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Published: Friday, March 15 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Maybe he should have used the money he gave to all his "green" pals which have promised great things and after taking billions of taxpayer dollars have gone bankrupt.

We are broke, deeply in debt, and cannot pay our current bills. It is insane to even propose to squander money on nonsense like this.

Anyone who disagrees is welcome to set up their own business to do this stuff, with their own money, or whatever they can con investors out of, but not a penny of tax money should be used.

"The trouble wish socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money to spend."

Hayden, ID

Obama already tried that: Solyndra, Satcon and about 50 other green energy federally subsidized failures! In the meantime, gasoline is double the price that it was under the Bush Administration. If green energy is ever to be successful, it will be the private sector that will succeed with it, not the government! All Obama has done is throw more taxpayer money after bad, failure after failure.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

How dare he think about the future, the gall to believe that we won't be able to burn oil forever.
Doesn't he understand? All the republicans want to do is wait, and kick that can down the road.

The Grumpy Old Poobahs are dying off, and not being replaced with the head in the sand "Man has no influence on the environment" Pseudo Cleric/Conservative principals.

According to the Washington Post. Of the 33 companies that received 1705 loan guarantees, only three have declared bankruptcy.

Nibley, Ut

The amount spent in the department of energy has increased from $24B in 2008 to $40B in 2012. Which is a 40% increase in 4 years. Compare that to an increase from $20B in 2001 to the $24B in 2008. A 16% increase. Although wind and solar energy is a cleaner way to go, it is just not cost effective and the tax payers cannot afford to subsidize the industry. There have been large increases in funding to multiple departments which has only contributed to the deficit and is unsustainable.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

happy valley,

And would those that declared bankruptcy and wasted millions of taxpayer dollars be in the clean energy industry, perhaps?

Mcallen, TX

Easy way to conserve oil, lower pollution, and reduce spending,----Keep Air Force One on the ground.

m.g. scott

The only energy that could replace oil for all our needs is nuclear for electricity, and hydrogen for motors. Work on the hydrogen engine and maybe we will have something. As for solar, unless technology can develope a much more efficient solar cell, then it will never be practical for car or trucks. Oil and natural gas, both come from drilling, will continue to be the only way to run an industrial world. And, do we really need another Solyndra?


The oil will run out. It's better to be prepared rather than stick your head in the sand and hope it doesn't happen while your still alive.

Everett, 00

We could have given away $2 Trillion in alternative fuel R&D and STILL been ahead of spending for the 12 years of war for Middle Eastern Oil.

Ogden, UT

What he should be doing is weaning himself off of the taxpayers backs.

@worf also hide his golf clubs.

m.g. scott

Re: Bebyebe

Some reports say there is as much as 200 years of known oil reserves in just our own little country. Oil is no where near running out in this world. Just the desire to get it.

Re: mohokat

You got me to thinking. Maybe we should be happy when Obama is out on the golf course. That would mean he is spending less time figuring out ways to spend our money. I think I'll send him some golf balls for his birthday. A day on the course is probably worth a billion dollars of saved revenue.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

@Happy Valley Heretic
nice reliance on bigoted stereotypes there

Most conservatives are fine with alternative energy (I enthusiastically support it)- they just think private industry is best equipped to finance, develope and profit from it - not an Obama administration with a horrific financial track record

Everett, 00

GOP energy policy --

make up stories and invaded Oil rich Middle Eastern countries,
Drill baby drill,
Burn baby burn.

BTW - If you have something new, better, or different than Obama's clean, renewable, and self reliant energy policies --
Please tell us what they are.


be silently content while you keep loosing election after election.

Ogden, UT

@m.g.scott Great thinking and right on brother!


Oil will still run out regardless of how many years worth is left.

m.g. scott

Re: airnaut

Would you please tell us just what Obamas "clean, renewable and self reliant energy policies" are. Because, aside from those words, I don't know how they translate into keeping up with our energy needs. And by the way, drilling is the only way to get at the oil and gas that will be necessary for the forseeable future. What would you have us do in the meantime while we are developing these so called new energy sources? However I do agree with you about Middle-East wars. I don't want this country to have to rely on any of those OPEC countries for our survival. That's why I want our own sources developed.


"What would you have us do in the meantime while we are developing these so called new energy sources?"

Wean vehicles off of oil which is what the president is proposing.

USS Enterprise, UT

The sad thing is that the Oil companies are already investing more into alternate fuels than the government is.

According to the AOL article "Top Five Oil Company-Backed Renewable Energy Ventures" you have more money being spent by Exxon, Chevron, BP, and Shell all spend tons more on renewable fuels. Those companies know that they cannot exist forever on drilling and are looking for cheaper alternatives.

What should be asked is why is the government looking at competing with private business, or who is the money going to?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


"Please tell us what they are"

My pleasure!


Private sector.

Where hundreds of millions of taxpayer money isn't wasted.

Did you really not understand that?


m.g. scott

Re: Bebyebe

Again. How is he going to do that? He says he wants to, but WHAT is he doing to accomplish that goal? You can say we want to wean vehicles off of oil, but what fuel do you run them with? And if you say electricity, then remember, it comes from either a nuclear, or a petroleum based generating plant. You see, Obama talks a good game, but when put into reality it doesn't work.

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