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Published: Wednesday, March 13 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I wasn't aware Mormons in Utah had so much invested or even knew anything about the new Pope.
I can't imagine the reverse title--"Catholics Applaud Choice of New Mormon Prophet."

Far East USA, SC

I don't know if you look at any national news, but the whole "pope" thing coverage is pretty prominent.

Do you really think that a paper with a section labeled "faith" should exclude it?

Maybe what you really want is to rename that section as "LDS news".

And I would agree that you would probably not see your proposed "reverse title".
Possibly because, like it or not, it would not be considered "world news" strictly based on
the size of the religion.

Santiago, 00

Hey @Truthseeker. That isn't going to happen,because Mormons do not "choose" a prophet.


While I agree that the election of a new pope for 1.6 billion Catholics and frankly the effect it has worldwide is big news and I have enjoyed following it, I find the headline somewhat funny. Would you ever see a headline read "Mormons disapprove of new Pope"? No. None of us (and many Catholics as well) have never heard of him and don't know a thing about him.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Many cultural and social issues of our times find the Catholic and LDS churches on the same side and weathering the same criticisms. I hope both churches move toward advocating gay and lesbian equality in the world. Jesus embraced the despised, the poor, and the downtrodden.

Hayden, ID

I am not Catholic but I respect the Catholic church, and especially this Pope because he has conservative values which he will not bend, re-shape or alter as demanded by secular progressives on the left. Any church that espouses values does so because they believe those values are ultimately beneficial to mankind and in compliance with the will of the God they claim to worship. Any organization that will allow its values to be altered by political pressure isn't worth belonging to. Most churches have long since caved under political pressure to "modernize" and abandon their core values in order to appeal to the world. Jesus told his disciples, "If ye were of the world, the world would love its own but because ye are not of the world, the world hates you". Conclusion: if those on the left "loves" and approves of your values or lack there of it means you have become one of them (worldly) and you should get out of that church ASAP!



Gee i thought the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles met together in prayer to determine who will become the next prophet.
I'm sure the Catholic Church considers their process of selecting a Pope to be directed by inspiration from God as do Mormons.

Re:Craig Clark
The Catholic Church goes beyond the LDS church in declaring poverty to be a moral issue and supporting govt and church affiliated programs to help the poor. The Catholic Church opposed the Iraq War. U.S. Catholic Bishops also support stricter gun control measures including the assault weapons ban.

Fuaamotu, Tonga

@ Yamil
Not so! Mormons DO choose a new prophet in a similar fashion as the Catholics choose a new pope. The heirarchy gets together and takes a vote. The only thing is there is only one vote and it is always unanimous. No haggling or working toward some majority. The vote is always 100% in agreement on the first and only vote.

@ Truthseeker
If you know nothing about the new pope, it's because you never look at a paper or a newscast. Perhaps not a lot has been published but some has and is there to be discovered by those wanting to be in the know, LDS or not. And contrary to your belief, the reverse is true. I recall when both President Hinkley and President Monson were called, the Catholic church and others praised the announcement with the hope and prayer that we would be able to continue to work together on our common goals. We do have them, you know.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Theological differences between denominations are so obvious that they need not be exacerbated. But theology and spirituality are different things. Discipleship of Jesus can be unifying and transcend divisions of dogma and doctrine. I find hope in that.

Whos Life RU Living?
Ogden, UT

To Mountan Man,

"Any organization that will allow its values to be altered by political pressure isn't worth belonging to. Most churches have long since caved under political pressure to "modernize" and abandon their core values in order to appeal to the world."

Good thing there was no pressure on the church with blacks and the priesthood. Right?


Did i say I don't know anything about the new Pope? I do listen to and watch the news. The title to this article doesn't accurately reflect the contents of the article.


Thanks for the non-answer. Of course i would use LDS sources (and btw I'm a life-long LDS member) but upon your suggestion i quickly checked out both LDS websites and couldn't find out from either what happens when the Prophet dies. Maybe you can explain what i said that was wrong. Thanks!

Hayden, ID

@ Who's life. I remember learning in primary that someday any worthy male could hold the priesthood and that at one time, only members of the tribe of Levi held the priesthood. Policies always change and always will but doctrines are eternal and not subject to political whims of the world!

Whos Life RU Living?
Ogden, UT

To Mountanman,

"I remember learning in primary that someday any worthy male could hold the priesthood and that at one time"

You are lucky that you were taught by someone so open minded. Since "policies always change" in your church, it might be a good idea to not speak ill of changes in other churches.

Just some friendly advice.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Craig Clark,
what inequality for gays and lesbians are you talking about?

truthseeker, Cleetorn,
you are incorrect about how the LDS president is chosen.

Whos Life RU Living?
you mean the church would suffer an expulsion from the US, mobs, murders, imprisonment, disenfranchisement, etc and so forth but cave to societal pressure on blacks? And there has been NO pressure on women in the preisthood or gay marriage? hahahaha.



There is just one problem with your thesis about societal pressure: polygamy

While the Church usually doesn't change policies only because of societal pressure, on a practical level it can cause church leaders to at least take the question to the Lord.

Again, please explain the process for replacing the prophet, and point out exactly where I erred in my simple general statement.


Sandy, UT

Boy that is one mispalced moniker.

Did you know that the LDS Church donated a million dollars towards the restoration of the Catholics-Cathedral of the Madeline, in SLC?

Did you know that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang at it's dedication?

Did you know that Arcbishop Neiderhauser of San Francisco, contacted and worked closely with the LDS Church on Prop 8, in California?

Did you know that the LDS Church donates millions of dollars to Cathloic Relif Services as well as the St. Vincent Depaul homeless center in SLC?

And as far as the LDS Welfare system goes, it is second to none. And it is efficient precisely because it does not run it's charity outreach through a bunch of bureaucrats in Washington D.C.

The LDS Church's outreach on poverty takes a back seat to nobody. They know that most Government welfare programs do not work well and are neither productive or efficient.

Charity must come from the heart, voluntarily and not by compulsion through taxation.

The LDS Church owns orchards, ranches, farms and dairies. They process their own food with volunteers. And share them with those in need.

Get educated.


Thank you for answering my question. I realize the succession typically goes to the Pres. Of the Quorum of the Twelve but was speaking generally about the Quorum meeting together after the Prophet dies. In practice, the LDS process is more a confirmation of the next in line as opposed to the Catholic process where over 100 Cardinals from across the world meet, pray, and vote. It is interesting to note that after Joseph Smith was killed the Church went without a prophet for 2 1/2 yrs.


I'm well aware the LDS Church partners with other organizations, including Catholic Relief Services. I'm well aware of the relationship between the 2 churches in other issues, and would expect LDS Church leaders to make positive and welcoming statements to the new Pope (as the did when Obama was reelected). I just thought the title of the article ridiculously implied that Mormon congregants enmass applaud the new Pope. But then the article itself doesn't reflect that. My criticism was to DN, not the LDS church. Get a grip. On the flip side i know my Catholic friends don't really care about who the LDS prophet is.

Last post


@VST & Bluto

Why the hostility?

VST - Truthseeker's comments were hardly "way out there in the dark".

Bluto - Comments like "The LDS Church's outreach on poverty takes a back seat to nobody" is unsupportable blather because the Church does not publish financial information. From my vantage point I would say that a minuscule amount of the billions of dollars taken in each year by the church (in contributions and in its businesses) is used to benefit poor members and almost nothing (percentagewise) goes to non-members. But we can't really even have an intelligent discussion on the subject because the Church does not voluntarily disclose its financial dealings.


"When you said "…the Church went without a prophet for 2 1/2 years…" after Joseph Smith was killed, may a safely assume you were implying there was no functioning Quorum of First Presidency for those years?"

"Quorum of First Presidency?

I didn't say nor suggest that the church was without leaders. And btw there is at least one other time in church history where the church went without a prophet as leader for more than a year.

From the Church Newsroom:
When the president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints passes away, the following events take place:

1. The First Presidency is automatically dissolved.

2. The two counselors in the First Presidency revert to their places of seniority in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Seniority is determined by the date on which a person was ordained to the Twelve, not by age.

3. The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, now numbering 14 and headed by the senior apostle, assumes Church leadership.

Anaheim, CA

This is why I avoid religion. Everyone has to show what they know.
There is ALWAYS an argument about nothing at all.

If everyone practiced spirituality in their own home and ....ooops, I take that back. Because if everybody practiced spirituality in their own home, the world would be overpopulated with the BILLIONS who have died forcing their word of God onto others.

So, carry on......Let's talk about Mohammed, and watch people stamp and tear their hair.

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