube

Despite your best attempts at rewriting college basketball history, Jimmer was the best college basketball player in the country in 2010-11 and none of your feeble attempts to minimize Jimmer's career will ever change that.

We all know that Jimmer and the Cougars were on track to make a Final Four run until Davies was suspended just before the 2011 playoffs began. That would've been like Utah losing Michael Doleac just before the 1998 playoffs.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

Doug you are a lot better than this. Please don't write articles like this just because it gets clicks.

Jimmer will be fine when he gets out of Sacramento or when he gets a better coach. He can still score.

Elk Grove, CA

All I can say is that Jimmer Fredette found himself on a terrible team, with a terrible President of Basketball Operations, with terrible ownership, and a terrible coach who has no business coaching an NBA team. Yes, Jimmer could never be a super star in the NBA. However, he could become a productive player for a team willing to properly train him on the intricacies of defense and give him the needed time on the court to develop his skills. If Jimmer had a good training coach like P.J. Carlesimo, Rick Adelman, or Gregg Popovich, he'd be having a different NBA career right now. Hopefully, the new Kings' owners will fire Geoff Petrie and the coaching staff next year along with players like DeMarcus Cousins (who's an embarrassment to the league) and bring in a coach who can actually coach. If not, maybe the Kings organization will trade Jimmer to a team that can see his upside potential and give him a better shot.

Omaha, NE

I am in agreement, bad franchise and bad coach. It is kind of ironic that Alex Smith went through the same issues as a 49er, yet several BYU fans were more than happy to throw him out with the trash. More sensible fans will see very similar situations for both players. Great talent (the best...not a chance) drafted into a poorly ran franchise and awful coaches. I bet with a change of scenery Jimmer would be a good NBA player. I hope that Alex does a great job for KC.


Roberts, ID

This column makes a high school paper sports editor look good, really good. Doug, did you forget you had a deadline to meet and just write this in ten minutes without bothering to check the facts?

South Jordan, UT

This was a very mean-spirited article. Jimmer is still a great player. He has not be utilized and is on a bad team. I wish the Kings had traded him and given him a better shot. You can do better than this Doug Robinson. You only invite the Ute trolls with a piece like this! Go pick on someone else.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA


I guess you can blame Jimmer's situation on being with a terrible team, with a terrible President of Basketball Operations, with terrible ownership, and a terrible coach ...

Or the fact that he can't guard NBA level players.

provo, UT

Jimmers problem is that he is too small to guard NBA 2's and too slow to guard NBA 1's. He can become an NBA designated 3 point shooter see Korver or Riddick. I think if he wants the money he should try Europe. He would fill seats and be exciting again.

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